In most cases, the game on the classic slot machines and video slots is not difficult even for beginners, not to mention experienced users. But sometimes the developers of online games in this genre go too far with creativity (or perhaps they just cheat), which results in misunderstandings and confusion. And this is unacceptable, since we are talking about gambling and real money.

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Therefore, experts of the portal Casinoz prepared an article which discussed step by step the original features of slot machines. We hope this publication will help you better understand this type of gambling entertainment and an opportunity to avoid unnecessary errors.

Money transfer

One important difference in video slots should be mentioned relating to this item. We are talking about the presence/absence of risky games, in which the user can try to increase the credited payout. If this round I not present, the money is immediately transferred to the account. If it is present, the client has to decide upon completion of the spin whether he should take part in it or withdraw money. This is usually done by one or two clicks.

Many our readers never play for doubling, so the need to make such a choice every time may annoy them. Fortunately, many developers provide an opportunity to disable this option in the settings.

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In some models of several developers the process of won money transfer to the basic account may take a good deal of time. In this case, if you click the next drawing, the transfer will be completed instantly. Interestingly, the new spin can start automatically using the similar bet.

Keep this in mind. However most modern models lack such a trick.

Choice of active lines

If the slot machine is allowed to change the number of lines (this option is not always offered), it can be done with the help of special items on the panel.

The least convenient manner that is offered by some brands is the presence of a single button. Every click on it adds one line.

The slot machine Road Trip

The more convenient system offers the presence of a few buttons with preset numbers (e.g. 1, 5, 10 and so on).

The more advanced systems allow opening the pop-ups where you can directly select both lines and bets.

The situation is simplified if you play the maximum number of available lines. They usually can be activated by clicking a special button (it is usually called Max Bet or Bet Max).

Selection of the bet

We will not talk about how to choose an adequate bet size, based on your own financial capabilities. Other publications at Casinoz are devoted to this topic. Here we are going to discuss the unusual features of the system of bet choosing, because many manufacturers offer very creative approach to this issue.

The easiest way is when a player directly selects in monetary units the amount he puts on a round or per active line. We hope you understand the difference. The second option is the most common. It is usually used, even if it is not allowed to change the number of lines.

The slot machine Pharaoh's Fortune

But some developers offer betting directly on the spin. It is not always possible to calculate the sum taken on the line. So manufacturers of video slots from the company Thunderkick act like that. Is it convenient? It's up to you to decide.

It seems to us that the most preferred option is an opportunity to choose all the options: the number of lines, line bet in coins and coin denomination. And it is good if it is possible to change them in any step, but not only in case of preset steps.

In this regard, we can not help say good words for the developers from Microgaming, Quickspin or IGT (the list is not full). They have done everything possible to allow users to change bets quickly and conveniently.

Automatic gamemode

We will not impose readers our opinion on whether to use the automatic mode of the game or not. Every readers may have his own reasons to use it, or, on the contrary, to reject it. Therefore let's discuss only the major features of this mode.

As you can imagine, running it, you will idly contemplate how the program launches reels and credits your payouts formed by the combinations. Of course, you will determine the bet size

The slot machine Panda Mania

But many developers are not limited to on/off buttons and offer users a much wider range of settings. Gamblers may specify the number of spins, the conditions of their termination (the beginning of the free spins, bonus start, etc.), the limit of wins and losses, as well as other options. Of course, this approach makes the gameplay more convenient and diverse. 

Progressive jackpots

Modern slot machines may have one or more progressive jackpots. Their amounts are accumulated by deducting a small portion of every bet, made using real money. Gamblers can win it only in real mode. Moreover, many manufacturers don't even allow testing such a model in the free version.

Drawing can be held in different ways. The widespread is the version, where it is necessary to collect indicated combination on an active line (any or determined) while playing on the maximum number of coins. For example, it may be a chain of five symbols Wild.

The slot machine Olympus Glory

Progressive jackpots are often drawn in the bonus round. In slots with several cumulative sums players may be asked to choose at random elements in the table that appears on a separate screen. After collecting a specified number of identical pictures, you will receive a jackpot. In particular, many slots from Cryptologic and EGT are operating according to this principle.

Sometimes jackpots are drawn randomly without the active participation of the client, i.e. gamblers just need to play in a certain range of bets. If the random number generator will be "favorable" to them, they may become owners of the drawn sum.

In fact, there are many characteristics of the drawing. They are described in the separate articles at Casinoz.

Free mode

It is usually quite easy to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay and the control panel. But it is better not to bet real money immediately. You should firstly test the game in free mode. Now this opportunity is provided by all the respectable casinos, although several models of some manufacturers may not be available in this version (e.g. games from Playtech with progressive jackpots).

The slot machine Royal Banquet

Our reviews will surely help beginners. Not only all rules, but also the function of buttons and windows provided in the interface are explained in detail.

Theoretical payout percentage

This index is expressed as a percentage of the total amount of players' bets, which the model returns in the form of payouts for a certain period of time. The bulk of manufacturers indicate it in the reference section or even directly in the pay table.

Naturally, evaluating the video slot, you should take into account its payout percentage. But the sum may be different even for one game. These features have, for example, models with cumulative jackpots that are drawn only using the maximum bet. In other words, if you participate in the drawing of progressive amounts, the theoretical payout percentage will be higher than for those who make the bet less than the maximum.

The payout percentage level may also depend on other factors. For example, some brands offer games with extra bonus bets that activate advanced features.

The slot machine Lucky Pirates

The final index may also affect participation in risk games. In this round, the user usually plays on equal terms with the establishment. The more often the client plays a doubling in such models, the higher is the payout percentage.

Risk games

Too many models of different brands provide an opportunity to raise the total amount of payouts in the risk game. In traditional versions of this round it is necessary either to move up the steps of the pyramid, or to guess the color/suit of the hole card.

Developers often implement themed versions of this round in slots. For example, gamblers can play "heads or tails" with the main character of the slot machine.

Volcano Eruption risk game

Option with a selection of one of the cards whose rank will be compared to the rank of the dealer's card is generally used in video poker, but not in the video slot. The types of risk games are described in the article at Casinoz, devoted directly to this topic.

Bet systems

We have already explained why the slot machines do not allow using all sorts of strategies to increase or decrease bets depending on the results of previous spins. However although they do not allow you to change embedded level of the theoretical payout percentage, some benefits in using them can be found. For example, many people just like to have fun playing with the help of the system.

The lab slot

We have succeeded in recalling only one manufacturer of video slots, which allows users to automate this process (perhaps some other brands also have this function). This refers to the new company Elk Studios, which builds into its video slots algorithms of bet resizing. We will not describe them in detail, but note that you can use one of three modes, which also have settings.


The article deals with a very broad topic, which can be discussed for a long period of time, adding new material and new items. We will do this in the future, so do not forget to check this publication for updates. 

We are waiting for your comments. Share your opinion and offers in comments.

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