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Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a variation of Texas Hold'em, designed for those who like to play against the house. Its inventor is Roger Snow, a founder of the popular Internet portal ShuffleMaster.

We are going to remind you that the gameplay has the following steps:

  • The client makes two equal bets (ante and blind). Bonus bets are optional if they are provided.
  • Two cards are dealt to the dealer and the player. The user can see only one of his cards.
  • The client can check or make a Play bet that is equal to either three or four antes.
  • The dealer faces up three community cards.
  • If the player has already checked, he can make a Play bet in the amount of two antes. If he has already made a Play bet, bonus bets are not available for him.
  • The croupier deals two additional community cards.
  • If the player has checked twice, he can make a Play bet that is equal to one ante, or fold, losing his ante and blind. If he has already raised, he cannot raise more.
  • Then the best five-card hands are formed. Seven cards take part in their formation.

The lowest-ranking dealer's hand is a pair.

Read in a separate article of the thematic section of the portal Casinoz about the comparison of hands, payouts, bonus bets, and other intricacies of the rules.

Basic optimal strategy

Let's discuss the recommendations on the progressive card strategy Ultimate Texas Hold'em that is based on the mathematical calculations of the authors of the portal Wizard of Odds. Taking into account the fact that your further active steps can be reduced to the decision whether to raise or not and when to do it, our recommendations are limited to this issue.

Raise in the first round of betting

Let's firstly discuss when it is necessary to make a Play bet in the amount of four antes.

  • A - users should make a 4x raise
  • M - users should make a 4x raise if the cards are of one suit
  • H - users should not make this bet

If you have a pair of threes and better, it is necessary to raise!!!

Raise in the second round of betting

It is possible to make a Play bet in the amount of two antes. This step may be beneficial in the following situations:

  • Any pair (threes or better) if it has at least one pocket card.
  • Two pairs or better.
  • Four to a flush if one of its cards is a community card whose rank is over ten.

Raise in the third round of betting

Any pair or any other hand consisting of at least one pocket card.

It is also desirable to be able to count outs. It makes sense to raise if their number does not exceed 21.

We are going to remind you that the Play bet can be made only once per round, so if you have already made it, you will reach showdown in any case.

Bonus Bets

Ultimate Texas Hold'em provides the opportunity to make bonus bets of different types, but they are too unprofitable to be recommended to the client, who wants to earn. Therefore, you should better avoid them.


We hope that our recommendations and guide concerning the strategy for Casino Texas Hold'em will help you to achieve the best results. However do not start playing with real bets. First, you should master the ways to make right decisions at all stages of the table game and avoid mistakes.

Using the search engine on the website Casinoz, you will be able to find different models of this kind of poker and choose the most suitable version.

We are looking forward to seeing your comments about advanced strategy Ultimate Texas Hold'em and stories about your personal experience.

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