Best Scratch cards Online 2020 (April)

  • 7Up!
    rating: ? /10
    Would you like to try you fortune in maximally short terms? If so, hurry up to play «7Up» – an online scratch card by Gamevy company. You will have a chance to place bets per one-seven lines. Three same icons at any of them guarantee a payoff. Maximal multiplier is x10000. Wilds, Scatters, a gambling feature, free spins or any other bonus options are unavailable in this model.
    Max bet: 70.00 USD
    Max payout: 10000 : 1
    Payout percent: 92.02 %
  • Treasure Fright
    rating: ? /10
    Treasure Fright
    The software developers in field of online gambling often release new video slots with pumpkins, witches, zombies and other scary characters at the reels on the Halloween Eve. However, it seems that some producers love this traditional holiday especially hard and please others with original gambling entertainments. One of them is PariPlay company, which has released a thematic scratch card «Treasure Fright», discussed in the following review.
  • Knights of Atlantis
    rating: ? /10
    Knights of Atlantis
    The fans of simple gambling entertainments should weight the true value of «Knights of Atlantis» model presented in the online casinos powered by Odobo software. We are talking about the virtual scratch card which consists of nine cells with icons covered with a special protective coating. Wins are charged for three same symbols anywhere at the card. Its amount is calculated by the bet, payoff index and an extra multiplier. Please find details in the following review by Casinoz.
    Max bet: 50.00
  • logo
    Emperor’s Garden Scratch
    The production of scratch cards inspired by the popular slot machines provided by the same manufacturer earlier is gradually becoming a tradition. NextGen Gaming has joined this tradition by releasing a series of instant games dedicated to the famous video slots of this brand. One of them is an online gambling game called Emperor's Garden Scratch. It has simple rules, impressive payouts, interesting design, and very beautiful graphics. Read more about this game in the review published on the website Casinoz.
  • Poker King
    rating: ? /10
    Poker King
    The online scratch card Poker King offers users very unusual activities. Players need to buy a scratch card of the certain value. It will have seven player's cards and five dealer's cards. Five cards of the player will be faced down. It is necessary to open three of them, erasing a protective layer. The dealer opens two cards. Then he compares the hands. If the player's hand has a higher rank, he gets payouts. Read more about the instant win game Poker King in the review.
  • Ice
    rating: ? /10
    The virtual scratch card Ice is designed for fans of instant win games, who prefer to play on the Internet. It is very simple, but fans of this genre would enjoy it. It has a special symbol that is an analogue of the wild card and replaces any other amounts, which are to determine the payout sizes. The manufacturer of this model is the company NeoGames, specializing in gambling games of this category.
  • Daredevil Scratch
    rating: ? /10
    Daredevil Scratch
    Fans of Marvel Comics may enjoy the instant win game Daredevil Scratch by the company Playtech, which is devoted to Daredevil. He is one of the most popular superheroes. This vivid and exciting scratch card allows gamblers to win an amount higher in five thousand times than the ticket price. The maximum payout of the scratch card Daredevil reaches thirty-seven and a half thousand euros.
    Max bet: 100.00
    Max payout: 5000 : 1
    Payout percent: 94.6 %
  • logo
    The Lost Aztec Treasure
    Four chests are hidden in an abandoned cave in which the ancient Aztecs stored their treasures. In each round of the scratch card Lost Aztec Treasure players have to open them, hoping to receive payouts. This online game has been developed by the well-known company SkillOnNet. This game has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Meet Max
    rating: ? /10
    Meet Max
    Fans of instant win games may enjoy an interesting scratch card from the company NeoGames. The game is called Meet Max and its protagonist is a cute puppy called Max. Players should erase the protective layer from the cells depicted in the form of paw prints, to find out whether they win or not. The payout sum is calculated according to the random odds of up to x10,000.
  • Alfredo
    rating: ? /10
    The virtual 3D scratch card Alfredo from the company NeoGames is devoted to culinary theme. It takes place in the kitchen of an expensive restaurant. Users will be able to try the role of cook and get to work on one, two or three ovens. The prize for each of them is obtained only if one oven will have three same dishes. The payout sum depends on the random odds, which can be up to x10,000, and the bet varies from twenty-five cents to twenty euros.
  • Esmeralda
    rating: ? /10
    We start to familiarize readers of the portal Casinoz with the products of the company NeoGames, which is interesting and promising manufacturer of gambling games for online casinos, with the help of the review of this scratch card. This model is called Esmeralda and its protagonist is a funny witch Esmeralda. It is possible to play from one to eight cards, and the payout for each of them can reach two hundred thousand betting the maximum wager.
  • Bubble the Clown
    rating: ? /10
    Bubble the Clown
    The free scratch card Bubble the Clown has high-quality three-dimensional graphics, funny animations, convenient control panel, intuitively understandable gameplay, large payout odds and other advantages. But it can not be considered as especially original. Besides, the 3D scratch card Bubble the Clown has a fairly high house edge, so this game is not very profitable. The review from Casinoz will help readers to become familiar with this game.
  • Monkey Adventures
    rating: ? /10
    Monkey Adventures
    The company Sheriff Gaming released a new online gambling game with high-quality 3D graphics and amazing animation. This is a scratch card Monkey Adventures, in which it is necessary to find three identical amounts in one ticket. The maximum payout comprises ten thousand bets per round. It is possible to play the scratch card Monkey Adventures directly on the websites of casinos that offer this model.
  • Miner’s Adventure
    rating: ? /10
    Miner’s Adventure
    Gamers have the perfect opportunity to test their own luck in the scratch card Miner's Adventure. This game is one of the best in this respect. It is available for thousands of representatives of gaming audience due to its simplicity and attractiveness. That is why the scratch card Miner's Adventure is perfect for all beginners who get acquainted with the world of online casinos.
  • Nessie’s Photo
    rating: ? /10
    Nessie’s Photo
    The scratch card Nessie's Photo allows players to plunge into an exciting photo hunting for a mysterious creature, which is chased by the large army of people who believe in its existence and hope to get the documentary evidence. This scratch card allows gamblers to join them at least in such a wonderful and attractive scratch card. They do not need to visit Loch Ness waiting for the possible appearance of this creature.
  • Love Pond
    rating: ? /10
    Love Pond
    The scratch card Love Pond is a game for those who prefer to receive prizes immediately. It is a scratch card that slightly differs from the real card. Love Pond should be considered as a recreational game as it has colorfully designed interface and dynamic actions. Playing the scratch card attracts everyone who has the opportunity of exciting experience playing new rounds.
  • Avengers Scratch
    rating: ? /10
    Avengers Scratch
    The company Playtech often produces scratch cards on the same topic that slot machines before. There are a lot of such models, dedicated to Marvel comics. But everything looks slightly different with the scratch card Avengers Scratch. There is no video slot about these characters, but scratch cards in casinos running on the platform from this manufacturer have already appeared. Perhaps we should wait for the slot machine Avengers in the near future, but now let's discuss the scratch card Avengers Scratch, which is a worthy example of this genre of gambling.
  • logo
    Captain America Scratch
    New games, dedicated to characters from Marvel comics, appear in online casinos running on the platform Playtech. One of such models is the online scratch card Captain America Scratch, dedicated to one of the most famous superheroes. Just get a ticket, where one line has three identical symbols and get a payout according to the established odds (up to �5,000).
  • Scratch Ahoy!
    rating: ? /10
    Scratch Ahoy!
    Pirate theme has been very popular among customers of online casinos for a long period of time. For this reason, developers of software devote to it not only various free slot machines, but also gambling games and virtual scratch cards. One of these scratch cards from the company Play'N GO will be disputed in this review. It is called Scratch Ahoy! Features of this scratch card are discussed below.
  • The Golden Eggs
    rating: ? /10
    The Golden Eggs
    Do you want to visit the chicken coop to get fresh eggs? If you do not want, this is a mistake, because hens often lay golden eggs. Find from two to nine such valuable items in the nests of the scratch card Golden Eggs and you will receive up to ten thousand denominations of your ticket. Taking into consideration that the highest bet is five euros, the Golden Eggs from the company Sheriff Gaming allows winning up to fifty thousand euros.

