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For many players online casinos are still somewhat unknown. Many of them do not mind playing at online casinos for real money, but this kind of entertainment scares them. For those who would like to take the first step into the fascinating world of online gambling, read this article on Casinoz. We will describe how to start playing at online casinos for money.

We will consider one of the best casinos - Va-Bank for example.

Registration and starting to play at the casino

Registration at the casino Va-Bank is simple and does not require filling in huge profiles. To register, you need to press the corresponding button in the lower left corner of the site, and then click on Register. You need to fill in the following information: username, password, e-mail address, nickname, phone number, sex and choice of language and country of residence. Of course, you should enter real information from your documents. Otherwise, you may experience problems with withdrawing money from the casino.

Do not forget to tick "I want to receive the casino bonuses", "Yes, I am over 18 years" and "I have read the rules of the casino." However getting bonuses can cause you some trouble, so it is recommended to study the conditions of the casino and only then make a decision. This can be done in the "Help" section in "Bonus Policy".

That playing in a casino for money for maximum comfort and access to all features, it is better to download the software and install it on your computer. This can be done by clicking on Download in the bottom of the screen. The program is small, but after installation, it will automatically download the latest update.

To enter the casino, you need to enter your username and password. Then you can choose a mode to play: free or for real money. To do that, clock on Play for free or Play for money. In this review we describe playing in a casino for real money by the example of the Va-Bank casino. So we will choose the most user-friendly way of making deposits and withdrawals.

Payment systems

WebMoney (Webmoney)

WebMoney is a popular electronic payment system that does not belong to the category of banking systems. It is often used to play online casino games for real money. Its history began in 1998 when the very concept of electronic money was not widely known.

Webmoney in Va-Bank casino

for depos in the casino Va-Bank using WebMoney service, go to Cashier, select WebMoney or WebMoney account, it'll open a dialog box.

In the first option, you need to enter the amount you want to deposit, or select it by clicking on the corresponding button. Then, you will be transferred to the site www.merchant.webmoney.ru, where you will follow step by step instructions.

In the second case you should select the currency (U.S. dollars or euros), enter the amount and WMID in the selected currency.?You will get a bill at your wallet you need to pay.

In both cases, the transactions require WM Keeper program running.

Other deposit conditions for these options are no different. You can make deposits of $0.1 to $1000. When replenishing a casino account using this system in the amount of $50, a player gets a bonus of 100% of the deposit, but not more than $200. All of his subsequent contributions in the amount of $20 have a 15% bonus (up to $50).

In the Va-Bank casino you can also withdraw funds via WebMoney.

If you still do not know how to use this payment system, we offer you information how to do it.

Description of the System

WebMoney is the most convenient system to make payments online. In particular, for playing in online casinos . Its advantages: Instant operations, no dependence on the distance, low charges for transfers, security and much more.


To become a user of the system, go to the official website www.webmoney.ru, register and download the software.

Use programs like WebMoney WM Keeper to control the wallets, transfer funds, pay for purchases and services. Four of them: WM Keeper Classic (the most common version, created for Windows), WM Keeper Light (web-analog with access to the wallets by using the browser), WM Keeper Mini (lite version that does not require installation and adapted PDA) and WM Keeper Mobile (version for mobile phones). You can find more complete description of the capabilities and limitations of versions on the official site.

Each registered user is assigned a WMID (webmoney id), under which they can enter the Keeper. In the program, you can create wallets. there is a wallet for each currency. For example, the dollar wallet has a letter Z and twelve digits. Do not confuse WMID and numbers of wallets - they are two different things.


You can deposit your wallet WebMoney via bank or postal transfer, payment terminals, certified exchangers, dealers. A popular way is scratch cards. You can also exchange other electronic currencies for WebMoney or just get a transaction from another user of this system. Choose the most convenient way using the services of Geo WebMoney (www.geo.webmoney.ru/wmobjects).


