Lucky 7 Blackjack Review

Numerous variants of blackjack are available in online casinos. Among them there are versions with the traditional rules, as well as models with original features. The second category includes Lucky 7 Blackjack, which has been developed by the company Cryptologic. Its major feature is the additional bet. Even the game is named after this bet. Our review will familiarize you with all nuances of blackjack.

8.40 /10
Lucky 7 Blackjack

Where to Play Lucky 7 Blackjack?

Play Free Demo Lucky 7 Blackjack without registration

Inter Casino is one of the most reputable online casinos offering Lucky 7 Blackjack. It is allowed to play for money and for free. It is possible to test games "for fun" without registration. Readers of Casinoz have the opportunity to try playing this model directly on our portal.
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Online casino with Lucky 7 Blackjack

How to Play Lucky 7 Blackjack

General principles of blackjack are valid in the game Lucky 7 Blackjack. Gamblers have to beat the dealer gaining higher score than the croupier without exceeding twenty-one. It is also possible to receive payouts by some other means (if the dealer goes bust or if insurance is provided).
Eight traditional 52-card decks are used in the game. Jokers are absent. All cards are shuffled before each hand.
InterCasino offers tables with three ranges of bets: 1 - 100, 5 - 250 and 15 - 500 credits.
Read more about the blackjack rules in the separate article on our website. Here we are just going to briefly discuss the key features of Lucky 7 Blackjack:
  • The dealer hits when his score is sixteen and stands on seventeen.
  • The croupier deals himself two cards facing up just one of them. If it is an ace or a ten, he checks the presence of blackjack.
  • Double is allowed on any two cards (including after a split).
  • It is possible to split one time on a box.
  • It is possible to split cards of different values, but the same rank (for example, king and jack).
  • Only one card is added to splitting aces.
  • Ace and ten on the box is not considered as blackjack after a split.
  • There is no surrender.
  • Insurance and even money are available (if the dealer has an ace).
  • Odds for blackjack are 3:2. Odds for insurance are 2:1. Odds for even money are 1:1.
The draw is declared if the player's score is equal to the dealer's score.
Read about the additional bet in the game Lucky 7 Blackjack below.

Lucky 7 Blackjack Bonus games

There are no bonus rounds in the card game Lucky Seven Blackjack, but an additional bet is available, which gives the name to the game. It is placed on the additional field next to the basic box. It is made along with the basic bet, but payouts for them are independent.
It wins if the first card taken by the user is a seven. The payout increases if one or two next cards will also be sevens.
There are the following odds:
  • The first card is seven - 3:1
  • The first two cards are sevens of different suits - 25:1
  • The first two cards are sevens of the same suits - 50:1
  • The first three cards are sevens of different suits - 100:1
  • The first three cards are sevens of the same suits - 500:1
Payouts are credited despite the further results while playing. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player does not get the third card, even if he has two sevens.
The available bet size is limited by the rules for the table.


There is no progressive jackpot.

Lucky 7 Blackjack Interface

Let's briefly discuss inscriptions on the buttons of the control panel. It should be noted that buttons appear only in situations, when they may be used.
  • Bet is a sector for the basic bet
  • 7 is a sector for the additional bet
  • Hit allows taking one more card
  • Stand is used to stop taking cards
  • Double Down allows making double
  • Table Limits & Payouts is used to open the window with limits and odds
  • New Game allows starting new round
  • Deal is used to deal cards
  • Undo cancels bets
  • Same Bet is used to repeat bets
  • Split allows making a split
  • Insurance provides insurance from blackjack
  • Even Money allows sharing the pot
  • Balance shows the number of credits on the account
  • Wagered shows the bet size
There is a line with advices at the bottom of the screen.
The following values of chips are available: 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500.
The section Main Menu has subsections Options and Gaming Guide. Gamblers can regulate the sound, quality of graphics and other options.
Gamblers can also download Lucky 7 Blackjack or run it directly in the browser.

Should You Play Lucky 7 Blackjack for Real Money?

As for functionality, quality of graphics and convenience of the interface, the game Lucky 7 Blackjack is an excellent model. In fact, there are no complaints in this respect. As for the rules, they are not the most profitable, but they are still quite acceptable for the majority of non-professionals. We are not currently ready to provide gamblers with advices concerning strategy directly for this variant of blackjack, but we will try to prepare advices later. We will also try to find out whether it is beneficial to make an additional bet or not.
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