Scratch cards at online casino

Have you ever bought instant lotteries where you need to wipe the coin protective coating to find out whether you are entitled to win? Have you ever received a large payment?

These so-called scratch cards appeared relatively recently, however, quickly spread around the world. 

With the development of online gambling, they came to online casinos. Now, many software providers release their virtual counterparts of lotteries in such format. They are discussed on this page of the Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling.

Scratch card history

Official year of birth of lottery tickets with a protective coating is considered to be 1987. They were known earlier, but that year the US company AstroMed patented a scratch card.

Soon they spread across the United States, and a little later went to conquer other countries of the world.

In 2005, the first online scratch cards were presented on the Internet. Scratch2Cash offered the ground-breaking game. The idea seemed promising to other developers, and soon many software manufacturers for online casino began to produce their models.

The basic rule of scratch cards

This kind of instant lotteries captivates by straightforward gameplay.

The goal of the scratch card game is to find a winning ticket with paid combination of the same elements.

In offline points of sale, their cost is fixed. On the Internet usually, you can set the nominal value of tickets.

Most cards have a playing field with several cells. Most often they are located on the grid 3x3. They show the characters, concealed under a protective layer to be erased by a solid object. At online casinos, coverage is removed with the mouse cursor or a special button.

Winning combinations are considered to be several icons of one type. They must either line up in a straight line, or merely be on any position.

