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The aim of Oasis Poker is to collect the highest-ranking hand that will exceed the hand collected by the dealer. A standard 52-card deck is used in this game. Cards are shuffled before each deal. The highest-ranking card is an ace. The lowest-ranking card is a deuce.

The customer plays against the dealer who represents the interests of the casino. Six boxes are available on the table. Each of them has two fields for the initial ante and basic bet. Players make the ante before the cards are dealt. One hundred chips is the maximum bet that can be made. Then the croupier deals five cards to the gambler and himself. Cards are dealt face down. After the deal, the croupier reveals the last card. The player evaluates his or her rank and decides whether to continue the game or not. If he or she decides to call, it is necessary to make a basic bet that is twice as much as the ante.

The player has the opportunity to draw two cards to try to improve your hand. This exchange costs the bet that is equal to two antes. If the exchange does not meet expectations and the player has a bad hand, he or she loses. If the exchange is successful, both participants compare their cards. The owner of a higher-ranking hand will win. If both participants have equal hands, it is a push.

Hands for Oasis Poker:

Names of hands


Royal flush

Five suited high cards in sequence

Straight flush

Five suited cards in sequence

Four of a kind

Four cards of the same rank

Full house

Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank


Five suited cards


Five cards in sequence.

Three of a kind

Three cards of the same rank

Two pairs

Two cards of one rank and two cards of the other rank

One Pair

Two cards of one rank (jacks or better)


A king and an ace of any suits

No hand

There is no at least the lowest-ranking hand

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