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In previous articles from a series of publications about the rules of the game on casino video slots, we discussed types of symbols in slot machines. Casinoz experts told what types of icons are found in slots, what functions they perform, how they differ from each other and so on. Also in a separate material considered the features of the formation of combinations and rules of accrual of payments.

This article is devoted to the section of the machine, which lists the symbols used and the number of potential winnings. It is called the table of payments (eng. paytable).

Information in the video slot table

So, let's deal with the main question:

What does the paytable of the gaming machine show?

Most wins in casino slots are awarded for chains of identical icons, provided that they are formed according to the established rules. The principles of the formation of these sequences were discussed earlier.

The paytable lists the amounts that can be obtained for all possible combinations. The more elements in the current combination (the longer it is), the bigger the win. Symbols also have different values.

For example, a table might look like this:

Two charactersThree charactersFour charactersFive characters

In addition, this page (or pages) provides a summary of the features of the special elements.

After studying the table, you can find out which symbols are of the greatest value, which icons have advanced features, how bonuses are launched, etc.

Payout display units in the table

Winnings are shown in the table in different ways, but there are two main principles:

  1. In coefficients – Each combination is assigned a certain multiplier: x2, X3, x8, x1000, x5000 or some other. These coefficients can be listed in the table. To estimate what the payout will be for a particular sequence, the client must himself multiply the bet by this indicator. Usually, you need to take into account the amount standing on one active line (other options will be discussed below).
  2. In credits – all wins are shown taking into account the amount that is currently at stake. In other words, all the preliminary calculations have already been done, so the client immediately sees how much he can get for each combination.

If the winnings are published on the bet, you need to pay attention to the units:

  • Coins – If you need to specify the number and denomination of coins in the slot when choosing a bet, the payouts in the table can be shown in these chips without taking into account their value. But this is not a widespread practice, so you should always clarify the principles of displaying winnings in the table.
  • Money – most often potential payments are shown in monetary units: dollars, euros, rubles and so on. This is the easiest way for customers, but it can not be said that it should be considered the best option in all cases. In some models, it can mislead players.

The pitfalls of payment tables and other non-obvious features are described below.

Win table and active lines

On a separate page attached to the paytable, the rules of formation of combinations are traditionally explained. Usually, the layout of active lines is published here. If such bands are not provided, it is clearly demonstrated how the same symbols should be lined up so that they form a winning sequence.

If there are no active lines, the number of potential combinations is traditionally indicated. For example, in a five-reel video slot without stripes and with three rows of icons on the screen, there are 243 ways to receive payments. With four rows of pictures, this number increases to 1024.

Note that we are talking about devices in which combinations are made from left to right of the characters lining up somewhere in the adjacent columns. Under other rules of formation of winning chains, these figures will differ.

The order of the symbols

In almost all paytables of slot machines, symbols are listed in order of decreasing value. Sometimes they are even visually allocated in subgroups. The names of these categories may be different, but the General meaning does not change.

For example:

  • The special wild symbols, scatters, bonus elements and other elements with enhanced functionality.
  • High-level images are usually images of game characters or items that are directly related to the theme of the slot. They form the most valuable combinations.
  • Pictures of the average level – most often there are also thematic icons. They make chains with not very high coefficients.
  • Low – level pictures – at the end of the table there can be letters, numbers, card suits and other traditional pictures. These are the cheapest icons. They appear on the reels most often but bring small winnings.

Recall that this is a conditional classification, which is not required to adhere to the developers of casino slot machines.

Pay tables in classic slot machines

In traditional models with three reels and one to five lines, the table can be published on the main screen. Usually, it is located on the sides of the playing field or above it.

It makes no sense to put it in a separate section because it is small. This is due to the small number of available combinations, because they are made up of only three identical icons, and the symbols in such slots are not more than one dozen.

You should take note of how payouts are displayed. For example, one, two or three coins of different denominations can be accepted per line. Find out in what units the wins are shown in the table.

Please note that with the maximum bet in the classic casino machines, additional features may apply: increased odds, jackpot draw, bonuses and so on.

Difficulties in studying payout tables

In most slot machines, the tables are intuitive to any beginner. For example, if the payouts are shown in theoretical odds and tied to the line bet, you can easily calculate how much you can win on any combination.

It is even easier if the table shows the winnings according to the current amount at stake. Then no calculations are required at all. Just choose your preferred bet and see what awaits you.

The situation is somewhat more complicated if the bet is accepted in coins of different denominations. It is necessary to understand what payment units are shown: chips or credits. To do this, change the bet several times and see if your actions affect the numbers in the table.

In the slots of some providers, the bet is taken on the round, not on the line. In such models, the values in the table are usually associated with the current amount, but there are also fixed coefficients. Make sure you understand how payouts are calculated.

The paytable and slot volatility

The table can be used to determine the variance of the model, but this is not the most reliable way. In addition, now it makes no sense to recommend it to readers because most developers indicate the approximate level of volatility in the help section or in the characteristics of the slot machine on the official website.

In any case, the best approach is to try the device. A few minutes of play in the demo version will be enough to assess the degree of variability.


The nuances of the tables are considered in the reviews of slot machines on Casinoz. We draw the attention of readers to all the difficulties, unusual features, and other nuances. We recommend that you always read these articles before playing for money in the casino.

Share your views on the topic in the comments. Write reviews, talk about your favorite devices, brag about big payouts and ask questions.

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