Withdrawing funds from WebMoney is possible by exchanging cash at an exchange office or dealers, transfer to a specified bank account or credit card, electronic exchange for other currencies, use the services of money transfer systems.


The Yandex payment system is a result of an agreement between the Paycash and the Yandex search engine in 2002. Gradually it gained trust of Russian users and has a leading position in this market today.

Yandex in Va-Bank Casino

"Yandex" fits online casinos perfectly. You can also make deposits and withdraw money in the casino "Va-Bank" using this system. For making a deposit, go to the "Cashier" and select Yandex. In the next window, enter the amount of deposit or choose one of the five buttons with the amounts.

This way you can replenish your account by one to 15 000 rubles. All transactions pass through the auxiliary system "Moneta.RU", where you will need to enter your Yandex wallet.

At the first deposit at the casino via "Yandex" of $50 you will get a 100% bonus (up to $200), and all next from $20 have a bonus of 15% (no more than $50).

If you do not have an account in the "Yandex" payment system, but you want to open it, below is all necessary information.

Description of the system

The Yandex Payment system is very simple and easy to use. Its wider usage is only prevented by limitation of currency which is only Russian rubles. Therefore, it is most popular among residents of the Russian Federation. You can use it to pay for various services and purchase products. Of course, you can also play in online casinos fir money using this payment system. Funds of users in the system are confirmed by IMPEXBANK, Vneshtorgbank bank "Tauride" Rosbank and Sberbank accounts.


Registtration in "Yandex" is free. It is important to decide which interface you will choose. You can use "Internet.Wallet" or any browser. "Internet.Wallet" is a small program you will install on your computer. Web interface involves working directly in the browser, and you need only to register at Yandex. Then you need to activate your account by creating a payment password and entering some information.

Remember that at the registration you should enter real information matching the information on the casino site.

If you want to install a wallet, download the program from the official website www.money.yandex.ru (do not use it from third-party resources), and install it on your computer. The installation process is simple. You should specify the password and ID.


Adding money to "Yandex" is possible via cash payments through Sberbank Online Banking "Alfa-Click", bank or post, "Yandex" scratch cards, ATMs of some banks, different payment terminals and other methods. Enrollment period varies depends on the deposit method. It is the fasted using "Yandex" cards.


You can withdraw funds to an account in a Russian bank, through the Contact system, NSCA "RIB" or some other methods.


Electronic payment system "Moneta.RU" is very convenient for players of our country for making a deposit.

"Moneta.RU" and casino Va-Bank

You can make a deposit to the casino using this service. In the "Cashier" select "Moneta.RU", a dialog box will open. Then, enter the amount or select it from clicking on the corresponding button.

You can make a deposit from $15 to $500. When replenishing a casino account through this system by $50, a player gets a bonus of 100% of the deposit, but not more than $200. All of next deposits of $20 will have a 15% bonus (up to $50).

Moneta.RU can be also used to withdraw funds from casino Va-Bank.

If you are not familiar with this payment system, information below will help you to get all the necessary information and open your account.

Description of the System

This system is simple and reliable. It advantages include a variety of deposit methods and money withdrawal options, fast payments, no commission for transfers between users, payment of goods and services, friendly interface. User's money are at the company's bank accounts and accounts of the system partners.


To get started with "Moneta.RU", go to the official website www.moneta.ru and complete the registration process, providing an email address and choosing a password for your account. Then you can just tick "I accept the terms of service" and enter the confirmation code. At the specified e-mail you will get a link, by clicking on it you will activate your account. You can sign in to your account immediately after the completion of the registration, but deposit and other operations will be available only after its activation.

In the next step, you need to create your payment password. You can choose your own or take the one generated by the system. You can also restrict access to your account by specifying the IP address of your computer. To create an account in U.S. dollars and euros, tick Them.


You can make a deposit in the "Moneta.RU" in various ways, including bank transfer, payment terminals of Eleksnet, QIWI,Multikassa and other network communication outlets of Euroset system HandyBank, ATM of "VTB 24", online system "Telebank", system "Platezh.RU", system of international money transfers Contact.


