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Jackpot! This word stirs the blood of all gamblers and makes their hearts beat faster. A jackpot fundamentally changes strategy game for the individual slot machines and in some types of video poker.

In general meaning, the jackpot is the main prize or the total amount of bets placed in any game. Prototypes of the modern jackpots appeared right after the creation of gambling, so it is impossible to trace their history without considering the history of gambling in general.

It is believed that gambling originated in ancient China, although many researchers dispute it. In the period from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century it was widespread in Europe, where it acquired a more modern look. During all this time the face of jackpots also changed. Although each individual game jackpot was calculated in accordance with its rules, it was always the highest prize.

Given that there are many varieties of jackpots, we will be exploring specific games where they are offered. They include slot machines, bingo, some card games, lotteries and many others. Jackpot can be even at roulette.

Jackpot in various games

We'll analyze jackpot on example of different games and we'll start with bingo. This game appeared in the sixteenth century in Italy and was a lottery, which gradually turned into a game very similar to the modern version. Prize in bingo, in fact, is the jackpot, because it is formed by money of bets (although there are casinos that offer a fixed prize pool). Usually bingo has more winning combinations.

Jackpot plays an important role in various lotteries, which history is rooted in the days of ancient Egypt. Modern lotteries may significantly differ from each other, but almost all of them have a jackpot, won in case of a certain winning numbers or symbols in the scorecard. Dimensions of jackpots in lotteries can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of millions.

Also, the jackpot can be found in some types of poker games. Typically, it is formed by contributions from the special bonus rates. In this case, it can only be on if such a bet was placed, and the player had one of the two maximum combinations. In video poker you don't need additional bets to win the jackpot, but it is the total amount you can get in the game at the maximum rate.

A huge variety of jackpots are offered to visitors by casino slot machines. You could even say that they determine the development and transformation of jackpots.

Types of jackpots

In some games, jackpots are just an additional opportunity to try the favor of fortune, and in others it is the main element that determines the decisions an experienced player takes in every situation. Therefore the study of the principles of payment in jackpots only helps the player to better navigate in the game, but also improves his chances of winning.

Nowadays, the most common is progressive jackpot. Its means that the size of the jackpot increases with the number of games. This process is terminated only at the moment when someone wins it. After this accumulation of jackpot starts either from scratch or with any amount established by a casino.

Most large progressive jackpots from online slot machines are interconnected to the grid. Often, such a network includes tens of thousands of machines, and every spin on any of them increases the total amount of the jackpot. Details about these machines with a progressive jackpot, are described in another article on Casinoz, so we will not dwell on them again. Many real and virtual gambling establishments have their own internal network with a single jackpot.

Jackpots in without progressive accumulation are arranged differently. In such games, a certain amount is paid out for specific combinations of established rules. Number of players or rounds on does not affect it. These jackpots can not be compared by popularity with advanced options, but they are also quite popular.

Progressive jackpots are offered to numerous lottery fans in corresponding slots, some types of poker and other games. In traditional slot machines, bingo and other games jackpots are of specific amount.

Choosing a new game, pay attention to the kind of jackpot in it, because this factor must be taken into account building your own strategy. If possible, you should get the advice of professionals and take them with you. The odds of winning the jackpot are small, but someone gets them every day. You can also be one of the lucky ones!

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