Sonya Blackjack Side Bets Review

If you love playing blackjack in the online casinos, you should be familiar with the Sonya Blackjack by Yggdrasil Gaming. As a reminder, it is a spectacular game where the red-haired girl Sonya deals the cards. Of course, it is not about a live dealer but a 3D model with realistic animation.

At the beginning of 2019, the studio has updated the popular blackjack by making it even more colorful and convenient. Moreover, they have released a new version of the game, which allows the gamblers to place side bets. Please read about it in the following review.

9.15 /10
Sonya Blackjack Side Bets
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1.00 USD
Min bet
500 USD
Max bet
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Where to Play Sonya Blackjack Side Bets?

Play Free Demo Sonya Blackjack Side Bets without registration

You can test this blackjack free at Casinoz.club. Online casinos powered by Yggdrasil Gaming invite the gamblers to play the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets for real money.

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Online casino with Sonya Blackjack Side Bets

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How to Play Sonya Blackjack Side Bets

The Sonya Blackjack Side Bets is American blackjack with six standard decks without jokers.

The table has three positions for players, but each user can take only one of them. Other customers can sit next to him at the table.

The range of bets varies from one to five hundred euro. These are the limits of the free demo version at the developer's official website. However, real online casinos can offer different minimal and maximal bets.

It is possible to place one or two side bets, described below in the review of the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets.

The goal of the game is to win the dealer. It is necessary to get a higher score than the croupier never exceeding twenty one. Player also wins when the dealer busts.

The game goes by the standard rules. Particular features of this model are listed below:

  • The dealer takes two cards to himself and reveals one of them.
  • The croupier checks for blackjack on his hand if it is possible by the first card.
  • Splits of equal cards are possible.
  • It is possible to split the aces, but only once, and only one card is dealt with each.
  • Blackjack is not possible on boxes formed after the split.
  • Double is possible on the first two cards.
  • The player gets one card after the double.
  • No Surrender.
  • Insurance is available.
  • Even money works here.

Payoff indexes are classic:

  1. Blackjack – 3:2.
  2. Regular box – 1:1.
  3. Insurance – 2:1.

Prize payouts of any types are not suggested.

Sonya Blackjack Side Bets Bonus games

Two types of side bets are provided in this game:

  • 21+3 – is a poker element. If a poker combination is formed in the first three open cards (one dealer's and two player's), the customer wins a payoff. Its amount depends on the bet and value of the combination. Please find out the multipliers in the Help section, which comes with the model.
  • Perfect Pairs – is a popular variety of side bets in blackjack. Payoff goes to the player when there is a pair in the first two cards. An amount of the win depends on the pair: different suits, same color or same suit.

Both bets are optional. The player can place any of them on his choice. Amounts of wagers are unlimited. They don't depend on each other and are paid separately.


Yggdrasil doesn't play out a progressive jackpot on the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets.

Sonya Blackjack Side Bets Interface

As soon as you run the game, you will see a table in the center of the large hall with a swimming pool on the screen. Red-haired and green-eyed Sonya is waiting to begin.

To join the game, you need to take one of the empty boxes. Vacant positions are marked with "+" and "Join".

Then you can choose chips and place bets.

Following buttons are imaged at the control panel:

  • Clear – remove chips from the field;
  • Undo – cancel last action with chips;
  • Deal – get the cards;
  • Rebet – repeat the bet of the previous deal;
  • Double Bet – double up the bet;
  • Split – make a split;
  • Stand – stop taking;
  • Hit – take another card;
  • Double – make a double.

Amounts of payoffs are displayed in front of the table.

Following windows are situated at the left:

  • Balance – state of the balance;
  • Bet – an amount of the wager;
  • Win – an amount of the payoff.

Menu with following sections can be found there as well:

  1. Table Limits – the range of bets.
  2. Settings – sound parameters.
  3. History – history of deals.

It is not necessary to download the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets.

Mobile Compatibility

The developer has adapted the game for smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets is available on any modern devices including iPhone, iPad and Android models.

The mobile interface has a particular location of buttons but makes a small difference to the desktop version in the rest. The rules remain the same.

Should You Play Sonya Blackjack Side Bets for Real Money?

It is an exciting model of multiuser blackjack with 3D graphics and classic rules.

Of course, this format may cause inconvenience sometimes. For example, if the neighbors sleep, you have to wait for their actions. However, we should call it a particularity which makes the gameplay more realistic, but not a disadvantage.


  • Stunning design;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Advanced tools.


  • Dependence of other players.

Experts' tips will teach you how to play blackjack. Please find recommendations in articles and strategies.

Please remember, usually, side bets have too high casino's math advantage. 

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Main info
Type of game Blackjack
Manufacturer Yggdrasil Gaming
Min bet 1.00 USD
Max bet 500 USD
RTP 99.54%
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date January 21, 2019
Decks number 6
Hands number 1
Side bets Yes
Casino advantage 0.46
Insurance Yes
Split Yes