You can withdraw money from the account in the "Moneta.RU" in the payment system "Yandex", by bank transfer to a bank account in rubles, Contact or "Platezh.RU" systems.

RBK Money

RBK Money is an electronic payment system that allows you to make payments over the Internet. With its help, you can also play in a casino for money. This is a brand new name widely known of the payment system Rupay. The official website of www.rbkmoney.ru.

RBK Money casino and Va-Bank

You can only make deposits using this payment system in a casino "Va-Bank". To withdraw funds you have to use another method. To update your account, go to the "Cashier" and select the tab "RBK Money" on the left. In the next window, enter an amount of deposit or choose one of the five buttons with amounts. Then, you will be transferred to the site of RBK Money, where you should be authorized to complete the transaction.

Through this system, you can replenish your account within one to one hundred dollars.

At first deposit via "RBK Money" of $50 you will get a 100% bonus (up to $200), and for all next deposits from $20 you will have a bonus of 15% (no more than $50).

If you already have an account in the payment system "RBK Money", but you want to open it, here is the necessary information.

Description of the System

This payment system allows using personal e-wallet to pay for various goods and services. The security of your funds is provided by a multilevel protection system.


You can register in the system on official website. The registration process is quite simple, each paragraph has explanations, so there should be no difficulties. You will have to enter personal information, set security settings and determine the level of the wallet.


To make a deposit via RBK Money, you can use a credit card, a special scratch card, bank transfer, postal order or money order. You can also do it in the salons of the MTS and "Euroset", ATMs, POS terminals, using the internet banking system "Yandex", vouchers of UKASH.


You can withdraw funds from the system RBK Money to a bank account or debit card, via CONTACT, and transfer them to other electronic payment systems.

Money Mail

since 2004 Money Mail aims to simplify online money transfers without compromising safety and speed.

Money Mail and Va-Bank Casino

To make a deposit in the casino Va-Bank using this service, go to the "Cashier", select "Money Mail". Next, enter the amount of deposit, or select one from clicking on the corresponding button, then you will enter the payment system site.

Using this method you can make deposits from one to one hundred dollars. When replenishing casino account through this system of $50, a player gets a bonus of 100% of the deposit, but not more than $200. All of next deposits of $20 are rewarded a 15% bonus (up to $50).

If you do not know this payment system, the information below will allow you open your account.

Description of the System

Money Mail payment system let's pay for goods and services of different electronic stores, replenish accounts in online casinos to play for money, as well as other accounts, use credit cards, transfer money to an email address and invoice.


Any adult citizen of the Russian Federation can register in this system. For this, go to the site www.moneymail.ru, enter an email address, a password, your date of birth. Then you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate the account.

Your email address you enter when registering will be your account number.


You can replenish an account in the Money Mail in the network communication outlets "Euroset", via a credit card, prepaid card,a Netexchange, transfer from other payment systems or from a bank account. You can make a deposit using terminals, banks, transfer systems.


You can withdraw funds from this payment system to a ruble banking account, a plastic card, via CONTACT or get cash at office Finam (for Moscow citizens).

Other methods

Of course, the above types of deposit in Va-Bank casino are not the only ones. You can also use Visa Cards, Master Card, Robox, MoneyBookers, Neteller, WM Card, Paymer Cheque, SpryPay, Click2Pay or some other methods.

Casino Games

By signing up to the casino "Va-Bank" and making a deposit using a convenient for you method, you will proceed to the choice of games. You can find rules of all games in the "Help" section and select any game.

Scrolling down to the end of the page, this section, contains information about Customer Support. You can access a casino administrator by clicking on the call image in the top right corner of the window.

3D slots

Besides a standard set of games every casino has branded "chips". For example, the casino Va-Bank has special 3D slots like Casino Racing, Around the World, Big Roll, Ocean Miracles and Space Raiders. They are available only in the downloadable version and playing in a casino for real money.

