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History has not preserved the names of inventors of this simple betting system. However it is so elementary that such an idea has been surely offered by various players at different times.

The betting system is based on the well-known observation that during a series of spins that is equal to the quantity of numbers on the wheel (thirty-seven for European and thirty-eight for American version, respectively), not all numbers come up. About two-thirds of the numbers from 0 to 36 come up for this period of time, i.e. some numbers may appear at least twice over this short session.

The pivot strategy is based on this suggestion. The player should wait for the number that comes up twice and start betting on it. The size of the bankroll is not mentioned, but many followers of this system believe that one cycle requires at least thirty-five units. Others try to play depending on the time limit (for example, two hours).

Step by Step

How let's discuss the actions that should be undertaken while playing according to this system. First, you have just to observe the gameplay. So, just look for a table with customers.

You will have to memorize or write down the appeared numbers. It seems to be quite difficult to memorize them, so we recommend that users should write them down (for example, using your mobile phone in order to avoid the attention of the administration).

As soon as one of the numbers has come up twice, you should start wagering one and the same amount on it. If it shows up again within the next thirty-four spins, you will be in the black. If it appears in the thirty-fifth spin, you'll neither win not lose.

At the same time, you have to mark the numbers that show up on the wheel. As soon as your cycle with the current number will come to an end, you should choose another number to wager on.

If you have lost in one session, it is not necessary to keep betting on this number. Select another one. It is up to you to decide whether to increase a bet after the unprofitable cycle or not.


To be sure, in a single session consisting of thirty-six or thirty-eight spins, some numbers will not appear at all and some others come up several times. Does it mean that you will be able to determine the lucky numbers? Absolutely, not. We are going to remind you that the outcomes of spins are not related to each other, which has been repeatedly proven by different mathematicians.

Moreover, all numbers will approximately equally show up in the long run, if the wheel is balanced, has no defects, and operates properly. So, do not rely too much on this system. It can diversify the gameplay but cannot help you to beat.

The advantage of this betting system includes its exceptional simplicity and volatility. The monotony of gameplay can be considered to be its disadvantage. It is not the most amusing and exciting pastime to bet one and the same bet in each spin.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the pivot strategy. Write about it in the comments, share your personal experience, and rate this betting system.

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