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Literally from the first months of creation of online casinos, they started offering bonuses to customers, trying to attract with their help many visitors. Initially, the conditions for obtaining bonuses were very loyal. They often sounded like almost "live" money, which the players could immediately dispose at their discretion.

Needless to say that such generosity quickly ended, and the reason for it was the massive development of bonus hunters. They received bonuses and at the first opportunity of cashing them, were not going to play to the casino.

Moreover, most of them managed to do it several times in a single casino. Especially zealous residents of some Scandinavian countries (many casinos still do not give bonuses to players from this region).

That's when numerous stories about successful bonus Hunters who solidly cashed out in online casinos appeared. Today doing this is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

What Now?

You do not believe me? Try it yourself and get a cash bonus. To fulfill the terms of wagering, you will have to suffer a lot. The vast majority of customers who have bonuses can not withdraw them. All sorts of tricks, standing armed with bonus hunters at an early stage in the development of online casinos, a long time ago well-known security services. So deceiving them is unlikely.

However the worldwide network is full of publications with stories of successful bonus hunters. Where did they come from? They have corny composite ion or rewritten the umpteenth time, adding fictional details, so that the original was lost.

Why do they do it? To make you play in casinos, take unprofitable bonuses and help authors of such articles to earn on referral programs. Most savvy visionaries call themselves bonus hunters, trying to sell training courses, where you supposedly can learn their craft. There are other ways of earning on unsuspecting lovers of excitement.

So we want to warn you: bonus-hunting as a method of earning the casino has disappeared. Anyway, this perspective is not exactly there. It is possible that the most experienced players occasionally manage to find any casino rewards programs they can use to bypass the rules, but these are single cases.

Do not believe smart dealers who promise you the golden mountains. Even if someone can come up with an effective method of cheating casino bonuses, they would never share it. In the language of the Internet today, "such topics are not free" - they would use them instead.

When you hear or read a story of the next bonus hunter, just think, if he tries to earn on you this way. In fact, it is most often the case.

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