Net Entertainment company offers a virtual instant lottery of classical type. Games of this manufacture are renowned for their excellent design and unparalleled graphics. This model is called Triple Wins Jackpot («trifecta jackpot").

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Play Triple Wins Jackpot

Triple Wins Jackpot - is online scratch card with progressive jackpot, which consists of nine main and one additional cell.
The objective of Triple Wins Jackpot is to find a card with three equal amounts in the sectors. That will be a ticket payment. It increased by a factor specified in the tenth cell. It can be x1, x2 and x10.
Sums on the cards can be: 2, 4, 10, 200, 2000, 4000, 10000, 30000 and jackpot (described below).
Ticket value in Triple Wins Jackpot is fixed. It equals two euros.
The theoretical return of Triple Wins Jackpot instant lottery is 87.5%. Thats the data provided by Net Entertainment as the game manufacture.

Triple Wins Jackpot Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Triple Wins Jackpot.


To win the jackpot, you need to find a card with three pictures of gold bars. They are not individual characters inside with the cells but appear near numbers of different amounts. The Triple Wins Jackpot has one million tickets and the jackpot can only be obtained by one of them.

Triple Wins Jackpot Interface

Online lottery Triple Wins Jackpot consists of the ticket with ten cells, fans of new cards and the various elements of the control panel, which we briefly describe:
  • Rebet - repeat ante
  • New Bet - make a new ante
  • Buy Ticket/Reveal All - to buy a new ticket/open all the cells
  • 10 New Tickets - take ten new tickets
  • Paytable - open the paytable
  • Scratch Tools - select a tool to erase the protective coating
The coating can be removed by hand, wiping his mouse, which takes the form of one of the available items (rings, key, key chain, pin), or automatically by pressing a special button.
In the settings you can activate the quick game and turn off the sound. There is a detailed reference section in English.


Triple Wins Jackpot - this game is for fans of traditional instant online lottery with progressive jackpot. It is good except of the casino advantage although for scratch cards it is not so high. For the rest, Triple Wins Jackpot consists entirely of advantages.

Where to play Triple Wins Jackpot for free or real money?

If you want to play Triple Wins Jackpot at nominal rates, do it in Mr. Green Casino, where gambling is available without registering in the training mode. There you can play for real money, but you'll will need to open an account. In addition, the lottery can be found in other online casinos that use Net Entertainment software platform.
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