The software producers for the online casinos have found the way to surprise the players by unexpected solutions of the gameplay or design of the released model long time ago. It comes up to it is not always possible to understand which category the gambling game is ranked to. Moreover, its name can also misinform.

For example, Blackjack Stand or Bust model developed by Ash Gaming. Judging by its name (Blackjack Stand or Bust) and a start screen, it is easy to think that here is one of the kinds of blackjack. However, as soon as to reach the gameplay, you clearly understand that it is just an entertaining model, designed in style of blackjack. 

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Play Blackjack Stand or Bust

Blackjack Stand or Bust is an online gambling game, created after blackjack rules, which can be played for free as well as for the real money.

The aim of the game in Blackjack Stand or Bust is to guess how the dealer plays in the following round: busts twenty one point or stands the cards.

Playing Blackjack Stand or Bust is possible by the bet from the following range: 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 50 or 100 dollars per round.

During the game in Playing Blackjack Stand, the virtual dealer deals twenty one hole cards to himself. Another four open cards appear at the bottom panel. The player doesn’t receive any cards. His task is to select one of four available cards and guess how the round finishes for the croupier: with bust or stand.

Then the dealer would take cards by the standard rules of blackjack. He can stop only in case if he has 17, 18, 19 20 or 21 points. It comes without saying that the deal is finished in case the croupier has a bust.

Selecting one of four provided cards, the player sees the potential payoff amounts, which he can get in case he guess the result of the game. An amount of the payoff is calculated by the current bet and a chance of winning.

These cards can be mixed up to three times at once if you are not satisfied with it. In case all attempts are finished, it become available again after the winning round.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Playing Blackjack Stand online game.

Blackjack Stand or Bust Bonus games

The bonus rounds or prize payouts are not provided by the rules of Playing Blackjack Stand online gambling game.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Playing Blackjack Stand game.

Blackjack Stand or Bust Interface

We are not sure if Playing Blackjack Stand online game is provided with multi-language interface in any online casino, that’s why we happy to present you explanations of the functions of the main buttons and windows, which you can see at the control panel of this model:

-       Deal – deal the cards.

-       Stand – stand the cards by the dealer.

-       Bust – bust by the dealer.

-       Stand Pays – a potential payoff for stand by the dealer.

-       Bust Pays – a potential payoff for bust by the dealer.

-       Turbo Stake – activate an accelerated deal.

-       Double Stake – double the bet.

-       Bank All – stake the whole bank.

-       Bank Half – stake a half of the bank.

-       Shuffle – change four available cards.

-       Win – an amount of the winning for a round.

-       Balance – a state of the player’s account.

In Main Menu it is possible to open the user’s settings (sound parameters, graphics resolution, size of the screen and other), an informational section, help or select other game. It is not necessary to download Playing Blackjack Stand game, because this model can be launched right at the website of the online casino.


As you have already understood, unlike the standard blackjack, in Playing Blackjack Stand online game you would have to take cards on your boxes and take other decisions. You would only have to select one card for the dealer and guess the result of the deal. The advantages of this model are its multi-functional control panel, a colorful interface and quite an exciting, in spite of its simplicity, gameplay.

Where to play Blackjack Stand or Bust for free or real money?

Playing Blackjack Stand game is available in different online casinos, powered by the software developed by Ash Gaming. As usually, these online casinos use the software of different producers. We were testing this game without registration by the virtual bets in MyBet Casino. Moreover, this model is also available for testing in a training mode right at Casinoz.

We would be happy to know your opinion about Playing Blackjack Stand online game. Please assign it a grade and write your responses in comments.

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