Rock Paper Scissors
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Rock Paper Scissors Review

Certainly, everybody is familiar with children's game Rock-paper-scissors. Even if you have not played it, the rules should be familiar to you. Playtech, which traditionally pays much attention to arcade games, has developed a virtual version of this gambling game and now it is possible to fight for money at one of the casinos running on this platform.


The game is an analogue of children's entertainment of the same name.


The developer and manufacturer of this game is Playtech.


The game interface is as simple as possible, so gamers can master it within several seconds.

Graphics and Sound

The design of this game has nothing that might distract you from the simple but extremely fascinating gameplay. There are nice looking colors, unobtrusive sound and high-quality graphics.


The gamer selects the bet size clicking on Plus and Minus and then chooses rock, paper or scissors, clicking with the mouse on the corresponding icon. The computer also selects one of the options using the random number generator. Then everything occurs as it happens in the real life: rock crushes scissors, scissors beat paper, paper covers rock. If the player and the computer have chosen the same option, a draw is announced.

The gambler has the opportunity to make a bet on a series of two, three or four rounds, when he should always win (the draw is equal to the loss). Naturally, the prize for the series is much higher than for a single game.

Chances and basic strategies

The house edges both in a single round or in a series of two, three and four drawings are approximately equal and comprise about three and a half percent (from 3.33% to 3.7%, respectively). The probabilities of the victory for bets on rock, scissors or paper are similar.

It is believed that in the game against real opponents you should form paper in the first round. This advice is provided by psychologists who have found out that the majority of participants (especially males) prefer rock at the beginning of the game. Naturally, this strategy is useless in the game from Playtech, because everything depends entirely on the random number generator.


It is an exciting and high-quality game, which can help you to have fun and take a break from the more serious games that require mental efforts.

Casinos that Offer This Game

The game Rock-paper-scissors can be found in virtually every casino running on software from Playtech. It is located in the section Arcade Games. The portal Casinoz can advise its readers Bellini Casino.

8 /10
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