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In this article we want to teach you how to play Let It Ride. We are not going to focus on the discussion of the rules once again, because they are described in detail in the corresponding section on our website and several reviews of Let It Ride games released by different manufacturers.

We are going to remind you that players should initially make three equal bets in this poker. They will see three face-up cards. The other two cards are laid face down. The dealer reveals them one by one. Before each stage gamblers should decide whether to call the second and third bets or not. The ranks of face-up cards should be surely taken into consideration.

How to Select a Version of Let It Ride Online Poker

While selecting a variant of Let It Ride, you should pay attention to multipliers, bonus payouts, betting range, upper limits, and some other moments.

The rules for Let It Ride from various manufacturers can differ mainly in multipliers. There are the following standard multipliers:

  • Pair of tens and better- 1:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • Straight - 5:1
  • Flush - 8:1
  • Full house - 11:1
  • Four of a kind - 50:1
  • Straight flush - 200:1
  • Royal flush - 1,000:1

In fact, other values of multipliers can be observed rarely. It is possible that you will never come across them.

The situation with bonus payouts is not so clear. Firstly, they are provided for two pairs and higher in some models. In the other models, the lowest-ranking hand is a three of a kind. Amounts may also differ substantially. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the ranges we have come across in different models of Let It Ride:

  • Royal flush - 20,000 - 30,000
  • Straight flush - 2,000 - 3,000
  • Four of a kind - 100 - 400
  • Full house - 75 - 200
  • Flush - 50
  • Straight - 25
  • Three of a kind - 5-9
  • Two pairs - 0-6

Higher bonus payouts are primarily provided in those versions where two pairs are not taken into account.

Bear in mind that at the all Let It Ride tables there are upper limits. For example, they are equal to 50,000 euros for all tables in Let It Ride from Net Entertainment, regardless of betting ranges.

Keep this fact in mind while choosing a game. Do not make bets for which you will not get the full payouts even for a straight flush, not to mention a royal flush.

Odds in Let It Ride

To be sure, many fans of poker want to know how to reduce the house edge and odds of the formation of one or the other poker hand in Let It Ride.

If you play according to the standard rules and follow the optimal strategy, the house edge in Let It Ride Poker is about 3.5%. Keep in mind that you should make bets that provide the opportunity to receive the full payouts for all hands.

Do not pay attention to bonuses. Side bets have a very huge house advantage (from 15% to over 35%), so they should be avoided.

The understanding of odds will help you to make correct decisions while playing. There are the following odds:

  • Royal flush - 1:679,740
  • Straight flush - 1:72,193
  • Four of a kind - 1:4,165
  • Full house - 1:694
  • Flush - 1:509
  • Straight - 1:255
  • Three of a kind - 1:47
  • Two pairs - 1:21
  • Pair of tens and better - 1:6

Now we can start discussing the strategy.

Let It Ride Poker Optimal Strategy

We want to remind you once again that you should not chase bonuses (due to the very high house edge). In addition, the payouts for the winning hand should not exceed the upper table limit. Take into account this fact while selecting your bet size. If you do not follow this rule, you will help the establishment to beat you over the long run.

Let's discuss step by step what you should do at each stage of Let It Ride.

You should call the second bet on three face-up cards if you have:

  • Any paid hand (a pair of tens and better or a three of a kind).
  • Any three cards to a royal flush.
  • Any three cards in sequence to a straight flush.
  • Three cards to an inside straight flush with at least one ten or higher (for example, 7, 8, and 10 of one suit).

You should call the third bet on four face-up cards if you have:

  • Any paid hand (a pair of tens and better, two pairs, a three of a kind, a four of a kind).
  • Any four cards to a royal flush.
  • Any four cards to a straight flush.
  • Four cards to a flush
  • Any four cards to an open-ended straight (four cards in sequence of any suit).
  • Any four high cards (tens and better).

As soon as the fifth card is revealed, you don't have to make decisions. You will just find out whether you win or lose.


To sum up, we can make a conclusion that the correct and responsible tactics for Let It Ride Poker includes the following stages:

  • You should select a model of Let It Ride Poker with the best rules.
  • You should determine the bet size.
  • You should strictly follow the optimal strategy.

Good luck!

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