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This article deals with another attempt to find the best strategy for roulette. Actually, it is not even a system. It is a constant betting model, which is repeated in all spins. We have come across its discussions on several sites for gamblers, so we have decided to offer it to our readers. Information from roulette30.com that belongs to the author of this system has been used to prepare this review.

We just want to warn you in advance that, in our opinion, the Kavouras bet is not the key to the solution of the problem titled "How to beat roulette?", which is relevant for many readers of en.Casinoz, but it will surely be interesting to some of them.

Description of the Kavouras Bet

The Kavouras bet differs for American and European versions of roulette, but we do not recommend users to play the American version, so we offer you a variation of this system for European roulette.

This bet is versatile and looks rather chaotic, but this provides certain advantages. For example, if the casino has a contentious attitude towards customers who play in accordance with betting systems, you will not be suspected in playing according to the strategy, because it may seem you just always place bets on your favorite numbers.

So, you need eight chips per spin. They should be placed on twenty numbers. If one of them comes up, your payout will vary between one and ten chips.

Chips should be placed in accordance with the following scheme:

    1 chip on 0-1-2-3 (the so-called corner) - the payout is one chip 2 chips on 31-32-33-34-35-36 (street) - the payout is four chips 1 chip on each of the following splits: 8-11, 13-14, 15-18, 17-20, 27-30 - the payout is ten chips

As you can see, this scheme is quite simple. The Kavouras bet can be combined with any other negative or positive progression betting system. However it does not become more efficient in this case.

Pros and Cons of the Kavouras Bet

The main disadvantage of this bet and any other roulette betting system is the inability to influence the house edge. It is just the way to place chips that diversifies the gameplay, allowing users to control the money flow and prevent them from getting bored at the table.

The advantages of the Kavouras bet include the coverage of a large number of numbers, which provides frequent and small winnings. If any number on which chips are placed matches the number that comes up, the positive outcome is guaranteed. It makes it possible to play using this system even with a small bankroll.

The scheme is very simple, so you do not have to memorize (or write) anything. As mentioned above, it is not suspicious, so even pit bosses with a severe form of persecution complex will not pay attention to you (unless you combine it with some progression betting systems).

In general, the Kavouras bet is an interesting betting system that may be suitable for fans of roulette.

Here is our final conclusion:


So, do not expect that they will do this.

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30 августа 2017
А меня напрмер заинтересовала эта стратегия - я вижу тут логический поход и обязательно проверю ее на практике. За большими деньгами я особо не гонюсь, но попытать свои силы благодаря действенной стратегии очень хочется, всем желаю выиграть!
28 мартa 2017
Я не претендую на авторство, оно мне ни к чему. Но до этой системы я додумался сам. Не скажу, что я на этом сколотил состояние, такой цели и не ставилось. Но компенсировать потури на обменных процессах при переброске одной валюты в иную через казино - вполне достаточно. Тут ведь что главное - не тупить и десвтовать по своей четкой схеме. Прпоцентов 10-12 от начального депо за час вы точно сможете наработать. Но не увлекайтесь.
23 декабря 2016
Очередная ничего не означающая и ничего не обещающая стратегия, который в интернете описано очень много, но еще ни одна из них никому не принесла миллионов. 
12 мая 2016
Стратегия Кавурас логична и рациональна.Ее логика заключается в хаотичности. Ставки разбросаны по всем секторам колеса. Это дает как минимум одно существенное преимущество.Благодаря ей, игроки могут получать частые, но небольшие выплаты!
9 апреля 2014
Действительно очень интересная и полезная статья, пусть частые и маленькие выигрыши чем редко но огромный, так намного интересней играть, азарт появляется во время игры, получаешь удовольствие.