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General Description

Let It Ride is a game that is based on stud poker. The equipment for this kind of poker includes a 52-card deck without jokers and a table with a special layout. The main features of this poker are the absence of opponents and uncommon betting system. You need to combine your skills and luck in order to win.

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to collect one of the winning poker hands. The lowest-ranking poker hand is a pair of tens.

Hands and Payouts

The hands in Let It Ride are formed from three dealt cards and two community cards.

The standard poker hands are valid in this version of poker. The lowest-ranking poker hand is a pair of tens. Their list in descending order is available below:

  • Royal flush - 1,000:1
  • Straight flush - 200:1
  • Four of a kind - 50:1
  • Full house - 11:1
  • Flush - 8:1
  • Straight - 5:1
  • Three of a kind- 3:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • Pair of tens or better - 1:1

As you can see, the paytable resembles some versions of video poker.


The game starts when all the players have made three bets of the same size, placing them on special betting spots of the table. After that, the croupier deals three cards to the players and himself. The dealer's cards are placed face down.

Having evaluated the rank of his cards, the player should decide whether to withdraw one of his wagers or not. Then the dealer discards the top card and reveals the next one. The player has to decide again whether to withdraw the second wager or not.

The dealer reveals his last card and checks for the player's paid hands. If they are not available, the player loses all remaining wagers. If the player has a hand, the dealer pays wagers in accordance with the paytable.


At many casinos it is possible to make a side bonus bet, which is paid if the player has collected a hand that can be found in the table of bonus payouts. As an example, we offer you a table from online casinos running on software released by Cryptologic, where the bonus bet is equal to 1 dollar:

  • Royal flush - $30 000
  • Straight flush - $3 000
  • Four of a kind - $400
  • Full house - $200
  • Flush- $50
  • Straight - $25
  • Three of a kind - $5

Other casinos may provide other payouts.

Basic Strategy

Users can find the description of the optimal strategy for Let It Ride below. It may help them to reduce the house edge to three and a half percent.

Let it ride with three cards if you have:

  • Any paid hand;
  • Any three cards for a royal flush;
  • Any three cards in sequence for a straight flush;
  • Any two cards in sequence and one not in sequence for a straight flush if these cards include at least a ten or better;
  • Any three cards (not in sequence) for a straight flush if these cards include at least two tens or better.

Let it ride with four cards if you have:

  • Any paid hand;
  • Any four cards for a royal flush, straight flush, or flush;
  • Four cards in sequence for a straight;
  • Four cards for a straight with one gap if their ranks are higher than ten.

As mentioned above, it is possible to make a bonus bet in this kind of poker, but you should never use this opportunity, because the house edge for this bet varies from fifteen to thirty percent.

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