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We want just to warn you:

This is not the only article on the portal of Casinoz about all kinds of misbelieves, associated with the slot machines.

But in each of the publications on this topic, we tried to look at the problem from different angles and to consider various aspects of the issue. So you will find something new in all the materials about video slots.

So, let's discuss some facts and fictions, in one way or another related to the casino slot machines.

If you want to cheat a slot machine change the size of bets

Many fans of video slots firmly believe in the fact that by changing the size of the bet by some scheme, you can cheat machine and oblige it to make payments, or even to give a jackpot.

This misbelieve is fueled by a variety of frauds selling a "secret" system. They may claim that they received information from the developers or calculated the algorithm empirically.

Of course, it is complete nonsense, that is not worthy of your attention, even in theory.

If you do not lose firstly you will not get a decent payment

When someone says to you something like that, you start to think that before you stands a man who is on the level of Polynesian savage. Say, God in the face of the gambling machine should be firstly appeased by the sacrifice if you want to get from Him something worthwhile.

These people are almost happy when they start to lose from the first spins. They are convinced that soon video slot will give them maximum combination.

We hope you understand that each payment provided by the table of coefficients of the gambling machine, you can get in any spin (even the first one).

Decently won - run to another video slot

It is another common misbelieve. Like, if the machine gives you something, playing it more is not worth. Need to go to the other machine. Some customers after having won the jackpot even go to a different slot hall, believing that in this one they will never win again.

Here is nothing to comment. Any administrator of the hall of slot machines or casino pit boss will remember a lot of cases, when the same client during the night several times caught large combinations.

Do not rely on fate - catch combination yourself

Slot machines of some manufacturers allow stopping the reels prematurely. This encourages customers to clatter hard on the buttons, trying to catch combination. Some also try a special way to hold the start button back.

Naturally, this practice leads to nothing, although the random coincidences make some players to believe in the efficacy of the methodology.


In fact, all misbelieves about slot machines will not be able to be discussed in any article - no matter how extensive it is. Lovers of gambling are often superstitious and unreasonable. The desire to win makes them believe in anything, but when it comes to such complex devices like modern slot machines, their fantasy erupts with a vengeance.

We urge you to be prudent and not bother with nonsense.

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