The amount of payment is determined by the coefficient of the sequence and ticket prices. The money awarded has no special conditions.

Usually, there are no Risk-playing on equal chances, although similar models exist.

Advantages of scratch cards

Advantages of instant online lotteries

Scratch cards originated in the real world, but on the Internet, they have found new life. Software developers have made them as convenient and very interesting. We will note the main advantages of online instant lotteries:

  • Availability,
  • Possibility to adjust the rate in a wide range,
  • Wide range of thematic models,
  • Jackpot draws,
  • Bonuses and prize features,
  • Sound, interface, speed and so on settings,
  • Auto play,
  • The realism of animation,
  • Translation into many languages.
  • Another important plus of scratch cards at online casino: Many of the games has a pretty high theoretical payback index.

The level of RTP of scratch cards on the Internet is usually higher than offline instant lotteries.

Bonuses in scratch cards casino

Manufacturers often use all kinds of games prize functions.

  1. Joker  - tickets come across the Wild symbol that replaces other icons in paid combinations.
  2. Bonus game – a Certain combination of symbols will start the drawing. Most often they are held in the format of "Choose an item." Such rounds are always win-win.
  3. Wheel of fortune – In different situations, the client is provided the ability to spin the reel with sectors which contains the number of payments.
  4. Progressive jackpot – Progressive jackpots are available in instant lotteries and are rare, but similar models are available on the platforms by several well-known software providers.
  5. Free scratch cards are an analog of free spins from slots. The client gets free tickets. They can be winning or losing.

Also, some developers offer unique bonuses, which can not be attributed to any of the basic categories. Read about them in scratch cards reviews for online casinos.

Additional functions in scratch cards

Modern games have different settings and other features that make the gameplay more comfortable.

  • AutoPlay – Many models allow you to play manually or in automatic mode. In the first case, you run the drawings yourself and erase the protective layer. In the second you determine the cost of tickets, choose their number and just watch the process.
  • Cover removal modes – To make the game more realistic, the developers allow you to erase the layer the movements of the mouse cursor like you're scratching it with a coin. Moreover, sometimes you can choose the subject, which you will remove the coating.
  • Adjustable settings – the Settings can turn off sound, but more often you can also choose the size of the window, the speed of gameplay and other options.
  • Mobile version – Most of the latest models adapted for mobile casino games. They allow you to open a scratch card on smartphones and tablets. A special version is launched in this format interface designed for touch screens.
  • Shuffling tickets is a fun feature that revives the process. The screen shows a stack of cards. You can borrow any of them. It is also allowed to mix it to get new tickets.

Also, there are animated demonstrations of bonuses, expanded help topics in separate tabs and other useful options.

Additional functions in online lotteries

How to choose a casino instant lottery?

When choosing a lottery, consider the following criteria:

  • RTP – Level of theoretical return is deemed to be the most important parameter. The higher it is, the greater your chances of winning.
  • Betting range – make Sure you are satisfied with the limits.
  • Volatility – Some scratch cards are paid more often, but winnings are usually small. Others are paid less often, but the amount is larger.
  • Theme – For many users this factor is essential.
  • The design Interface should be comfortable, the color scheme should be pleasant, and the effects – not tedious to the eyes.
  • Adjustment is Always better if you can set up different parameters for yourself.
  • Manufacturer – of Course, novice studios can also offer a quality product, but there is more trust in well-known brands.
  • Casino – do not mess with questionable institutions, even if they give the opportunity to play the popular lottery developers.

Articles of our experts will help you to choose the best lotteries.

Scratch card game strategy

Are there systems that help to win more often in the instant lotteries? No. No betting algorithm or any other strategy will affect the theoretical return.

Just choose a game with the maximum RTP, stick comfortable betting range and hope for good luck.

Sometimes there are lotteries with bonus bets that change the level of theoretical return. In such cases, you need to find out when the RTP indicator will be the maximum. Typically, such information is published in the reference section.

Scratch cards reviews at Casinoz

In articles about models of different brands instant online lotteries are considered on several points:

  • Introduction – preliminary information about the game;
  • General description of the rules, gameplay features and so on;
  • Symbols – themes and pictures used;
  • Bonus game – prize-winning function;
  • Jackpots – progressive jackpots;
  • Mobile version – data on how scratch card adapted for smartphones;
  • Conclusion – conclusions with the pros and cons of the game;
  • Where you can play – recommendations in which casinos you can run the model for free and for money.

The column on the right contains the technical characteristics of the game: jackpots, autoplay, release date, theoretical refund and so on.

Under the reviews, readers share their views on the model. You also can rate and write a review.


Instant lotteries at the Internet casino – is one of the most simple gambling. Besides, it's a very quick way to test your luck. If you want a straightforward way to test your luck, unlock the scratch cards by known software manufacturers.