They all have stunning graphics and design, interesting plot and a great bonus game. Each of them has its highlights, but we will keep the intrigue and will not disclose all the surprises, letting visitors to discover them on their own.

Slots and Video pokers

In any good casino, these sections present an impressive variety of games where every visitor can find something for themselves.


Of course, a visit to any gambling establishment would be incomplete without a visit to the roulette! The casino "Va-Bank" has nine roulette: the traditional European and American roulette, as well as such unique versions as the euro roulette - "Va-Bank" Boule Card Roulette, Roulette No-Zero and others. Each of them certainly has its fans.

Card Games

Of course, any good casino should offer its visitors several varieties of poker, blackjack, and games such as "Red Dog", Baccarat, Casino Battle and others.


Lovers of unusual games can fight in Sic Bo, Keno and other not very common in our country games.

As you can see, to start playing in a online casino for money is easy. We hope that recommendations and explanations of Casinoz will help you to do it without mistakes. Choose a casino from the list of casinos on our site, and sign up to casino Va-Bank!

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2 декабря 2017
Спасибо за статью. Мне как новичку важно знать проверенные места, а то на слуху только назойливая реклама "казино-вулкан". А поскольку они так активно рекламируются, значит много денег тратят, а значит много денег им проигрывают, и вообще вопрос о честности этого казино и выплатах встает.
25 апреля 2016
Думаю, что регистрация не составит труда даже новичку, все понятно и доступно. Периодически играю на различных автоматах, но не ради выигрыша, а просто чтобы развеяться. Ставлю небольшие суммы.
9 ноября 2015
я тоже считаю эту статью весьма полезной как для любителей, так и для новичков. ведь чтобы не ходить в дураках и не винить казино, нужно сначала во всем разобраться, а уже потом садится играть, тем более, что тут так все доступно описано
5 июля 2015
Как по мне очень полезная статья для людей, которые не играли в казино онлайн, но только начинают. Здесь собраны и разложены по полочкам все организационные моменты. 
7 октября 2014
Мне доводилось в Вулкане играть на деньги - . Сейчас я пытаюсь найти что-нибудь новое для себя. Интересуюсь в последнее время автоматами Микрогейминг. Может в казино икс попробую. После такой подробной статьи хочется быстрее начать!! Я , кстати, вебмани исполльзую для пополнения депозитов.
17 августа 2013
Очень подробная и познавательная статья о том как играть в онлайн-казино на реальные деньги, Поможет таким как я новичкам освоится в мире онлайн-казино и не наделать глупостей при первой же игре.
5 мартa 2013
Сейчас в казино-онлайн через разные сервисы. То есть, чтобы сыграть на деньги, главное иметь желание. Но если Вы захотели попробывать сыграть в новую игру, то сперва протестируйте на условных фишках. Желаю Всем удачи в игре и больших выиграшов!!!
26 января 2013
Обожаю игры в онлайн казино, а когда еще и деньги выигрываешь, то вдвойне приятно становится. Бонусная программа не такая сложная как может показаться. На самом деле нужно внимательно прочитать перед игрой условия и все получится. А вот на счет кошелька, лично мне удобно работать с вэбмани.
31 октября 2012
Я играю только в 2-х онлайн казино.Они мои самые любимые.Самое главное это пополнение счета и вывод средств.Лучший вариант для меня это вебмани.Именно по этому я выбрал эти 2 казино.А там уже и привык к ним и менять не хочеться.Но главное вовремя остановиться, хотя это очень трудно лично для меня))))
13 сентября 2011
постоянно регюсь в новых казино и в каждом(если рейтинг хороший и отзывы) сразу делаю депозит на 100уе, плюс беру сразу бонус, чтобы поиграть подольше, ну и там как повезет. в каком то получается хорошо подняться, в другом наоборот просадить эту сотку. Ну и если где то выплатили нормально, то играю там на постоянке, + плюс конечно нахожу что нибудь новенькое, чтобы не было очень горячо в хорошем казино