Atlantic City Blackjack Review

Various Internet casinos offer dozens of blackjack types, which cover probably all existing rules. One of such online versions of blackjack is Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming. It is not difficult to guess that this game is conducted in accordance with the traditional rules of real casinos located in Atlantic City.

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Where to Play Atlantic City Blackjack?

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Atlantic City Blackjack is offered at many casinos using the platform of Microgaming. So, choose an establishment that is the most suitable for you. Below this review, the logos of such online casinos with links to their official websites are available.
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Online casino with Atlantic City Blackjack

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How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack (Microgaming)

Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming is blackjack in which the croupier deals himself two cards (one of them is hole). Eight standard decks are used in this game. The cards are shuffled after each deal. Users can play betting only on one hand.
We are going to discuss the basic rules for Atlantic City Blackjack:
  • The dealer checks for the presence of blackjack in his card if he has a face-up ten or ace.
  • The dealer stands on any 17.
  • It is possible to make a double having any cards.
  • It is possible to make a double after a split.
  • A split can be made three times (until the formation of four hands).
  • It is allowed to make a split of aces once.
  • One card is dealt per hand after a split of aces.
  • An ace and a ten in hands formed after a split can not be considered as blackjack.
  • It is possible to make a split of any ten-value cards.
  • It is possible to surrender.
Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming can be played in regular and expert modes. It is possible to activate advices in it. There is also a table of basic strategy that is made especially for this version of blackjack.
The gameplay in Atlantic City Blackjack starts with the fact that users need to select the chip value and make bets clicking with the left mouse button on the field. You can remove one chip of the selected value by clicking on the bet with the right mouse button. Then it is necessary to click on Deal and the croupier will start dealing two cards to himself and the player. The dealer faces up one his card.
The player makes a decision concerning his cards according to the rules of blackjack and clicks on the corresponding button. After drawing cards the dealer faces up his cards. They are drawn according to the strict rules. If the player does not surrender and neither he or she nor the dealer busts, their combinations are compared. If the player wins, the payout is made.

Atlantic City Blackjack Interface

The main window of Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming is occupied by an image of blackjack table. It is divided into five boxes, but bets can be made only on one of them, namely the third one. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a sign with the rules. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, it will be zoomed.
Above the main window there is an info line in which players can find advices concerning actions available at the moment.
The panel that is necessary for regulation of the gameplay is located in the lower part of the program. It includes the following buttons: Surrender, Split, Double, Stand, Hit, and Plus and Minus to select the chip value. If you play in expert mode, a window called Deal appears, as well as buttons that provide access to the basic strategy table and autoplay options. There are windows with data on insurance, bets and payouts above the buttons.
On the left there is a window with information about the player's balance, as well as buttons Games, Bank, Expert/Regular, Stats and Options.
Atlantic City Blackjack has a lot of different settings that allow each user to make the gameplay more convenient. Here you can customize the game speed (slow, medium, fast and very fast) and turn off audio effects. The large number of settings is available in autoplay mode.

Should You Play Atlantic City Blackjack for Real Money?

Atlantic City Blackjack is a very interesting variant of blackjack, which provides gamers with fairly good chances of winning. Since it is necessary to play according to the basic strategy in order to achieve acceptable results, novice players can use the advices that are available here. As for the house edge, it is not the most profitable version of blackjack, but its rules can not be called draconian. To verify this independently, you can play Atlantic City Blackjack in free mode.
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