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This topic can be mentioned again and again, because it is one of the most important issues for any casino customer. You can opt out of difficult games, preferring the simplest ones, but it does not save you from knowing how to manage money.

If referring to financial management, you'll go home with empty pockets less often with a reasonable approach to business. Brief, but at the same time eloquent expression of the people's wisdom in this matter is an old saying "money loves counting" Playing at the casino, never forget about it.

You can not imagine how many experienced customers know everything about their favorite games, but regularly leave all the money in the casino cashier for the sole reason that they do not know how to manage their bankroll.

Casinoz wants to give you some practical advices how to smartly distribute money allocated for the game.

General recommendations for money management in the casino

Let's start with general tips.

  • Never take all the money in the casino that you set aside for the game. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the golden rule. Never break it. You should divide your bankroll into several parts by planning in advance how often you visit the casino, how long you are going to play in one evening, what size of bets you do, and so on.
  • Amount allocated for one game in a day should be never increased. If you lost - stop. This rule is particularly easily broken in an online casino, because the money can be replenished. But you must learn to control your excitement. Do not allow even a thought that you should try to win.
  • Decide in advance how much you expect to win this evening. The best way is to set a win limit as a percentage of the amount you take in the casino. For example, 50% or 100%. You managed to achieve this goal? You have to go.
  • Count money. Casino tries to make you forget about the money. To achieve this, it offers you to play with chips, credits, coins - anything, just not for real money. The less you hold the money, the easier it will lose your head and start desperately risking. Do not allow this. Follow the flow of your finances, counting it in rubles, dollars, euros or any other currency you use.
  • Even if you are a valuable for a casino player and it is ready at any moment to give you a credit, never use this opportunity. Remember it once and for all. Credits is a recipe for a very big loss. The same can be said about the money borrowed from other casino visitors.

Of course, not all these tips will help you to multiply your money, but they really contribute to keeping them.

Another important notice

You must understand that in most cases (except card counting in blackjack), financial management has no effect on percentage of the house edge in a particular game.

You can try to change the slot machines at the first win, bet on a progression, try to catch a winning wave, divide the entire bankroll into equal parts - all this will help to increase the theoretical return. At a bet of a thousand dollars or a dollar - the house edge is the same.

You may ask, why then use it?

In order to keep the situation under control and not spend more than you can afford, although it certainly is not the only reason to learn how to properly manage funds in the casino.

Read on for another tip.

Management of funds for different types of players

As you know, financial management in the casino has no effect on the theoretical return in games of chance. But it can be used to choose the scheme that best suits your style of playing. Here is an example.

  • Let's say that you have come to the casino to spend your time. You do not want big wins, but do not want to lose the contents of your wallet. Therefore, you need to minimize the risk of total loss. For this, select the size of the vet at which you can play all night without the threat of losing all your bankroll.
  • But there are other situations. Some customers are looking for casino thrills. They do not accept a fair game without sharp fluctuations. They do not get pleasure from the process itself and are ready to go for broke anytime. We can recommend them an aggressive betting system with a sharp increase and attempts to get lucky by the tail. Yes, it's a big risk, but they come to the casino for it.
  • There are many casino customers who, having a solid bankroll, are satisfied with small wins. For them the main thing is the result. If you fall into this category, keep emotions under control, increase bets very smoothly. In general, go to the goal at a leisurely pace.

However players of all types must adhere to general guidelines that we described earlier in this article. You can play at large or small bets, aggressive or restrained, five minutes or a whole day - but you should never go beyond the established limits, borrow money to recoup, and so on.

Be reasonable. Only in this case the game in the casino will not become a cruel disappointment.

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