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Free spins - what is it?
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Round to increase payouts in slots
Many video slots have a risk game or a game of equal chances. This is a round that can be started by getting paid in one of the available ways. In it, the player either increases the amount accrued to him or remains without this money. The key feature is that the casino has no mathematical advantage over the user. The article discusses the key rules, the main varieties and the non-obvious nuances of this option.
How do the slots paytable is formed
Do you know how to read the paytable of slot machines? Can you determine the criteria by which winnings are calculated? Are you able to estimate the approximate level of volatility of the video slot by studying the coefficients? To understand all these nuances will help a very detailed article devoted to this aspect.
How the combinations in the slots are formed and and an amount of the payoff?
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All kinds of symbols in slots
The article will tell you everything you need to know about the symbols that can be depicted on the reels of real and electronic casino slot machines. You will learn about the features of the basic images, varieties of special icons, the functions of all the main elements and related pitfalls of slot rules. The information is mandatory for all beginners to learn and will also be useful to many experienced customers.
Bauern roulette
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Keno is a game with uncomplicated rules that allow users to win a large amount for a small bet. Despite the very high house edge in keno, it is very popular among players from different countries. Currently, it is possible to play one or the other kind of keno anywhere in the world. It is also available at online casinos.
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Mini Baccarat
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Casino games rules

How does an experienced casino visitor start getting acquainted with new games? Of course by studying the rules. You can risk real money only after you understand all the gameplay nuances, the subtleties of bankroll management and strategy nuances become clear.

Software developers for online gambling already introduce a few percent of mathematical superiority in almost all models. Цhy let the casinoы beat you because of your ignorance?

The purpose of Casinoz is to raise the level of professionalism of gambling fans.

This section of the portal introduces the rules of most casino games, including their traditional and unique varieties.

If you want to learn how to play blackjack professionally, master the intricacies of video poker, master poker strategies, avoid playing video slots mistakes, and take it to the next level, start with rule reviews.

Types of casino games

Types of casino games

There is no generally accepted classification of casino games. Different gambling establishments, gambling experts, authors of thematic books and specialized publications offer their ways of cataloging.

In General, games for money can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Slot machines - video slots, classic machines and models at the junction of genres;
  • Cards - all kinds of casino games with the use of playing cards;
  • Board - games with tables and additional equipment;
  • Video poker - a separate genre, which includes a special kind of poker on individual machines;
  • Scratch cards - all sorts of instant lotteries;
  • The arcade and entertainment - is a unique development of the software vendors that offer original gameplay and unusual rules;
  • Others - this includes keno, bingo, betting simulators, regional games and other gambling activities that do not belong to the above groups.

The rules section at Casinoz takes a more adaptive approach to classification. We took into account not only the genre but also the games prevalence, a variety of models at online casinos and popularity among customers.

Let's consider the features of the rules of casino games in the basic categories.

Roulette rules

Roulette is one of the most famous and popular gambling entertainment.

The goal of the roulette game is to guess in which number or group of numbers the ball will stop.

Roulette offers different types of bets that can be combined at the discretion of the client.

There are three main versions:

  1. European;
  2. French;
  3. American.

The first two differ in the design of the table, the variety of bets and the presence of additional rules in the French version.

American roulette offers a particular order of numbers on the track and the presence of double zero. Some models also have special features.

Mini roulette is less popular, as long as a boule and roulette without zero.

Casinos also have unique varieties, including games with multiple tables, reels and balls, all sorts of pictures instead of numbers, accumulative jackpots, bonuses, and other unusual features.

All the main types of roulette by well-known manufacturers and popular models are considered in a special section at Casinoz.

Rules of slot machines

By slots, we mean gambling with rotating reels, which depict diverse images. These symbols form a winning combination, trigger a variety of bonuses and can be used in other functions.

The goal of playing casino slots is to get one or more payouts based on the spin results.

Video slots can be divided into two key groups:

  1. Classic machines - traditional models with three reels, one to five lines and a limited set of additional features.
  2. Multifunctional video slots - the ones with five or more reels, several types of symbols, free spins and other bonuses.

Often slots have such gaming options:

  • Basic icons – standard icons, included in the winning combinations by the general rules.
  • Wild symbols - are jokers that can replace other symbols in chains and often have additional features.
  • Scatter symbols are pictures that are paid regardless of the active lines and usually trigger free spins.
  • Free spins - a series of free spins at casino expense.
  • Re-spins at – single free spins at casino expense.
  • Risk-game on equal chances - around in which you can try to increase the accrued winnings.
  • Bonus rounds - various prize games available in many formats: item selection, wheel of fortune, races, battles, field movement and so on.
  • Progressive jackpots – progressive amounts that increase at the expense of deductions from bets.

Developers can use different combinations of the above features in video slots and gaming machines. The reviews of casino machines at the Casinoz portal describes in detail all the gameplay options. They will help you to understand the intricacies of the rules of slot machines.

Blackjack rules

Blackjack is the most popular intellectual game of chance. Most professional players prefer blackjack in offline casinos. There they can not only play by basic strategy, but also count cards and use other techniques useless in online casinos.

The goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting more points than him without exceeding 21. You can also win by busting the dealer.

