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The long history of gambling showed many cases when the poor men used to adapt games of chance available only for rich people to their limited opportunities. The German Bauern roulette is one of the prominent examples of such games. Being an entertainment for the commoners, it has become very popular and is still found in land-based and online gambling establishments.

General Description of Bauern Roulette

The word 'Bauer' means 'peasant', and 'farmer' in German, so the name of the game can be translated as "peasant's roulette." As the name implies, it was invented by peasants. The poor farmers who could not afford to visit a casino used this model to replace the traditional roulette. It was played for fun, money, or various items used as bets.

The game's design hardly resembles the classic roulette, but all the basic principles of gameplay are borrowed from its traditional version.

Bauern roulette, which can be seen in the photo, is made from a wooden field with vast hollows on the surface and holes in the outer edges. Originally the field had a square shape, but later it became octagonal. The field has hollows for balls and other items.

Apart from the playing surface, Bauern roulette has a unique wooden spinning top and six balls (1 red, 1 green, and 4 white).


During the game, balls are placed on the playing surface, and a spinning top is spun. Moving chaotically on the surface, the top makes the balls bounce off in random directions. They land on numbered hollows.

The aim is to shot balls into the holes, scoring as many points as possible. Thus, the longer the spinning top remains in motion, the higher is the probability to win.

Points are calculated according to the color of balls and values of hollows on which they have landed. The red ball brings the highest score. The green ball, on the contrary, subtracts points from the total score.

If the ball bounced out of the playing surface, it is not considered. If you have used all the balls, you will have another spin.

If the opponents play against each other, they should get a certain number of points (for example, 1,000).

Bauern Roulette Gameplay

Initially, all players select the score, bet sizes, and order of turns.

Six balls are placed in the middle of the playing surface at the beginning of the round. Then the player spins a spinning top.


When the spinning top stops, the score is calculated, depending on the hollows the balls have landed.

This occurs until one player collects a specific score.

At casinos, the winner is determined in a slightly different way. Payouts are usually made if the player collects a certain number of points. This model surely uses a random number generator on online gaming portals. It determines the outcome of the spin.


Bauern roulette can be found at online casinos. In general, it is available in the establishments focused on the customers from Germany, where this game is indeed famous and even popular.

It can also be purchased for a pleasant pastime with friends. For example, such models are available on Amazon. We will be grateful for your opinion about Bauern roulette.

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