Perfect Pairs Blackjack Review

«Perfect Pairs» is the name of the popular blackjack with a side bet on different kinds of pairs in customer’s cards. Versions of this game are presented by many software developers in field of online gambling. Felt Gaming company, which gaming assortment is full of numerous card gambling entertainments, has also released such model. The following review by Casinoz is dedicated to this game.

9.25 /10
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Where to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

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You can find this game in the online casinos powered by Felt Gaming software. For example, it can be tested in Unibet Casino without registration by the virtual bets, or you can play by real money there.
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How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack (Felt Gaming)

«Perfect Pairs Blackjack» is American blackjack where six standard decks of fifty two cards with no jokes are used. In offline casinos the decks are situated in the special shoe and the dealer takes them out one by one. In the online version all decks take part in every deal even if some of them are imaged in the shoe.
The aim of the game is to get a payoff by one of available ways. It is possible if you manage to get more points than the dealer does, never exceeding twenty one. A win is also paid in case of dealer’s excess, by the insurance of blackjack and by the bonus bets discussed below.
It is possible to play on one, two or three boxes. An amount of the basic bet varies from 0.10 to 500 credits.
The special rules which work in «Perfect Pairs Blackjack» are discussed below:
  • In the beginning of the round, the dealer deals two cards to himself and two cards to the player. he reveals one of his cards.
  • If the face-up card of the croupier is an ace or a ten, he checks for blackjack.
  • In case of blackjack on the dealer’s box, other cards are not dealt on the customer’s boxes.
  • Split is possible on each box, but only once.
  • It is possible to split different cards of ten point value.
  • Each of split aces is dealt by one card.
  • Blackjack is impossible on boxes made in result of split.
  • Double is possible on nine, ten or eleven in two first cards.
  • Double can be done after split as well.
  • There is no surrender in this game.
  • In case of an ace on the dealer’s hand, you’ll be suggested to place an insurance. You can place it on different boxes.
Amounts of the wins by the basic bet are calculated by the classic indexes: 1:1 by the regular win, 3:2 by blackjack and 2:1 by the insurance.
Playing by the optimal strategy, you can reach payback of 99,63%.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Bonus games

As it was already mentioned above, it is possible to place bonus amounts on each of the active boxes except of the main bet. They vary from 0.10 to 250 credits.
Payoffs are made when a pair is formed in first two cards. The pairs can be following:
  • A pair of different suits – 6:1;
  • Same color pair – 12:1;
  • Perfect pair (same suit) – 25:1.
Wins by these bets are charged even of the basic bet loses. 
The payback by the side bet is 93,89%.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this game.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Interface

Different buttons appear at the control panel when they can be used. Just in case, we would like to explain functions of the main elements:
  • New Game – start a new game.
  • Rebet (2x) – double up the previous bets.
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Undo – cancel last action.
  • Hit – take another card.
  • Stand – stop hitting on the box.
  • Split – split the cards.
  • Double – make double.
  • Insurance – place an insurance of blackjack.
  • Speed Pay – speed up payoffs.
To place a bet, you need to pick a chip of appropriate value and click at the round cell at the markup.
The game begins from the screen with the pay table. Payoff indexes are displayed right at the markup.
If you click at the double arrow at the left, you’ll see the informational section with detailed description of the rules, the multipliers, the manual and settings.
It is not necessary to download «Perfect Pairs Blackjack», because this game can be launched in a browser.

Should You Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack for Real Money?

Not bad rules of the game by the basic bet, an opportunity to fight for extra payoffs, the convenient interface, the user-friendly controlling elements, the flash mode, settings, the stylish design and the realistic animation — are the main advantages of this model.
It should be said that the main bet is provided with quite a high payback index, while the side bet is less profitable. So, you can choose your way of gambling here.
Suggestions by the basic strategy as well as recommendations by the side bets are discussed in the special department of Casinoz.
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