Sereznye bonuses for hayrollerov(hirollers)Hardly anyone will dispute that most of the casino revenue comes from high-bet players, or high rollers, as they are called. Of course, their number is much smaller than other players, but the total amount of their deposits exceeds the amount of the bets made by other members.

Therefore all casinos are desperately trying to get customers who make high bets.

They do it by creating special rewarding offers and game conditions for High Rollers.

Sometimes you can hear that such players are not only big losers but sometimes big winners too, so dealing with them can be dangerous.

However, most online casino games feature a certain house edge, as mentioned in other articles on Casinoz. Breaking it to your advantage is practically impossible, so in any case, casinos beat you in the long run.

VIP Welcome Bonuses

It's pretty standard when the maximum amount of the welcome high roller bonus is times higher than the bonus for regular newcomers. For example, instead of a formal offer of a 100% bonus of up to 100$, VIP players may get up to 500$ or even 1000$.

However, VIP bonuses are often smaller in percentage—for example, a 50% deposit bonus. But most of the users care about the maximum amount. So it's up to you.

Casinoz recommends studying bonus terms for VIP players carefully. Sometimes the T&C and wagering requirements are different from the standard provisions.

Regular VIP Bonuses

No casino would let VIP clients go away, so they always offer special permanent bonuses to them. Most often, weekly reload bonuses are available for deposits of a certain amount.

Moreover, many casinos offer personal bonuses to high rollers.

These bonuses are available individually by promo code or another way.

VIP bonuses may surprise the users in milder terms. The wager may be smaller and other restrictions less significant.

Loyalty Program for VIPs

Most online casinos offer multi-level loyalty programs. Players get comp points for the bets to exchange for cash, spend in the casino shop or use them differently.

The higher the customer's status, the more points he gains for the same bets. The exchange rate becomes more beneficial too.

The most profitable terms are available to VIP clients. Besides the standard options, they have access to unique benefits discussed below.

Other VIP Privileges

Many online casinos will love to please customers with other attractive opportunities. Let's discuss some of them:

  • Free spins on trending slots are available to all customers, but VIPs get the most profitable terms.
  • Cashback is a partial refund of lost money. It may be available to all users, but VIP players enjoy the maximum percentage.
  • Exclusive tournaments – High rollers may access exclusive tournaments with impressive prize pools.
  • Special giveaways – VIP lotteries are another way to reward valuable clients.
  • Personal service – High rollers work with private assistants. They get payoffs in the maximum short term and enjoy better withdrawal limits.
  • Gifts – VIP players get high no-deposit bonuses, gifts, or cash for birthdays and big holidays.

We recommend checking the complete list of benefits available to high rollers in the casino. Don't hesitate to ask customer service about all benefits available exclusively to high rollers.

Casino Credits for VIPs

As for credit policy, unlike land-based casinos, gambling sites don't often practice it, even regarding high rollers.

  1. First, it is related to no need for loans as players usually use credit cards.
  2. Secondly, there is a danger of not returning the money by the customer if he provides false data, lives abroad, etc.

This makes credit lines a rare case at online casinos.


Casinoz doesn't advocate increasing bets at online casinos. To make casino game fun and easy, you should bet according to your financial capabilities and psychological type (read previous articles).

But don't forget that high rollers get a lot of benefits in many online casinos, so why don't you use this opportunity?

Are you playing big? What was your maximum bet ever? Please share exciting stories and your personal experience in the comments.

P.S. The most interesting high roller bonuses can be found at Casinoz. We also recommend paying attention to the trusted online casinos listed below. They offer some attractive promotions for VIP players.

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 Do online casinos offer special rewards for VIP players?

Of course. All large online casinos offer VIP bonuses and other benefits for high rollers.

🍀 What VIP promotions can be found at online casinos?

It can be bigger welcome and reload bonuses, personal no deposit bonuses, more beneficial loyalty program terms, exclusive tournaments, and other opportunities.

💎 How do online casinos serve VIP customers?

VIPs work with personal managers. They never experience delays in payments. They enjoy better withdrawal limits. They get exclusive bonuses. They take part in special promotions, etc.

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