online casino bonuses problems

Receiving bonuses in an internet casino is always delightful. Many users register on gambling websites solely for bonuses, although operators do not welcome this practice and try to prevent it.

However, the bonus credits you receive do not guarantee a real win, especially not since you can withdraw the money obtained from the online casino in this way.

This article by Casinoz talks about the difficulties that participants in casino bonus programs often face.

Top Casinos with No Problem Bonuses

Do you not know which online casino to register at to enjoy interesting and profitable bonuses? Below are famous clubs with extensive customer reward programs. They are fair, do not creant problems for players, and never cheat players.

Read reviews of the internet casinos through the links and confidently register on the website you like. Before making deposits and receiving bonuses, carefully read the rules and conditions.

Types of Bonuses in Online Casinos

First, we will briefly tell newcomers and remind experienced users about the bonuses available in online gambling. 

  • Free registration bonuses are no-deposit bonuses for new customers. They are credited without the need to deposit money into the account. They can only be claimed once.
  • Welcome deposit bonuses are promos for new players too. Bonus credits are provided when the balance is topped up. The offer may apply to several deposits made immediately after registration.
  • Regular deposit bonuses, also known as reload bonuses, are recurring promotions. They can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Sometimes operators allow them to be activated for every deposit.
  • Bonuses for actions are rewards for new levels of loyalty programs, other achievements, account top-ups using specified methods, etc.
  • Personal free bonuses are gifts to customers made at the casino managers' discretion. VIPs mostly receive them, but ordinary players also get them occasionally.

Other online casino promotions include the following:

  • Free spins are complimentary rounds on slot machines. They are given to users for registration, deposits, new levels, or other reasons.
  • Cashback is a refund of some part of the lost money. It is expressed as a percentage. The amount of cashback usually depends on the customer's status.
  • Comp points are loyalty program points. They are awarded for bets, deposits, and other actions. They can be exchanged for money or some gifts.
  • Prize draws are all kinds of lotteries, races, and other free events in which something valuable can be obtained.

More detailed information about all the promotions mentioned above is available in other articles on Casinoz. Below, we will mainly focus on bonuses. Free spins are dedicated to a separate series of articles. Cashback, comp points, and other services are also discussed in themed pieces.

Online Casino Bonus Rules

Each bonus has its rules, which must be studied directly in its description on the online casino website or in the Casinoz review. However, basic conditions typical for most such offers can be highlighted.

  1. A player receives a bonus by completing the required actions. This can be registration, depositing, obtaining a new status, etc. Sometimes bonus credits are provided as a surprise gift. Bonuses usually have an expiration date. They must be used before the end of this period.
  2. Bonus credits cannot be immediately withdrawn from the online casino. First, they must be wagered. The rules always specify a wager expressed as a coefficient: x5, x10, x30, x50, or others. The amount of bets that must be made is calculated based on it.
  3. Clients can request a payout or keep the money in the account to continue playing at the online casino when they meet all the requirements.

Difficulties can arise at each of the stages listed above. You should know about them to avoid misunderstandings and not get into an unpleasant situation that could result in the deduction of money and account blocking.

Problems with Receiving Bonuses

Not everyone can always get the bonus advertised on the official website of the online casino. Sometimes the problems are the client's fault, and sometimes the issue is with the rules.

Restricted Countries

For one reason or another, many online casinos are unhappy with customers from certain countries. Reasons can vary:

  • Too many bonus hunters in those countries;
  • Clear orientation towards players from certain regions;
  • Legal nuances;
  • Difficulty in conducting financial operations;
  • Personal dislike of the owners towards a certain nation;
  • Unpleasant experience working in the country, and so on.

Regardless of the reasons, if some players are unwelcome, they will not get profitable bonuses. Registering, depositing, and playing for money in the casino is often possible, but participating in promotions is prohibited.

You cannot do anything about it. Of course, you can contact support and ask them to make an exception for you, but this is a dubious endeavor.

Problems with Bonus Codes

Often, promo codes need to be entered to take advantage of a promotional offer. Inexperienced customers sometimes forget to use them and later wonder why they didn't receive the promised bonus.

Be careful. If you make a mistake, ask support for help.

Following a partner link to the official casino website is often necessary to receive exclusive bonuses. Otherwise, the promotion is not valid.

