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August 4, 2011
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Russian Poker
Russian Poker is a relatively new game that is based on Oasis Poker. A 52-card standard deck without jokers in used to play against the house, represented by the dealer. It is allowed to use the table for Stud Poker, Oasis Poker...
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General description of the game in order to play Pai Gow Poker uses a standard deck of 52 cards, which is added one joker. The game is a standard poker table and is the dealer. The main feature of this type of poker is that ...
Oasis Poker
The aim of Oasis Poker is to collect the highest-ranking hand that will exceed the hand collected by the dealer. A standard 52-card deck is used in this game. Cards are shuffled before each deal. The highest-ranking card is...
Caribbean Poker
Caribbean Poker is one of the most profitable types of online casino poker. The house edge is 5.2%, provided that gamblers use the optimal strategy. The player cannot draw any card. This decreases...
Pai Gow Poker
Pai gow poker is based on the ancient Chinese game, which has been transformed into a modern entertainment, appreciated by many casino players. A 53-card deck that contains joker as an additional card...
Three Card Brag
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Poker Pursuit
The article provides information about the rules of Poker Pursuit, which is an interesting kind of gambling that can be found at various offline and online casinos. This model visually resembles video poker, but it has some significant differences. Players will have to decide whether they should raise before facing up all the cards one by one. Details are discussed in this review.
Tequila Poker
If you are tired of the traditional poker games, we recommend that you should familiarize yourself with the rules of Tequila Poker. Some offline casinos and online gambling portals have been offering it since recently. Users do not have to beat the dealer or partners at the table in Tequila Poker. It is just necessary to make a bet on a poker hand or a certain number of points. All the nuances of the gameplay are discussed in detail in this article.
Ultimate Texas Hold'em
Types of Texas Hold'em poker adapted for playing against the house have become very popular in recent years. One of the most popular versions of this kind of models is Ultimate Texas Hold'em released by ShuffleMaster. It is necessary to make two initial bets. It is possible to raise once per round. In addition, the bonus payouts for certain poker hands are provided. The detailed rules are explained in the article.
The general description of the distinguishing characteristics, key features and basic rules for Badugi, which keeps gaining popularity in offline and online poker rooms all over the world, is offered in this article. The zest of Badugi is a need to collect the lowest-ranking hand to defeat opponents. More details about this game can be found in the article on the portal Casinoz.
True fans of poker have to master Razz, because this type of poker is in great demand in the largest poker rooms and is an integral part of many leading tournaments. In addition, Razz is included in the so-called H.O.R.S.E., which is also very popular among players from all over the world. The rules for Razz are discussed in this article.
Seven-card stud
Many popular versions of poker that are in demand nowadays are based on seven-card stud, which was the most common type of this game. Now it is not forgotten and is available in all online and offline poker rooms. If you are going to learn how to play poker professionally, you can not do without seven-card stud. The article deals with the basic rules and regulations.

Casino poker rules

Poker is very common at offline casinos in different countries. Many customers are willing to play oasis poker, Russian poker, and other varieties. This is the most popular gambling game that attracts not fewer players than roulette or blackjack.

With the development of online gambling, poker has not lost its popularity. The majority of gambling portals offer its numerous versions produced by famous software developers: NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming and other companies.

rules of casino poker

Feature articles of the Casinoz experts will help you to learn the rules of poker in its main varieties.

Features of casino poker

It is necessary to distinguish between casino poker and the so-called Club Poker, or Sports Poker.

  1. At the casino, the client plays against the institution represented by a dealer. He needs to defeat the dealer, collecting a stronger combination of cards.
  2. In poker clubs, his opponents are other visitors. Here customers either play poker for money against each other or fight for prizes in the tournament format.

These are the fundamental differences between the two important variations, but each of them differs in a lot of ways that need to be taken into account.

Basic rules of casino poker

Let us consider the main provisions typical for the majority versions.

