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As of the beginning of 2018, the number of slot machines in several major online casinos exceeded two thousand models. At the same time, none of them presents video slots of all known manufacturers. Offline casinos offer numerous machines that do not have virtual version. And every month the gambling industry is replenished with at least a few dozen new games.

Can you imagine the scope of the industry and the growth rate? Now think about it, is it possible in such a huge list to find the best slot machine?

The article is devoted to this difficult question. Before you embark on a discussion, we warn readers about the most important thing:

The Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling recommends to play only at licensed slots. Abandon pirated software and don't trust money to online casinos with fake games. Avoid models of unknown manufacturers working without licenses of reliable regulators and certificates of independent audit organizations.

Further in the article we are talking about the original slots developers operating in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

What does "best slot machine" mean?

Customers come to casinos and slot halls with different purposes. Some are attracted by the possibility of a big win; others play for fun; third need to distract from the problems; fourth launder money and so on.

Gambling house visitors are very different. You will meet aging politicians, yesterday's teenagers, mistresses of big businessmen, professional gamblers, cheaters, taxi drivers, bandits all kinds and representatives of dozens of other social categories at casinos.

Clients also differ in many other aspects: psychological types, zodiac signs, political beliefs, age and so on.

And now the question:

Can you imagine that there is a slot machine that will be an ideal choice for all users?

Of course not. An ultramodern model with a lot of bonuses will seem too complicated for a conservative pensioner. A banal fruit machine with a high level of RTP will make a progressive young man yawn. Due to the impressive dispersion, the classic slot machine with one line will not suit a client with limited funds.

You can choose the best casino slot based on your requirements for gambling entertainment. We can only suggest what to look for in each aspect. Let's examine.


Users who come to the casino to win always pay attention at this point. These customers make up the vast majority, so we started with this criterion.

All online and offline slots have a certain level of return to the player. It is always referred to as Return to Player (RTP). This is a theoretical figure, which is expressed as a percentage. It shows how much of the bets the model allocates to payouts.

RTP manifests itself on a long run. In each individual session, the result may deviate significantly from the declared level.

Leading software developers offer slot machines with RTP 96% - 98%, although there are devices with much smaller or slightly larger values.

The higher the theoretical return, the more profitable the slot for the player, so it should be paid attention to in the first place.

For the most pragmatic and rational clients, the ideal solution is a model with maximum RTP.

But do not rush to close the article and go to the casino. This is not the only point to pay attention to. Other important aspects are described below.

Frequency of payments accrual

Slot machines vary in frequency and amounts of payments. If we talk about extremes, then at one pole there are games with rare but large winnings, and at the other, there are slots with frequent but small payouts. Most devices occupy an intermediate position on this conventional scale.

To describe video slots on this basis, the gambling industry uses the concepts of "volatility", "variability" and " variance". (We ask mathematicians not to find fault with such frivolous treatment of terms.)

The higher the variance, the less often you will get wins, but you will have a chance in one spin to break a big jackpot. If the volatility is low, the machine will pay in almost every spin, but the winnings will be small.

This characteristic of the video slot should be taken into account when choosing bets and overall strategy. On slot machines with significant variability often occur protracted losing streaks. Do you have enough money to wait them out? On the other hand, won't you feel like you're marking time while playing on a low-variance model?

Learn more about machine volatility read the special publication at Casinoz. Experts will teach you how to determine its degree if the manufacturer does not specify the level in the characteristics.

Maximum winning

This paragraph is partly related to the previous section. For many users, the optimal slot machine is a model with a huge progressive jackpot or at least a very high maximum payout ratio.

Do you belong to this category of clients? Then study the lists of models with cumulative jackpots of Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and other popular developers. Some slots have millions of dollars at stake.

But do not forget to carefully study the rules of the jackpot draw and really assess the chances of winning.


The feature set of the slot is important for most users. Customers pay attention to bonuses, free spins, jokers, scatters and additional prize options.

Trying to please customers, software developers produce slot machines, stuffed with interesting features. Often manufacturers implement in new models unique rules for forming combinations, unusual principles for launching free spins, original systems for drawing jackpots and exciting bonus games corresponding to the general theme.

If this is the key factor for you, pay attention to the video slots from NetEnt, Yggsrasil, Betsoft, Elk Studios, Red Tiger Gaming and other companies that bet on gameplay variety. Surely in their portfolio, you will find a gaming machine that will seem you the best of the best.


The colorful design and high-quality animation effects have become the standard for new video slots of advanced developers. The simplified design is allowed only in the classic ones, but even in this case, manufacturers try to keep the brand.

Some users choose machines for entertainment, considering other criteria unimportant. Casinoz experts do not agree with this approach, but you decide for yourself how important this parameter is for you.

The previous section lists several brands. All these companies produce incredibly colorful models that deserve your attention.


A devoted fan of Jimi Hendrix, finding himself in a casino powered by NetEnt software, of course, will give preference to video slot Jimi Hendrix. Being far from home, the native Irishman will be happy to meet St. Patrick's day for themed slot machines.

You should admit that often the theme becomes a key aspect when choosing the best online gambling machine. But we still urge you not to forget about other aspects.


If playing a video slot is inconvenient, you will never call it the best of its kind, even if it suits you perfectly by all other criteria.

Do you play at mobile online casinos? Then it makes sense for you to consider only gaming machines adapted for smartphones.

You don't like to constantly press the spin button? Then make sure that the AutoPlay mode with settings is available in the selected model.

Do you have a slow computer or low Internet speed? Select gaming machines with moderate performance and communication quality requirements.

In short, consider all the functional features and capabilities of the slot to the gameplay was as comfortable as possible.

The range of bets

No matter how profitable and exciting a slot machine may be, a high roller will not call it the best if the maximum bet is limited to ten dollars. Conversely, the most attractive video slot is not suitable for micro limits fans if it is possible to stake from twenty dollars.

Most models at online casinos allow you to play in a wide range of bets, so the same game is often able to meet the needs of users with different financial capabilities.

The most progressive clients of online casinos prefer video slots, which implement the latest technical developments and unique features. For them, the developers produce 3D-slots, models using virtual reality, slot machines such as skill-based, multi-level devices, and models with other unusual features.

Hit slot machines

Finally, let's mention a few slot machines, which are considered classics of Internet gambling. If you are not familiar with them, we recommend that you try them right now.

The links on the names open detailed reviews of video slots.

Probably, fans of classics will be indignant because of absence in the list of "monkeys", "frogs" and other legendary models from the past. But we deliberately did not specify morally and technically outdated devices. In addition, it is not possible to list all the interesting slots.

You can also open the website of any major online casino and go to the section of the most popular gambling games. Compare these lists in several establishments to find the most popular names.

Best slot machines of the month

Every month Casinoz reviewers choose three (sometimes four) new video slots that have made the most favorable impression on experts and readers of the portal. On the rating page, short reviews of the models included in the top 3 are published, as well as links to detailed articles and demos for testing.

If you do not know how to choose a slot machine, you can start with this hit parade. It includes only licensed video slots that meet the highest requirements.


At the end of the article we will try to summarize the above in one sentence:

The best gaming machine is a licensed video slot with the maximum level of theoretical return, perfectly corresponding to the needs and capabilities of a single user.

What criteria do you use when choosing the perfect slot machine at an online casino or an offline gambling hall?

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