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Hardly anyone will dispute the fact that most revenue of casinos is from players with high bets or High Rollers, as they are called. Of course their number is much smaller than other players but the total amount of their deposits exceed the amount of bets of other members. Therefore all casinos are desperately trying to attract those who play for high bets to their customers. They do it by creating a special offers and game conditions for High Rollers.

Sometimes you can hear the statement that such players are not only big losers but no less important benefit so contacting them is dangerous. However all the games in the online casino have a certain percentage of the house edge as we said in the publications on Casinoz. Breaking it to your advantage is impossible so in any case casinos get their share in long stretch games.

Bonus program

Not all casinos are positioning themselves as places for High Rollers not to scare players with lower bets , but some have special conditions for such visitors. First of all you should pay attention to amount of the maximum pay-out, as well as the upper limit of bonuses for new players. In casinos oriented for high rollers the maximum bonus amount for the first deposit is much more.

For example, in the casino Rushmore, besides the usual bonus programs there is a special offer for players making large deposits. By making a thousand dollar deposit you get a bonus of one thousand five hundred dollars. However you should use one of the following methods: credit or gift card, eWalletXpress or UseMywallet. Similar bonuses are for the first two deposits and conditions of these bonuses are quite simple.

Loyalty Programs

However special offers for casino players at high bets are not limited to significant limits on the tables and impressive bonuses. The greatest benefit for the High Rollers is various loyalty programs that significantly vary a lot by players levels. The higher level of customer the more all sorts of scores he gets, providing free services and so on. There are cases when the high rollers got back a certain part of the lost amount. Moreover the input and output means for High Rollers performed much faster than for other clients because they usually work with account managers.


As for the credit policy, as opposed to a land-based casinos, online casinos do practiced this it very often, even regarding the High Rollers. First, this is because of no need for credits because players usually use credit cards. On the other hand in case of unwillingness to repay the loan, a casino player can not get their money back because a client can reside in another country specified when entering incorrect data and so on. Therefore online casino issue loans in exceptional cases.

Other benefits

Of course casinos are trying to emphasize the importance of such players in every way. They arrange special tournaments, send birthday congratulations and give a special bonus this day, send gifts and so on. All it flatters visitors and makes them feel important.

Casinoz encourages you not to raise bets when playing at online casinos. So that the game does not burden you and doesnot create all sorts of problems you have to choose the bets on your own based on your financial capabilities and your psychological type (as we discussed in previous publications). But do not forget that in many online casinos High Roller have benefits so why not to use them if you can?

Players rating
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