Many special offers to readers of Casinoz work on this principle, so read the rules and conditions carefully. If you forgot to follow the link and have already registered, explain the problem to customer support.

You may be able to find a way out of the situation.

Incompatibility of Promotions

Usually, it is not possible to use multiple promotional offers from an online casino simultaneously.

Sometimes everything looks logical and understandable. For example, a client who takes a free registration bonus should first use it, deposit money into their account, and take deposit bonuses.

However, many promotions for regular customers run parallel to each other and are spread over time. Without understanding, a player may immediately take free spins and reload bonuses and then find out that the rules of the bonus program prohibit this.

Be careful not to make such mistakes.

Not Your Bonuses

Of course, there's no point in trying to participate in promotions that aren't intended for you. Such difficulties often arise when previously registered users take advantage of starting bonuses only designed for newcomers.

Usually, casinos don't allow this, technically opening access to bonuses only for those entitled. If a mistake occurs due to oversight or a software malfunction, it's not worth taking advantage of.

It's especially not advisable to repeatedly open multiple accounts to take advantage of bonuses. This is a violation of the rules that is punished very strictly. Territorial restrictions have already been discussed above.

Problems with Casino Support

Sometimes bonuses need to be activated by a support representative. You must meet the conditions and submit a request to customer support. The representative reviews it and credits bonus credits if you've done everything correctly.

Usually, this has no problems, but in low-quality online casinos, support can be neglectful. Sometimes, it is impossible to get in touch with them. For example, you registered on a Saturday morning, immediately made a deposit, and asked for a starting bonus, but support is silent because everyone has gone on the weekend. It's good to wait, but the rules may say the bonus is credited within 24 hours after your deposit.

What should you do? Try to contact support through alternative methods:

  • on forums,
  • through the Casinoz complaint system,
  • on LinkedIn, and so on.

Of course, it's best not to deal with such unprofessional gambling operators in the future.

Have you encountered other difficulties when trying to get online casino bonuses? Share your experience.

Problems with Wagering Bonuses

Usually, clearing bonuses is a challenging task. Let's consider some apparent difficulties when you try to fulfill wagering requirements.

Tough Wagering Requirements

This is the main difficulty that fans of online casino bonus programs face. Wagers are often very harsh, sometimes so severe that meeting the requirements is almost impossible.

Why is that? The answer is obvious, and experienced players know it. It's hidden in the essence of all promotions.

Gambling operators issue bonuses not for everyone to earn money from them. Such offers aim to attract new players and retain those who registered earlier. Online casino owners need you to start playing and continue for as long as possible.

The main thing is to hinder withdrawing money from the casino.

A considerable wager is an honest and effective way to force you to stay on the website for a long time. Most gamblers tend to be too optimistic when thinking about the prospects of winning. Wagering requirements like x50 (bonus plus deposit) do not stop them.

Yes, beginners first play with bonus credits. Then it comes to the already made deposit, and later they replenish their account again to participate in the next promotion. This is how new customers become regular.

Restrictions on Games and Bets

Many online casinos only allow bonuses on slots and low RTP (return to the player) games. The most cautious gambling operators even prohibit slot machines with relatively high paybacks. Video poker, blackjack, or baccarat are not even mentioned.

Huge lists of slots excluded from the bonus program are sometimes published in the Bonus Terms and Conditions section. Don't forget to study them before starting.

Sometimes, bonus play is allowed on games of different genres, but only bets on video slots are counted fully. Only 50%, 20%, 10%, or even 2% of bets are considered on games from other categories.

You should also pay attention to possible betting restrictions. For example, you may not play through bonuses in slot double-up games in some online casinos. It can be prohibited to make bets on both red and black simultaneously.

Short Validity Period

Most of the time, players have enough time to use the bonus without haste. Problems arise if the user forgets about it or starts the promotion but cannot play in the casino due to personal circumstances.

Try to assess the situation realistically. If you doubt that you will have the opportunity to play the bonus credits calmly, it's better to postpone the application.

Problems with Bonus Withdrawals

If you have played through your bonus credits according to the rules, the money will be added to your main balance, and you can use it as you see fit. At this stage, if there are any issues with withdrawals, they are theoretically no longer related to bonuses.

