Nowadays, bonuses are offered in all online casinos. This way, gambling clubs attract new users and keep regulars.

Yet, please, do not consider bonuses as a gift from the casino. These promotions are meant to make you play.

To convert bonuses into real money, you must meet specific wagering requirements. In other words, you must play through the bonuses.

Most often, it implies that the player must wager an amount several times the size of the deposit and the bonus. Only then will it be able to withdraw money from the casino. However, this condition is often not the only one. In some clubs, there are additional terms, and careless players do not always pay attention to them, leading to misunderstandings.

Every day Casinoz tries to help our readers understand various nuances of playing in the casino. In this article, we will talk about one of not most common but sometimes existing conditions for withdrawing bonuses.

Max Bet Limits in Wagering Requirements

There are conditions under which the player cannot make high bets while fulfilling the wagering requirements. That is, the casino sets the max bet limit.

In the example, we will consider a rules paragraph in Omni Casino.

Under the terms for withdrawing money, the maximum bet on slot machines is limited to six dollars, euros, or pounds per spin. Winnings at the rate of six dollars, euros or pounds or more per spin will void.

Note that in Omni Casino conditions for withdrawing the first deposit bonus, you need to play an amount twenty times higher than the total size of the deposit and bonus. That is, if a deposit of $50 is given a bonus of $50 and you need to withdraw a total of $2,000.

This paragraph means that if the player makes the total bet per spin, for example, seven dollars, the overall withdrawal of money at this bet will have no effect. Moreover, if this is a winning spin, the results will be void, and credits will not be added to the player.

Agree that this situation may discourage any casino customer who casually studied the conditions. However, it is not as scary as it may seem at first glance, and it is quite possible to find a reasonable explanation and understand the logic of the casino.

Why Do Casinos Set Max Bets?

Assume that the limits on the maximum bet do not exist.

  1. The player deposits $100 and receives the same amount as a bonus.
  2. To get the bonus, he must withdraw the amount of $4,000.
  3. With some luck making a $200 bet, he fulfills the conditions after twenty spins.
  4. However, the maximum bet should be less than $6, so he must put almost seven times.

At first glance, such a condition may seem pointless. In fact, what's the difference in how many spins the player makes? After all, he could lose all his money after the first run of the slot. But on the other hand, the first spin can bring him a massive jackpot if the bet is $200.

The casino prefers to play safe, so it does not rely on luck but on the house edge in slots.

It is about 5%. The longer the visitor plays, the more likely he will lose. He will theoretically lose five out of every hundred dollars. In our example, the average player trying to fulfill the terms for withdrawing the bonus will lose 5% of $4,000, which is $200. And this, as you may have guessed, is the size of the deposit and the bonus.

Tips for Casino Players

What do you do with such bonuses? Take them or not? You decide. The same seven spins can not be considered a long enough game segment to show the casino's advantage. There are well-known stories abound about big wins on the slots.

Therefore, no one says you can not clear the bonus remaining in positive territory. A single spin can bring you a tidy sum to cover the possible costs for withdrawal requirements, even if you play for all rounds.

Frequently asked Questions

💶 Do online casino offer bonuses to customers?

All reputable gambling websites offer numerous bonuses and promotions to new customers and patrons.

❓ What are bonus wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are specific rules setting what the customer must do to play through the bonus and withdraw money from the casino. 

💲 What are deposit bonuses?

Deposit bonuses are bonuses that players may get after they make deposits. 

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