Single deck blackjack is likely to the lovers of this gambling game. If you are one of them, you should definitely test a new model named Single Deck Blackjack Multihand, which was released by Play’N GO Company. It is a single deck American blackjack, where it is possible to stake per one till three boxes. Please read more about the rules and other particularities of this game in the following review, prepared by the experts of Casinoz. 

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Play Single Deck Blackjack Multihand

Single Deck Blackjack Multihand is a kind of American online blackjack, which is played with one deck of fifty two cards without jokers. The pack is necessarily mixed before the dealer starts the deal in every rround.

The aim of the game is the same as in any other kind of blackjack. It is necessary to win the dealer, collecting more points than he has. Here with it is prohibited to pip out twenty one. In case the croupier has a pip out, the player also wins at all boxes. Moreover, it is possible to get the payoff by the insurance from blackjack in Single Deck Blackjack Multihand.

Playing Single Deck Blackjack Multihand is possible by one, two or three boxes. It is possible to stake from one to one hundred euro per each of the boxes. The bet doesn’t have to be the same.

Let’s shortly describe the main points of the rules of Single Deck Blackjack Multihand below. The general principals of blackjack are explained in the special article at Casinoz. So, the rules of Single Deck Blackjack Multihand are following:

-       The dealer first takes two cards and opens one of them.

-       In case the opened card is ace or ten, he peeps the second card, checking if he has a blackjack.

-       The dealer stops intake at any seventeen points and takes more in case of sixteen.

-       Double can be made at any two first cards.

-       Split is possible once per box.

-       It is possible to spit any cards of value of ten points.

-       Only one card is dealt to the split aces.

-       There is no blackjack at the boxes, made after the split.

-       Surrender can be made at any two cards.

-       There is a dealer’s insurance from blackjack.

The winning box is paid 1:1. In case of blackjack at this box, the payoff is calculated by 6:5 index. In case of insurance the winning is 2:1.

If you play Single Deck Blackjack Multihand strictly by the optimal strategy, you can manage to decrease the casino advantage to 1,24% (the theoretical payback index is 98,76%), according to the official information provided by the producer.

Single Deck Blackjack Multihand Bonus games

The bonus payoff or rounds are not provided by the rules of Single Deck Blackjack Multihand online blackjack.


The rules of Single Deck Blackjack Multihand, developed by Play’N Go, do not provide a drawing of the progressive jackpot.

Single Deck Blackjack Multihand Interface

The interface of Single Deck Blackjack Multihand online blackjack is available in several European languages, so you can easily study out the functions and rules. Moreover, an informational section, all floating and dialog windows are also translated.

The short rules appear at the screen by click at the table with desk limits. It is possible to change sound parameters and several gaming aspects in the user’s settings.

There are buttons, accelerating the gameplay (for example, repeat of the bets) in Single Deck Blackjack Multihand online game.

It is not necessary to download Single Deck Blackjack Multihand online blackjack, because this model is available in a flash mode.


Actually, Single Deck Blackjack Multihand is far not the best kind of blackjack for those, who play for result. We have frequently warned the readers from the models, where blackjack is paid as 6:5 in different articles at Casinoz.

Surely, this drawback is partly compensated by other more advantageous point of the rules (surrender, double at any cards and etc.), but the general theoretical payback index is still quite low – just 98,76%. It is possible to find online blackjack, where this index is much higher. Although Single Deck Blackjack Multihand anyway is more beneficial than almost all video slots and than most of other online gambling games.

Please read advices by strategy of playing blackjack in the special department of our website. There are also just interesting and useful articles about blackjack at Casinoz.

Where to play Single Deck Blackjack Multihand for free or real money?

Online gambling games developed by Play’N GO are presented in many online casinos. Particularly, this model can be tested in Unibet Casino, where it is allowed to launch blackjack even without registration in a training mode. However, to play for the real money, it is necessary to open an account. Moreover, it is possible to test Single Deck Blackjack Multihand right at Casinoz.

We are looking forward for your responses about Single Deck Blackjack Multihand online blackjack. Please don’t be lazy to assign a grade to this game as well.

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