Best No deposit bonuses (free) 2020 (March)

Would you like to gamble without risking your money but getting paid? Such an opportunity is provided by many of the best gambling portals. Among them, there are many honest and reliable online casinos. They attract new users with a variety of promotional activities, including no deposit, or free bonuses.

No deposit casino bonuses

What lies behind this tempting term? We are talking about the most attractive promotions for players.

Free bonus - is a credit that the online casino charges the client without forcing him to deposit.

The fundamental difference between free bonuses and deposit bonuses is that there is no need to deposit money into your account. Because of this, they are often called no deposit bonuses.

Theoretically, the so-called free spins can be classified as free bonuses. We are talking about the spins on slot machines running on casino money. However, in online gambling, it is customary to separate these promotions in a different category, because they provide only the opportunity to bet.

Who gets free bonuses?

Most often online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new users. This promotion is very effective in attracting newcomers, pushing them to open an account. Of course, not all of them become loyal customers, but the fact of account registration is good for the venue anyway.

Less frequently, no deposit bonuses are awarded to regular players. With their help, the administration tries to keep valuable customers or wants to thank loyal visitors. But much more often free spins are used for such purposes, and also cashback, loyalty points, exclusive draws, personal service and other types of rewards or privileges.

No deposit bonuses features

All free bonuses seem tempting. Who will refuse the opportunity to play in an online casino, without risking money, but getting winnings? But not all no deposit bonuses are equally attractive to a reasonable customer.

When considering such proposals, pay attention to the key parameters of the promotions of this type.

The amount of free bonus

It's not hard to guess that no deposit bonuses are rarely big. Most often we are talking about five to thirty dollars (or the equivalent of this amount in another currency).

More substantial offers are very rare. They are often only available for VIP players. In other cases, they are probably accompanied by stringent wagering conditions. There may also be additional terms and other restrictions imposed by the terms and conditions of the casino bonus program.

The unit of calculation

In the vast majority of cases, free bonuses are awarded in credits that can not be immediately withdrawn from the account. First, they need to be wagered according to the rules. These requirements are called the wagering requirement. They are expressed by coefficients (X30, X40 and so on). Read more about it below.

No deposit bonuses with real money, which can be withdrawn immediately does not exist in modern gambling. In any case, the Casinoz authors team have not come across them for a long time.

The size of the wager

So, individual free bonus credits to turn into real money, which you can dispose of on your own, they need to be wagered. The wager should be clarified in the rules of the online casino.

Usually, the indicator is higher than for deposit bonuses. Do not be surprised if it reaches X100. Sometimes the overestimated wager coefficient is set for residents of certain countries.

Let's consider how it works on the example. Let's say you signed up and got $10 of no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of X50. This means that the money you'll win can be withdrawn no sooner than after the total amount of bets reaches $500.

Read more about additional bonus wagering conditions.

Deposit for withdrawal

Although free bonuses are awarded without a deposit, it is possible that you will have to make a deposit. Most online casinos only pay out bonus credits when a new customer deposits their first time.

Gambling operators claim that this is how they deal with bonus hunters. However, critics believe that this casino is trying to make a random guest a regular player.

Maximum winning

All no deposit bonuses are subject to a maximum win limit. It indicates the maximum amount you can get by playing for bonus credits. Once you have met the wagering requirements, the allowed maximum will be transferred from the bonus account to the main account, and the balance will be debited.

Regional limitations

Free online casino bonuses are almost always subject to restrictions based on the customer country of residence. Even if you are allowed to open an account and play for money in the institution, it does not mean that no deposit bonuses are available for you.

The list of so-called "prohibited areas" is attached to the rules of the bonus program of the gambling portal. Be sure to check whether you are subject to such sanctions.

free casino bonuses

No deposit bonus wagering rules

Let's discuss the terms of wagering free bonuses in detail. They are full of nuances that can not be ignored.

