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When discussing the gaming machines (both online and in real halls), one of the most popular subjects is the maximum bet.. Often you can hear disputes of compulsive gamblers about how often you need to press the button "Max Bet", and even if it's worth doing at all. According to the portal Casinoz, single answer to these questions does not exist, because everything depends on the type of machine you play. In this article we will try to consider the basic types of slots, analyze various game situations and give you recommendations.

If you do not know what is the maximum bets is and how to do it while playing at the slot, usually press a button saying "Max Bet". Thus, you automatically during bet the maximum amount of coins or credits allowed for that slot in this game. Now we will talk in detail about the types of slot machines and feasibility maximum bid on them.

Classic Slots

In classical slot machines using a maximum bid is not always necessary, but often there is a certain benefit from that. Let's see the following example. In many slots one and the same combination of symbols can be paid off at 1000 at a bet of one coin, 2000 at a bet of two coins and 5000 at a bet of three coins. It does not take a degree in mathematics to understand how profitable betting three coins at such machines is. However if significantly increasing the bet is usually good only for large combinations, so decide for yourself, what are your chances to get them.

We should also mention that at slot machines of "Buy A Pay", it is better to play at the maximum bet. They offer players two or even three separate pay tables corresponding to a certain bet. All highest prizes in such machines are won only at the maximum bets. So, we only should play in this manner.

If you play on a slot where all payments are directly proportional to the bet, then the choice of bet is entirely up to you, because there is no additional benefit in increasing it.

Slots with a progressive jackpot

We described this type of slot machines in a separate article "Slots with a progressive jackpot", so we will not dwell on them. We will just say that in this case the maximum bet is simply obligatory, because it guarantees the full amount of the jackpot in case of winning. If you bet less than maximum, and got necessary characters on the screen, you will get only a small portion of the total pot.

In general, playing on the machines with a progressive jackpot is only a pursuit of jackpot. If you do not believe in the winning, choose another slot, which will have less casino advantage, but more extra bonuses and prizes.

Slot machines with bonuses

It all depends on the specific rules of the game and the payout table for each machine. The reason is that in slots with bonuses you do not always need to set the maximum to win a jackpot. So, before you start playing on such machine, carefully read the rules, and then select amount of the bet.

Slot machines with many lines

Playing on such machines, it is always better to use the maximum bet. In most cases, each additional coin activates additional payline. Besides, the biggest jackpots are available only on certain lines that will open only when playing at the maximum bet. Playing at a lower bet, you lose a lot of opportunities.

Video slots and slot machines with five reels

Such slot machines have many variations, so giving a specific advice for each of them is impossible. So, it is easier to determine the conditions when you should do the maximum bet, and when it is not necessary.

Of course, this should be done if there is a progressive jackpot, which is paid in full when playing at the max bet. So clarify this point. In many games, you can bet on each line with the same coin, but is it worth it is a moot point. In some cases it is better to play at the maximum number of lines, but bet on them according to your bankroll.


A recommendation that can be given to all fans of slots regarding a size of the bet is carefully study the payout table before playing. It is difficult to determine whether you need to bet the maximum to get the entire jackpot and enjoy a variety of bonuses. However if you find a slit machine which definitely requires to play at the maximum bet, but you can not afford it, better look for similar slots, but with lower rates.

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