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General Description

It is one of the most popular poker games in which the gamer plays against the house, represented by the dealer. It can be also found under the names of Caribbean poker or stud poker. It is also believed that it is the American version of Oasis Poker with a great variety of additional rules.

A standard 52-card deck without jokers (except for special cases) is used to play this poker. It is played at the poker table with a special layout.

The house edge in Caribbean Stud Poker is quite high (about five percent). However its slow gameplay in conjunction with an exciting process ensures its high popularity.

Aim of the Game

The participant plays against the dealer, so the aim of the game is to collect a higher-ranking hand or beat the dealer if he will not have at least the lowest-ranking hand.


Standard poker hands, except for the ace-king, are valid in Caribbean Stud Poker. We are going to enumerate them in descending order: a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind (tris), two pairs, and ace/king.

Comparison of Hands

The comparison of hands occurs according to the standard poker rules, although sometimes there are some deviations from them at certain casinos. More detailed rules for comparing the hands are available in the article about the rules for Oasis Poker.


The game starts when the player places an ante on the special field. Its size must be within the limits established for a given table. The croupier shuffles the cards and deals five cards to the player and himself. One croupier's card is dealt face up.

The player evaluates his hand and takes one of the following decisions:

  • He can fold and lose an ante.
  • He can call, making an additional bet that is equal to two antes.
  • At some casinos it is possible to exchange five cards. However exchanges are primarily typical for Oasis Poker.

Then the dealer reveals his cards. If the dealer has no hand, he pays for the ante in the 1:1 ratio to players. If he has any poker hand, he compares it with the player's hand. After that, the dealer makes payouts and collects losing bets.

Payouts for Hands

Payouts for all hands are made in the following way. The ante is paid 1:1. The bet is paid according to the following table.

  • Royal flush - 100:1
  • Straight flush - 50:1
  • Four of a kind - 20:1
  • Full house - 7:1
  • Flush - 5:1
  • Straight - 4:1
  • Three of a kind (tris) - 3:1
  • Two pairs - 2:1
  • Pair- 1:1
  • Ace king - 1:1

For example, the player has a full house, and the dealer has two pairs. The ante is $10. This means that the player will receive $10 for the ante and $140 for the bet. The total payout will be $150.

Multi-hand Poker

If it is allowed to play Caribbean Stud Poker on several boxes, the following rules are valid:

  • The player can bet on several boxes, but cards from only two boxes can be shown to the player. He or she has to make bets on the other boxes without knowing cards.
  • Bets on different boxes may be of various sizes.
  • Having got a peep of cards from the first box, the player has to make a decision and only after that he or she can proceed to the next box. Having seen the cards of the second hand, it is impossible to change the decision for the first box.
  • If the player does not have enough chips to bet on one of the boxes, he or she loses.

If there are several players, it is prohibited to exchange information.


At most casinos those who play Caribbean Stud Poker have the opportunity to win the jackpot, which can be either fixed or progressive. To do this, it is necessary to place a bet on the special field. Payouts and conditions for drawing can vary, but usually it is necessary to receive a high-ranking hand directly after the deal. The ways to win the jackpot should be clarified directly at casinos.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker resembles the principles of Oasis Poker, so you can become familiar with the rules for this and some other games in the articles on our site Casinoz.

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