The goal of the casino poker game is to defeat the dealer by collecting stronger poker hand.

Poker combinations are defined as sets of cards: a pair of identical, two pairs, three cards of the same denomination, stray, flash and so forth. They are discussed in detail in the articles of this section of Casinoz.

The rules of forming the combinations may be different. In some cases, the client receives a set of cards from the distribution and is not able to take any action. In other types, the player can change the cards, buy additional and so on.

Casino poker betting

Bets are also accepted in different ways:

  • Fixed rate – the amount at stake does not change until the round end.
  • Ante and Bet – first is done ante, and Beth confirms the client's intention to participate in the game.
  • Increasing rate – the client can increase the amount of several stages.
  • Decreasing rate – the player immediately makes the maximum bet, but in the course of the draw can take some of the money.
  • Additional bets – a certain amount will be accepted apart from the main stakes and imply bonus payments in specified situations. Progressive jackpots also can be played on them.

Types of bets in poker should be studied separately for each version.

how to play poker against casino

Determining the winner and accrual of payments

In most types of casino poker, the player must beat the dealer. This means that at the end of the round the client's combination is compared against croupier's.

The order of calculation of payments depends on the type of game. The amount depends on the rate and the coefficient of the resulting combination. Also, the dealer's cards are taken into account. For example, if in Oasis Poker, if the dealer does not have the minimum combination, the client is paid only one ante.

Bonus bets are frequently used where wins are accrued in certain situations.

Varieties of casino poker

Here are some of the most popular types of poker, common in offline and online casinos.

  • Stud poker – a very common version with ante and bet, in which you need to defeat the dealer.
  • Caribbean poker – a kind of stud with an additional rule.
  • Oasis poker – a variation very similar to Caribbean poker, but often with more liberal rules.
  • Russian poker – a kind of exchange any number of cards, the purchase of the sixth card and other features, provided for a very reasonable fee.
  • Casino hold'em poker – an adaptation of Texas hold'em poker for playing against the casino, presented in numerous variations.
  • Let It Ride poker is a game in which guaranteed payments are accrued for the gathered combination, and in the course of the round, you can reduce the rate.
  • Pai Gow poker – the version in which you want to win the dealer by two combinations.
  • 3 Card poker – an unusual variety with three cards in hand and three independent bets.
  • 4 Card poker – a type similar to 3-card poker.

Detailed rules of poker of all the above types, and also less popular ones are considered in the articles of this section.

How to choose the best casino poker?

When choosing a game, consider the following criteria:

  • The theoretical return of poker (RTP),
  • The range of bets,
  • Features of gameplay,
  • The overall appeal of the game for you.

If you prefer online casinos, also pay attention to such features:

  • The realism of animation,
  • System requirements,
  • Download speed,
  • Software manufacturer,
  • The convenience of the interface,
  • Availability of adjustable parameters and so on.

The choice of models is great, so do not be lazy to find poker, suitable for all your requirements.

How to learn how to play casino poker?

Gambling experts recommend novice users the following plan:

  • Learn the basics: basic rules of poker, poker combinations, stages of gameplay and so on.
  • Learn to identify the most profitable varieties.
  • Select a game with high RTP, which is right for you all criteria.
  • Learn to detail all the nuances of the rules.
  • Practice playing poker for free.
  • Find an honest and reliable online casino with this game.
  • Start to play for money with small bets increasing them as your self-confidence grows.

Also, experienced players are advised to think through bankroll and time management. This will help to avoid addiction development.


At the casino poker is presented in a variety of variations which often are not similar to each other. They differ in the nuances of the rules, the course of gameplay, list of paid combinations, amounts of payments, principles determining the winners, the presence of additional functions, level of the theoretical return and other features.

Articles at Casinoz will help you to choose the best casino poker, learn its rules and learn how to play it the right way.

Reviews of the best online poker brands you will find in special section of the portal. Poker strategies are discussed in detail on the thematic page.