Double Attack Blackjack Review

Playtech Company has presented to the attention of audience a very interesting and unusual kind of blackjack named Double Attack Blackjack. It is played with small decks, gives an opportunity to make original additional bets and differs from many other kinds of this game by lots of other particularities. You can find out everything about it from the following review, prepared by the team of Casinoz just for you. 

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Where to Play Double Attack Blackjack?

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Double Attack Blackjack online blackjack is available for the customers of many online casinos, powered by the software, developed by Playtech. One of them is Europa Casino and other is Tropez Casino, where it is possible to test this game in a training mode or stake the real money.

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Online casino with Double Attack Blackjack

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How to Play Double Attack Blackjack (Playtech)

Double Attack Blackjack is an online blackjack, which is played with eight Spanish decks, consisting from forty eight cards each (without four tens). All cards are necessarily mixed before the start of every next deal.

The aim of the game is to win the dealer, collecting more point than he has, not exceeding twenty one points.

The general rules of Double Attack Blackjack correspond the classic principals of blackjack, while its outstanding features would be described below.

The game starts when the customer makes the main bet (it is accepted only per one box) and then the dealer deals an open card to himself. The player weights it and takes a decision, should he make an additional bet Double Attack or nor. Then the croupier deals two cards to the player and one to himself (face down).

Double Attack bet plays separately, but the additional cards are not dealt by it, and it is in force only in couple with the main bet. For example, double can be made whether by one of the bets or by two in the same time. Then the game goes on by the following rules:

-       The dealer stands on any seventeen points and takes card to any sixteen.

-       Split can be made up to four hands at box.

-       Aces can be split only once.

-       It is possible to receive only by one card to the split aces.

-       Double is allowed (which includes after split of any cards).

-       It is possible to double only the first bet or two bets at once.

-       In case the dealer has an opened ace, he suggests making insurance from blackjack.

-       If the player makes Double Attack stake when the dealer has an image or ace, he loses only the main bet in case of loss.

-       Surrender can be made at any stage of the game (except the situation when the customer decided to stop taking cards and gave a right of go to the croupier).

Any winning box (even with blackjack) is paid by 1:1 index. Here with, blackjack is higher than twenty one. The payoff by insurance is charged by 5:2 index.

It is also possible to make another side bet in Double Attack Blackjack online game, which is named Bust It!. It is accepted only in couple with the main bet, but doesn’t depend on it at all. Bust It! Wins in case the dealer busts with three cards at hand. Moreover, the dealer, which has from twelve to sixteen points in two cards, has to take the third card, even if the customer has over twenty one at the box.

The payoffs by Bust It! bet are made by the special table of indexes, depending on cards the dealer took:

-       Three eights of the same suit – 200:1;

-       Three eight of different suits – 50:1;

-       The Croupier has busted with six – 15:1;

-       The croupier has busted with seven – 10:1;

-       The croupier has busted with eight – 8:1;

-       The croupier has busted with nine – 6:1;

-       The croupier has busted with image – 3:1.

We would like to explain that we mean the last cards, which came at the croupier’s box and became a reason of bust, in all cases except of two first.

In Europa Casino it is allowed to stake from one to three hundred dollars per box.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Double Attack Blackjack online blackjack.

Double Attack Blackjack Interface

Double Attack Blackjack is provided with a multi-language interface, that’s why there is no sense in explaining the functions of the buttons at the control panel. Just be aware that some blackjack terms are translated quite originally here. For example, refuse of continue taking cards at the box.

It is possible to change color of the cloth and make some other correction to the gameplay due to the user’s settings. A detailed informational section (also multi-language) is also available in Double Attack Blackjack.

Should You Play Double Attack Blackjack for Real Money?

Unfortunately, we don’t have exact information about the highest level of the theoretical payback index of Double Attack Blackjack. Actually, the optimized strategy for this online blackjack has to be also checked, that’s why we can’t give any recommendations by playing Double Attack Blackjack now. In general, this model would be interesting for all the lovers of original versions of blackjack.

In case the rules of the game seem to be too complicated for you, we recommend you not to hurry up with conclusions. You can test Double Attack Blackjack playing by the virtual bets and you would understand soon that there is nothing difficult in this blackjack and it is possible to study it out intuitively.

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