Best Slots Online Strategies

December 23, 2015
Kavouras Bet
The Kavouras roulette system uses only one scheme of the arrangement of chips, which is repeated in all spins. To follow it, you need eight chips per...
Other (Arcade)
December 23, 2015
Optimal Strategies for Arcade Games
Released by Playtech
Many arcade games manufactured by Playtech allow users to make some decisions during the gameplay. This means that there is an element of strategy in...
Denis A
October 24, 2011
Naked Pulls Betting Strategy
There are many different slot betting systems. Most of them are related to changes in the bet size. The Naked Pulls betting system differs from them i...
Up the Stairs Betting Strategy
If you like to try to wait for successful sessions while playing slots, you should pay attention to the Up the Stairs betting system. According to it, you should increase your bet after a win and decrease it after a loss. So, it is similar to some systems that are used while playing roulette.
One Play Betting Strategy
Betting strategies are not as popular among fans of slot machines as among those who prefer roulette and some other gambling games. However, they have also developed a number of interesting systems, which make the gameplay more amusing. Nevertheless, these strategies cannot help gamblers to get rid of the house edge. One of these strategies is called One Play. Following it, the player tries to get a payout even in the first spin.
Three Stars Betting Strategy
If you want to protect yourself from too quick losses while playing slot machines, you can use the Three Stars strategy. It means that the casino customer should divide the gameplay into three stages. Each of them will consist of the same number of spins. However, bets will vary. Details are available...
Umbrella Betting Strategy
Betting systems are not able to affect the probability of winning while playing slot machines, but they help to manage a bankroll and time more wisely. That's why we cannot state that they are completely useless. Some customers are just unable to control emotions if they do not have a clear plan. If you belong to this category of fans of slot machines, you will appreciate the Umbrella strategy, which implies a gradual change in accordance with the pattern elaborated in advance.
Chicken Slot Betting Strategy
A slot betting strategy called Chicken was invented by American fans of slot machines. It provides an opportunity to wager prudently and conservatively, which eliminates the probability of a quick loss. Therefore, despite the fact that it does not help to get an advantage over casinos, it can be beneficial.
Play and Run Betting Strategy
The article on the portal Casinoz often emphasizes the fact that betting strategies cannot change the house edge provided by the rules. However, some of them are able to increase your chances of winning. We are talking primarily about...

Casino slot strategies

Video slots take first place in the ranking of the most popular gambling games. In the world of online gambling, their leadership is especially noticeable. There are many more slot machines at any online casino than models of other genres combined.

They attract users with a variety of topics, interesting bonuses, unusual gameplay features, simple rules, accessibility and other advantages that make them so popular.

How to win in video slots?

To win at casino slot machines, customers try different betting systems, action algorithms, and other strategies. How effective are these techniques? Unfortunately, most of them do not help to win.

Strategies reviews at Casinoz will help you understand the topic.

Can you beat the slot machine?

The answer to the question depends on the meaning that you put in the phrase "beat the casino slot machine". If you are looking for a system that will allow you to win every time on the slot, then you will be disappointed.

All models have a certain level of return, or RTP (Return to Player), expressed as a percentage. It depends on which part of the bets the machine sends to the players. It shows on a long time interval, so in a single session, your results will be significantly different from the declared figure.

Now, the reality is:

There is no game strategy, betting system or other method that can increase the level of return of the video slot.

In other words, you can run from one machine to another, change the bet according to some algorithm or press some key combinations - all this will not help you win on the gaming machine.

Does this mean that all your actions while playing casino slots are meaningless? Not always. In some models, the RTP is not fixed.

New slot machine

Moreover, you will increase your chances of success if you master a few tricks:

  • Learn how to choose the most profitable models;
  • You can determine the level of variance;
  • Learn professional methods of distribution bankroll;
  • Deal with the important nuances of the rules and so on.

The articles of Casinoz experts contain practical tips on playing online casino slots, which will help you win more often on slot machines.

Why don't betting systems work on slot machines?

Any betting algorithm implies that you have to take into account the results of previous spins. Taking this information into account, you decide what to do next: increase or decrease the amount at stake. That's the fallacy of this approach.

You should understand the following:

In slot machines, the spins are not related to each other. They are independent.

Accordingly, it makes no sense to build a game strategy based on the betting algorithm. This technique does not increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

But we do not claim that there is no point in betting systems for video slots. They can be useful for time control and bankroll. In the end, they merely organize the gameplay, helping you to control yourself.

Is it possible to hack a slot machine?

Theoretically, Yes. The history of gambling knows many similar examples. The crooks managed to cheat video slots on the mechanical, hardware, and software levels. Fake coins, hooks, flashlights, lasers, replacement chips, decoding algorithms – in general, scammers have found different ways of hacking gaming machines.

Will you be able to use their experience? Probably not. Modern models are very well protected from outside attacks, although sometimes it happens.

The Casinoz gambling encyclopedia does not recommend using any methods of fraud with slot machines.

On the Internet, you can find sellers of various systems of slots hacking. Don't believe them. No one will share a chicken that lays golden eggs. You'll be forced to buy useless crap.

Practical tips for players on casino machines

Although you will not be able to win the slot machines, you can take actions that will help you to achieve a positive result more often.

How to win slot machines-expert advice

Here are some tips and tricks from video slot game experts. First of all, they are focused on online casino customers, although most of the tips will also be useful for offline players.

  • Give preference to models with maximum RTP.
  • Take into account the features of jackpots, bonus bets, prize draws and other additional features. Often they affect the level of payments.
  • Take note of the volatility of the slot machine and choose the size of the bet based on this information.
  • Don't rely too much on betting systems for slot machines.
  • Do not trust video slots of dubious origin and certainly do not play on obviously fake devices.
  • Be sure to learn to adhere to time and financial limits.
  • Read reviews of slot machines on our portal. They contain all the necessary information about the slots, including the level of variance, the return rate, the range of bets and essential nuances of the rules.

Review articles of our experts will help you to understand the intricacies of certain betting algorithms.

Strategy reviews at Casinoz

Articles on slot machine betting systems and video slot strategies may vary in structure and content, but in general, they all cover the following aspects:

  • General description of the method;
  • Analysis of the algorithm of actions step by step;
  • Description of advantages and disadvantages of the strategy;
  • Additional information;
  • Summary.

Under the reviews, readers share their impressions of the system. You can also rate and write a review.


Do not expect a miracle of betting systems and strategies for playing video slots. They do not help to gain a mathematical advantage over the casino and therefore do not guarantee a victory over the establishment. But some of them have a practical meaning, and therefore they should be taken into account when you play on slot machines.

We honestly tell you how effective this or that technique and analyze in detail the pros and cons of all algorithms.

Read the articles Casinoz experts. Learn the experience of gambling professionals and use their advice in practice.