The arcade game in which players need to transfer a character on the special layout to the established goal have recently appeared at some flash casinos running on software released by Microgaming. The number of checkpoints that can be reaches in these games is usually determined by dice.

The revolver cylinder is used for this purpose in Six-Shooter Looter Gold. It is not surprising, since in the game you have to rob a bank in the Wild West!

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Play Six-Shooter Looter Gold

Six-Shooter Looter Gold is a free online arcade game developed by Microgaming.
It is necessary to accompany a desperate robber as far as possible, avoiding various traps. The ultimate goal is a bank. Having reached it, you will take part in the round in which fixed jackpots are drawn. The highest one is equal to one thousand bets.
It is possible to play Six-Shooter Looter Gold at Crazy Vegas Casino wagering from fifty cents to ten dollars.
Forty-seven fields are present on the way of our character. The gun cylinder is used Instead of a die. From one to six bullets appear in it. They determine the number of steps that the character can make. Eight such attempts are provided in each round.
Fields on which the robber moves are different. The following things may occur if the robber will stop on one of them:

  • Continue (a blue circle) allows users to keep playing.
  • Death (a red circle with a skull) leads to the death of a character, but he can survive in rare cases and keeps moving.
  • Jackpot (the announced reward for a criminal) allows users to participate in the round where the jackpot is drawn.
  • Jump (black footsteps) allows a robber to jump on the next similar symbol.
  • Prize (a final point) means that you have reached the bank and will compete for the jackpot. It is not necessary to stop on this field. You can just pass it by.

On his way our character will pass checkpoints. Each of them provides the player with the payout. The payout amounts for them are not summarized. The new one replaces the previous one.

Six-Shooter Looter Gold Bonus games

Bonus payouts are not provided in Six-Shooter Looter Gold.


To participate in the round in which the jackpot is drawn, you need to reach the bank or to find the announcement that offers the reward for a criminal. There are ten jackpots and the highest one is equal to one thousand bets.

Six-Shooter Looter Gold Interface

The design of Six-Shooter Looter Gold resembles board games for children. The control panel has many buttons and other elements, so we should better explain their functions:

  • Spin is used to spin the revolver cylinder to determine the number of moves
  • Stake allows selecting the bet size
  • Turbo (On/Off) allows enabling/disabling turbo mode
  • View Payout provides an opportunity to look at payouts and the brief description of rules
  • Win shows the winning payout
  • Spins shows the number of available moves

The info line is located above the main window.


The main advantage of Six-Shooter Looter Gold is an amusing animation. It is very interesting to observe the adventures of the protagonist, because various dangerous traps are waiting for him everywhere. He can be hit by a train, wounded by an arrow of an Indian or a bullet of a bandit. In short, it is very difficult to reach the bank and he can only hope on the favor of fortune.

Where to play Six-Shooter Looter Gold for free or real money?

You can play Six-Shooter Looter Gold either for money or for training bets at Crazy Vegas Casino. The game can also be found at some other flash casinos running on the platform from Microgaming. It is possible to test Six-Shooter Looter Gold for fun without registration on the portal Casinoz.

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