However, it must be acknowledged that some casinos may delay processing payout requests, especially if the winnings were obtained through bonus programs. This is particularly common if a new client took a welcome bonus, fulfilled the wagering requirements, and immediately ordered a payout.

What unpleasant surprises can await the player?

  • A lengthy and meticulous verification procedure;
  • Claims regarding the bonus playthrough process;
  • Restrictions on specific payout methods;
  • Various rules in the "fine print" that you may have overlooked, and so on.

Less reputable casinos may latch onto any minor issue as grounds to withhold a client's winnings. If there is nothing to nitpick, the operator may delay the payout, hoping the client will continue playing with the funds previously requested for withdrawal.

Tips on Using Online Casino Bonuses

The most important recommendations are as follows:

  • Do not engage with dubious online casinos.
  • Do not violate the bonus program rules, even unintentionally.

If we examine the situation in more detail, the following advice can be given:

  • Do not succumb to the temptation to participate in a generous promotion offered by an unknown online casino.
  • Claim bonuses with realistic wagering requirements.
  • Consider the wager, list of eligible games, bet limits, and other criteria.
  • Thoroughly study the terms of the promotion in which you intend to participate.
  • Fulfill all requirements and do not consider any of them insignificant.
  • Do not hesitate to ask support questions and demand detailed explanations of all points.
  • When resolving bonus-related issues through customer support, be as restrained as possible.

Read reviews of bonus programs and articles with tips on bonus hunting on Casinoz.

Complaints about Problems with Online Casino Bonuses

Many well-known websites invite famous media and organizations as arbitrators. Casinoz also performs this function. We collaborate with major online casinos, which allows us to operate effectively in this area.

If you have not been given the bonus you are entitled to, have been accused of abusing the bonus program, have been denied payment, or otherwise had your rights violated, tell us about it.

  1. Go to the "Complaints" section.
  2. Find your problem in the drop-down list.
  3. Click on "Make a complaint."
  4. Describe the situation in detail.
  5. Attach files that confirm your position.
  6. Submit the form.

We will review the application. We will contact the online casino representative to help you.

Can You Have Problems with Online Casino Bonuses?

No one is immune to problems with bonuses in online casinos. Even if you strictly adhere to all the rules, there may be controversial situations, excessive suspicion by the administration, software malfunctions, or dishonest behavior.

Play for money at reliable online casinos with good reviews to minimize risks. If the operator values their reputation, they will not cheat and always try to find common ground with the customer.

In any case, do not refuse to participate in bonus programs for fear of getting into a difficult situation. Do not violate the rules; try not to look like a savvy bonus hunter.

Frequently asked Questions

🎁 Do all online casinos offer bonuses?

The overwhelming majority of online casinos offer various promotions. More often than not, these are deposit bonuses, but other types are also not uncommon.

👨‍👦 Do internet casinos give bonuses to all customers?

Many establishments have restrictions on their bonus programs. For example, they may refuse players from certain countries. Some promotions are designed only for special categories of clients: VIPs, newcomers, and so on.

💲 How to cash out bonuses?

Usually, bonus credits need to be wagered. To do this, you need to place bets in an amount that exceeds the bonuses received several tens of times. Additional conditions may also apply.

🤔 What is a wager at online casinos?

A wager is a requirement for playing through a bonus. Usually, it is expressed as a coefficient, which calculates the amount that needs to be bet.

⚒ Are online casino bonuses easy to wager?

This depends on the terms of the promotion. Some bonuses can be wagered quickly and easily, while others are almost impossible to cash out. The hardest requirements to meet are in no-deposit bonuses.

💰 Which bonuses are the hardest to cash out?

As a rule, it is most difficult to benefit from free invitation bonuses given to new players simply for registering on the site. Usually, no-deposits bonuses are small, and their wagering requirements are huge. There are also always restrictions on maximum winnings.

🔥 Which online casino bonuses are the most attractive?

Most often, the most profitable are personal bonuses for VIP clients. However, to receive them, you must play at high stakes (or, better yet, lose a lot!).

🎰 Can online casino bonuses be wagered on all games?

In most cases, bonus credits can only be wagered on certain games. Games with the highest RTP are often excluded, such as blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and others. Sometimes they can be used, but only small parts of the bets are counted.

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