  • Available games - in some games, you can reduce the mathematical superiority of the casino to a few tenths of a percent. Among them are many varieties of blackjack and video poker, individual bets in craps, baccarat, and others. As a rule, in such games, bets are not fully accounted for the wager. For example, only 50% can be counted. In some games, no deposit bonuses cannot be redeemed at all.
  • Risk-playing at equal chances - Casinos also may prohibit fulfilling the wagering conditions with the help of a doubling round, which is offered in slots, video poker, and some other games.
  • Betting range - Specify the betting limits in effect during the wagering process. Establishments always set the maximum rate allowed under the terms of the wager.
  • Deposit - be ready to deposit after wagering. This is a standard requirement for this type of promotion. It is better to specify in advance how much you will need to deposit. As a rule, we are talking about a minimum deposit, but you should be sure that you can afford it.
  • Multiple accounts - Do not try to register at the online casino again to get a free bonus one more time. Gambling establishments are intolerant to bonus hunters so that you will be punished.

Remember that any violations of the rules will nullify your efforts, and you will surely be left without a free bonus. Always learn the rules and terms of the wager. For any questions that you can not find the answers yourself, please ask support for clarification.

Free bonus reviews at Casinoz

This portal section regularly publishes review articles, which consider free bonuses of the best online casinos. The information is structured on several topics, including the main:

  1. Reception;
  2. Wagering;
  3. The nuances of the rules.

We focus on the key provisions of the rules, talk about regional restrictions and briefly inform about other promotions of the casino under discussion.

 Readers can share their impressions in the comments section under the review.

How to choose a free casino bonus?

Here are some tips on choosing the bonuses with the help of the Casinoz website.

  • First of all, do not forget to look at the page reviews of no deposit bonuses regularly. They consider the most interesting offers of the leading gambling portals.
  • Choosing a free bonus, carefully study the rules. Make sure you can participate in the promotion. Specify in which games you can fulfill the wagering conditions. If necessary, ask questions to support representatives.
  • We recommend you to register at the Casinoz forum. In its special branch representatives of online casinos publish up-to-date information about no deposit bonuses and other offers.
  • Readers' reviews of bonus promotions will help to form an opinion, but do not forget about the subjectivity of personal comments.

We invite you to share your opinions about bonuses. This will help other users to choose the best offers.

Best no deposits at online casino

How to determine the best free bonuses? Selection criteria can be divided into two conditional categories:

  1. Objective - the size of the bonus, the coefficient, and the wagering conditions, the need to make a deposit to withdraw money;
  2. Subjective - regional restrictions, games allowed to play and so on.

When choosing promotions weigh the pros and cons before to apply for the bonus.
Online casino besday

Exclusive online casino bonuses for Casinoz

Many casinos provide free bonuses exclusively for our readers for advertising purposes. To get them, you need to go to the game site on the affiliate link from our portal.

Such bonuses without a deposit are provided on more favorable terms. They are often more substantial, and the wagering requirements are less strict.

Most of the online casinos from our top 10 are ready to please you with exclusive promotions. Read about them in reviews and on the forum.

How to earn free bonuses?

Codes are most commonly used. They need to be entered in special windows of the registration form if we are talking about the invitation bonuses, or in a special section of the personal account of the player.

Sometimes it is necessary to contact support representatives to receive bonuses. It is most convenient to talk to them in the online chat, although sometimes a request by e-mail is enough.

If we are talking about exclusive offers, you may need to register at the casino via a link from the affiliate site.

In any case, you need to clarify all the nuances of the rules.


No deposit bonuses are the most interesting and the most promising promotions of online casinos. They are even better than free spins because the payouts in the free spins are not guaranteed, because the combinations on the reels of the slot machine may not work out.

Yes, free bonuses have drawbacks. First of all, they are usually small. Besides, the wagering conditions of them are always tough. But still, the lack of risk makes them very attractive to customers.

We recommend you not to refuse such offers by well-known casinos. Take a few minutes to register, get a bonus and try to win it back. Maybe today fortune will be on your side!

But never forget to read the rules of participation in bonus promotions carefully. If you break at least one condition, you will not be able to settle the misunderstanding with the administration later.

Choose the best free bonuses using reviews at Casinoz and let the luck be with you when wagering bonus credits!