Six-sided dice with numbers from one to six, marked on their sides, are used in many games of chance. Craps is probably the most common game of this kind. But modern online casinos offer other entertaining games with dice. One of them is a fascinating novelty from Relax Gaming called Poker Dice. It is interesting due to the fact that the result of each roll depends mainly on your decisions, so you have to count not only on luck.

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General description

The game Poker Dice is an entertaining online gambling game in which players need to collect a combination from three identical faces of dice on four screens. Each screen has nine cells, arranged 3x3. Your goal is to roll dice making horizontal, vertical or diagonal line from three elements of the same type.
These elements include colored faces (from one to six pips), three symbols borrowed from playing cards and ace of spades. Each combination has its own value. It can provide between twenty and one hundred and twenty points.
The higher is your score, the bigger is the total payout. The minimum number of points is 100. For them, you can get double odds. If you collect one thousand points, the payout will be equal to one hundred bets.
The gameplay starts with the selection of bets. It can be one, two or five coins. Then you get three dice, arranged in a column. You have to put it to the sector on one of the four screens. Then, these columns will appear eleven times and you will put them to any sectors of screens.
As soon as you succeed in forming a combination, it is lighted up and you will know how many points it gives you. Any screen can technically show identical symbols. If you manage to get a combination in all windows, the payout will be doubled. Combinations in three of the four windows provide an additional multiplier x1.5. If all images on one screen are identical, you will get a bonus of two hundred coins.
If you play Poker Dice using the optimal strategy, it is possible to reach the theoretical payout percentage of 98.874%.


Apart from the usual faces of dice, there is also a bonus symbol, i.e. ace. The combination of the three elements initiates the bonus round.

Bonus games

Gamblers will roll five classic dice in the bonus round. They will be provided with three attempts. Players will need to collect the poker hand of the highest rank (two pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, etc.). If you succeed in collecting five of a kind, you will get a chance to compete for the jackpot.


The game Poker Dice has a progressive jackpot. It is based on the principle of the lottery, so players can only hope for the Lady Luck. Its value increases with each bet, made by the player.


The main part of the screen is occupied by the four playing fields. Dice appear in the middle. In the upper right corner players can see a table with points. At the bottom there is a table with payouts in coins.
It is possible to select the bet size in the window Bet. The number of credits on the account is shown in the window Balance. The window Jackpot shows the current size of the jackpot.
In the upper left corner there is a gear icon. Clicking on it opens settings and rules. Automatic mode is not available.
There is no need to download Poker Dice. This game is run in the browser.


The game Poker Dice is a really exciting game. It is interesting even if you play in training mode, because it obliges thinking and not just relying on luck. In addition, this colorful model with realistic graphics and user-friendly control panel is understandable in any language.
Recommendations for an optimal strategy will be provided a little later. The separate article will be devoted to this theme. This article should be carefully read, because only it will allow you to reduce the house edge of the casino to the minimum.

Where to play for free or real money?

This game is available both for free and for money at Unibet. Gamblers can also find it in some other casinos running on software from Relax Gaming. Many of them allow customers to test the slot machines and models of other genres without registration for conditional bets.
Do not forget to estimate Poker Dice and share your impressions of the game in the comments.

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