Roulette is surely the most famous casino game. It is a symbol and an essential attribute of any reputable gambling house. If it has undergone few changes at brick and mortar casinos, in virtual establishments quite unexpected variations of roulette can be found.

Besides, the games that resemble it have recently appeared at online casinos, but they can not be considered as roulette, for example, a new game of chance from the famous company Playtech called Wheel of Light.


Play Wheel of Light

Wheel of Light looks like roulette and the aim of the game is the same: it is necessary to predict the winning number, sector or group of numbers. The player make bets using coins of the following values (0.20, 1, 5 and 25). Then a new round begins.
The wheel with thirty-one lights that are lit one by one simulating the movement of the ball is use here instead of the roulette wheel. There are several types of bets in this game:
  • On a single number - the x30 multiplier;
  • On a red sector (on four numbers from 27 to 30) - the x7.5multiplier;
  • On a green sector (on five numbers from 22 to 26) - the x6 multiplier;
  • On a blue sector (on seven numbers from 1 to 7) - the x4.28 multiplier;
  • On an orange sector (on fourteen numbers from 8 to 21) - the x2.14 multiplier;
  • On a spread 1-5 - the x6.5 multiplier;
  • On a spread 6-13 - the x3.75 multiplier;
  • On a spread 14-16 - the x10 multiplier;
  • On a spread 17-23 - the x4.28 multiplier;
  • On a spread 24-30 - the x4.28 multiplier;
  • Hi (numbers from 16 to 30) - the x2 multiplier;
  • Lo (numbers from 1 to 15) - the x2 multiplier;
  • Even - the x2 multiplier;
  • Odd - the x2 multiplier;
Only straight up can be wagered on zero. It does not participate in the formation of any other combination.

Wheel of Light Bonus games

Wheel of Light has no additional bonuses.


Wheel of Light does not offer progressive jackpots.

Wheel of Light Interface

Wheel of Light has a convenient and intuitively understandable interface. This game is available at many famous online casinos (e.g., Tropez Casino). The coin value is selected by clicking on the corresponding image. Bets are made on the wheel in the same way. A new round begins after clicking on the orange button with a painted stack of chips and curved arrow. The bet size is displayed in the upper right corner, as well as the payout amount.


Wheel of Light is a peculiar game that will be interesting to the customers who like roulette and enjoy all sorts of innovations. The multipliers are calculated on the basis of thirty numbers without zero. Since the amount of numbers in Wheel of Light is thirty (instead of thirty-six), the house edge is slightly higher than in roulette.

Where to play Wheel of Light for free or real money?

The arcade game Wheel of Light is available at various Internet casinos running on software from Playtech. Casinoz recommends that you should pay attention to Eurogrand Casino and Tropez Casino. Moreover, users may test this game without registration in free mode directly on our website by clicking on the image above this article.

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