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The term of "giving away" slot slots appeared back in the days when slots were mechanical (we will not focus on other names used to refer to them). Like any other mechanical devices, they could not be perfect. Particularly observant casino visitors managed to detect patterns makingthe payment (including large ones) much more than others. This was due to worn parts or flaws in the design.

How to search for "giving away" slots?

Before we will discuss the features of modern slot slots, let's talk about superstitions and prejudices popular among those who search for the secret of success in the casino and "giving away" slots. We emphasize that this is not a guide to action, and a simple survey.

  • "Giving away" slots are surrounded by the most unfavorable slots. Allegedly, there are more difficult to find. Besides, most visitors play on different models, so they will win.
  • "Giving away" slots are at the entrance. On one hand, few people want to play near the door very. On the other hand, if visitors know about a profitable slot next to them, there will always be a crowd around creating a buzz. As you know, new visitors never leave the casino without finding out the secret of it's popularity.
  • Near the gaming tables there are unprofitable slots. Fans of roulette, poker, blackjack and other games are often tempted to throw a few coins into the slot. This happens most often when they have no luck at the table. Why put "giving away" slots near them?
  • "Giving away" slots may be located in back of the hall. Winning visitors and music ranging out in the formation of combinations attracts customers. To take a closer look what is happening, they will be forced to pass through the room.
  • Next to the bar or buffet, there may be only disadvantage slots. While the player is standing in line or waiting for cocktails, he might make a couple of bets on the slot, which is located nearby. Naturally, it should be "rigorous" slot.
  • "Giving" slots are often near the cash register. Winning visitor goes to the cashier for his money and sees how his large winning reduces. Not everyone will find the strength to keep from further playing.

Many of these arguments sound quite logical. The problem is that the concept of "giving" slots initially invested in those words, is not there anymore. Modern slots are equipped with a random number generator. It does not wear out, and you can't intervene in it's work in a legal way.

And yet?

Nevertheless, each more or less experienced client of a casino knows that the interest payments in different slots are significantly different. In fact, their range may be from 80% (which is extremely rare) to 98% (which is more often).

Of course, slots that give almost all money bet there look more "giving" than the ones even at ten or fifteen percent. Besides, it is no secret that even casino managers divide slots in their casino into more and less profitable.

Therefore, if you have to play in a real casino with unknown models of slots, it is possible that these recommendations may be useful. Although administration may be guided by the same principles when installing slots in the hall.

How to deal with online casinos?

In online casinos the situation is much easier. Almost any game, if it is released by a famous manufacturer has statistics. You just need to choose reliable casinos with a proven software and slots with the highest percentage of return, a good level of dispersion and range of bets.

Reviews of games and casino on Casinoz will help you to do that. Read, choose and good luck!

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