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SkillOnNet Compant has released not bad kinds of online blackjack named American Blackjack Turbo and European Blackjack Turbo. As it is easy to guess, it is versions of the popular game with American and European rules. We have already old about the first one in the special review, published at Casinoz before, while the second one we would like to discuss in the following article. It is a high quality online blackjack with a multi-language interface, beneficial rules and a great design. 

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Where to Play European Blackjack Turbo?

Play Free Demo European Blackjack Turbo without registration

It is possible to launch European Blackjack Turbo in a training mode or make the bets with the real money is possible in EU Casino. This model is also presented in other online casinos, powered by the software developed by SkillOnNet. Surely, some of casinos allow launching this online blackjack without registration.

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Online casino with European Blackjack Turbo

How to Play European Blackjack Turbo (SkillOnNet)

European Blackjack Turbo is European online blackjack, which is played with eight standard decks without jokers. The cards are necessarily mixed before every new deal.

The aim of the game in European Blackjack Turbo is to win the dealer, collecting more points than he has. However, it is prohibited to bust twenty one points. It is also possible to win due to croupier’s bust or receive the payoff by some other ways.

You have a chance to play European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack at one of three slots. The slots differ by stake limits: 1-300 euro per standard, 5-500 euro per high-rollers and 10-1500 euro per VIP. The bets are accepted per from one to five boxed. Amounts of the bets can vary.

The general rules of blackjack are carefully explained in the special part of Casinoz. In the following review we would describe in details on the rules of European Blackjack Turbo online game. Let’s start with it now:

-       First a dealer deals one card to himself and puts it face down.

-       A croupier has to take a card to sixteen and stand at any seventeen point.

-       It is allowed to take any quantity of cards per box, until you reach twenty one.

-       Split of cards of the same value if possible (it is possible to cut tens, jacks, queens and kings in any combinations).

-       Split can be made up to three times at every box, until four hands are made.

-       Aces are split only once per box.

-       Ace and ten in the same hand, made after the split, are not blackjack.

-       Double is possible only at the first two cards, containing nine, ten or eleven points.

-       In case of double the player receives only one card and then he has to play.

-       Insurance from croupier’s blackjack is available in case he opens an ace. An amount of the insurance can’t exceed a half of the bet.

-       Surrender is not provided by the rules of European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack.

The standard winning box of European Blackjack Turbo is paid by 1:1 index, blackjack by 3:2 index, while insurance by 2:1.

Playing European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack by the right strategy, it is possible to increase the theoretical payback index up to 99,42%.

European Blackjack Turbo Bonus games

The bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of European Blackjack Turbo online game.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack.

European Blackjack Turbo Interface

Study out the rules of European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack, learn its interface, and practice in a training mode and playing for the real money would be maximally comfortable for everybody, because this model is available in several European languages.

The buttons appear at the control panel of European Blackjack Turbo depending on the gaming situation. There are buttons of cleaning the table from chips, repeat of bets of the previous deal, as well as some other elements, accelerating and simplifying the gameplay.

In the right bottom corner of the control panel of European Blackjack Turbo there are chips, which help in selecting an amount of the bet per box.

The game is provided with a range of the basic user’s settings, which let the players make corrections to the background music and other parameters. You have a chance to download European Blackjack Turbo online blackjack in the client software of the casino or launch it right in a browser window.

Should You Play European Blackjack Turbo for Real Money?

European Blackjack Turbo is a high quality European online blackjack, developed by the famous producer. The advantages of this model are quite beneficial rules, which let the gamblers play head-to-head with casino, a pleasant multi-language interface and a great quantity of control elements, user’s settings and some other particularities.

In case you would like to learn playing better, read out recommendation in the strategy department and articles about blackjack.

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