There are two basic versions of blackjack:

  1. In the American one, the dealer immediately gives himself two cards, opens one of them and can check the blackjack.
  2. In the European version, the dealer initially gives himself one card, and the rest dealing after the players.

Both varieties have numerous subtypes. Blackjack rules are very flexible. Casino operators can adjust them at their discretion, offering customers different sets of options.

Choosing the most profitable type of blackjack, experienced players pay attention to the list of available functions:

  • Split - split cards of the same rank into two boxes;
  • Double - double bet;
  • Surrender – the refusal to continue the game for the half bet;
  • Insurance - the ability to insure against blackjack at the dealer;
  • Equal money - consent to the payment of 1:1 blackjack at the ACE of the dealer.

Also, professional blackjack players take into account the rules of the dealer's card set, the features of splits and doubles, the presence of bonus payments and other features. Each of these points affects the mathematical superiority of the casino and requires changes in the basic strategy.

The best varieties of blackjack even allow you to gain an advantage over the institution.

Video poker rules

Video Poker is a poker machine with many varieties.

The purpose of playing video poker is to collect a paid combination from those listed in the table. Usually you can change up to five cards for free at once.

Casinos offer all kinds of variations of video poker. The most popular are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All American, Bonus Poker and some others.

They differ by a set of poker combinations, the presence of jokers, the amount of payments, the number of supported hands and additional features. At the same time, they have the same basic rules of video poker.

The gameplay in most models consists of the following stages:

  • The client makes a bet and receives five cards.
  • He discards unnecessary cards and gets new ones instead.
  • If a combination is formed, the player is automatically charged.
  • The user can take the money or start the game for doubling.
  • If he wants to take a chance, he will need to choose a random card and compare it with the dealer's card.

These are the basic rules of video poker. Other nuances relate to certain varieties of the game. They are discussed in thematic articles at Casinoz.

Casino poker rules

Unlike video poker, desktop poker versions can differ dramatically. Some of them are similar only in that they use playing cards and the presence of standard poker combinations.

So we recommend that you learn the rules of poker in each case. There is no practical sense in considering them in general.

Baccarat rules

Currently, this gambling game has lost its leading position at offline casinos, and it has never been in great demand on the Internet portals. And in the old days, it was called the favorite entertainment of aristocrats. However, you will find baccarat in most online casinos.

The goal of the baccarat game is to guess who will win the hand: a banker or a dealer. You can also bet on a draw.

In most modern varieties of baccarat, the player does not have to draw cards or actively participate in the gameplay. He only has to bet on the outcome of the round. But in some versions, the client can make decisions during the drawings.

Carefully read the rules of the baccarat game from different manufacturers to understand the nuances.

Craps rules

Novice users craps scares by a variety of bets and unusual gameplay features. In fact, the rules of craps may seem complicated only if you decide to delve into the details and understand all the nuances. You can learn the basic provisions in a few minutes.

The goal of craps is to guess which combination will appear on the dice and get paid on the bets made in advance.

In offline establishments, dice are thrown by "shooters". This way is called the players throwing the dice. At online casinos, the number of points on the faces of the dice is determined by the random number generator.

Dozens of different types of bets are accepted on craps tables. The gameplay is divided into several stages, where you can make certain bets.

It is important to understand that the bets in craps differ significantly in the mathematical superiority of the institution. The optimal strategy of playing craps allows you to achieve almost one hundred percent return.

Articles by Casinoz experts will teach you the basics of craps and give recommendations on how to play the game.

Other casino games

In addition to classic games, software manufacturers develop unique models and adapt rare gambling games for online casinos, which are in demand only in some countries.

These games are also discussed in the rules section on Casinoz. Not all of them are interesting to customers who play on the result. Some of them have too low theoretical return, so they can not be recommended to readers. On the other hand, sometimes there are games with tempting conditions and really interesting gameplay.

Rules of games at Casinoz

In the articles of this section of the Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling the rules of games are considered according to the following plan:

  • General information;
  • The goal of the game;
  • Stages of gameplay;
  • Determination of winners;
  • Accrual of payments;
  • Additional prizes and bonuses;
  • The drawings of progressive jackpots;
  • Game varieties;
  • Short strategy tips.

The basic provisions of the rules are described here. Playing for money at the casino, you should learn the features of each model that you prefer.

How to choose the best casino game?

How to choose the best casino game?

The answer to this question cannot be definitive. First of all, you need to decide why you go to the casino.

  • If your goal is to win at any cost, then the best option for you is to play games with the minimum advantage of the institution.
  • If you want to have fun, choose the game that brings you the most pleasure, but do not forget about the theoretical return.

Remember that in some games the result depends only on luck, while in others your theoretical knowledge and practical skills can help a lot.

The advice of Casinoz experts:

Learn to enjoy games that offer the most favorable terms and conditions. Memorize the rules and learn how to play the best strategy.

This approach will give the opportunity to achieve better results.


You can not neglect the study of the rules of gambling. This is fraught with substantial costs at the casino. It is not necessary will help you to beat the institution.

Always read the rules. Be interested in the advice of professionals. Read special publications фе Casinoz. Master the strategies developed by mathematicians.

in short, increase your skills level.