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General Description

It is a game of chance, which is a special device that has many versions, operating in accordance with the same principle.

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to collect a paid combination of symbols.


The first slots used to be mechanical. Modern slots are computers with random number generators. Each slot has a window or a screen with spinning reels (or their image) with painted symbols. The number of reels can range between three and five. The symbols on the reels represent the theme to which the slot is dedicated. Apart from the standard symbols that form combinations, there are also bonus symbols, scatters, and wild symbols that act as jokers and replace any other images.

The slot also has a control panel, one or several boards with information about the balance of the player's account. The paytable can be either available directly in the slot or appear upon clicking on the corresponding button. The inscriptions in the slot machines are usually available in English. Let's discuss the options that may be provided.

    Spin, Play is a button that activates reels and starts the game. Bet Per Line, Coins is a button that is used to select the number of coins per line. The desired bet size is selecting by clicking repeatedly on the button. After each click one or more credits can be added to the bet size. This is shown on the corresponding display (Bet). Max Bet is a button that is used to select the maximum bet size. It helps to make the highest possible bet on each payline. Select Lines, Line Bet is a button that is used to select the number of active paylines. Each time you click on it the number increases by one line. The next click after reaching the maximum number of lines will start selecting from one line. Paytable, Help is a button that shows the paytable and rules. Double, Gamble is a button that activates an additional round after receiving a payout for one of the combinations. It is not associated with the main game. Users can try to increase the size of their payouts in this round. Denomination, "+"/"-" is a button that allows choosing the value of one credit (coin denomination). Hold is a button that is used to stop the reel in front of which it is located.

We have discussed the basic buttons that can be found in most slots, although it is not the full list of them.


The game starts with inserting money into a slot machine. This can be done by the banknote or coin acceptor, club card, accrual of credits by the employee of the casino, and so on.

Then the player should choose the bet size and the number of lines to play (if it's a multi-line slot.) Then he or she clicks on Play or pulls down the special lever that activates the reels. When they stop, the resulting combination is determined. If it is present in the list of paid combinations, the payout amount appears in the window Win. The player collects it or clicks on Gamble to try to increase it.

Payouts, Bonuses and Jackpots

Winning combinations of symbols are indicated in the paytable, and their diversity does not allow considering them in detail, so let's talk about each of them in general.

    Payout per Line is made in the case if the certain identical symbols provided by the rules are arranged on the line. Payout for Scatter Symbols. If two or more scatters appear on the screen, the total payout will be equal to the bet multiplied by a certain multiplier. Bonus Symbols. If they come up, a bonus round starts that can provide free spins (sometimes with higher payouts), jokers, various prizes, and so on. Progressive Bonus. Slot machines with this feature allow players to receive bonus points. When a certain amount is accumulated, the bonus game starts or credits are transferred to the player's account. Jackpots. Payouts for jackpots are the largest in the slot machines. Jackpots can be either progressive or fixed. In the first case, the jackpot increases with each new bet made by the player in this slot or any other of the network. The fixed jackpots are paid out in the form of fixed amounts for certain combinations. More information about the jackpots of slot machines can be found in another article on the portal en.Casinoz.


Classic slot machines have three reels and one line. However nowadays 5-reel or even 9-reel slots with numerous lines that can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal have become widespread.

The slots can also be classified according to the type of the jackpot, the presence of bonus games, and other criteria. Their diversity at modern casino is able to meet the requirements of any client.

Basics of the Strategy

There is no winning strategy for slots, because a certain payout percentage is established for them that can not be changed in an honest way. Therefore, advices for those who play slot machines can just include the choice of the slot with the highest theoretical payout percentage, careful familiarization with the paytable, the determination of the bet size (payouts can be profitable if make the highest bet), and competent management of available resources.

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