The shortsighted fat man, the main hero of «African Hunt» online scratch card is doing hard on the African safari. He is suffering of heat, bored by insects and even his gun has been bended in the way makes it impossible to shoot. The only thing he is left with is to play a scratch card on the body of a huge baobab hoping on fortune’s favor. Are you going to help him?


General description

«African Hunt» is a free 3D scratch card which was released by Sheriff Gaming company. The lottery ticket consists of nine cells with images of different symbols inside (a hunter, a lion, a giraffe, a zebra, a jeep and etc.).
The aim of the game in «African Hunt» is to pick there same symbols in a card located randomly. To make it, you need to move wooden signs hiding them.
All symbols have different value. Payoff indexes by combinations formed of them are displayed in the table imaged at the screen at the left from the tree. The maximal multiplier is x10000 here. As it is possible to plat «African Hunt» by bet in range from fifty cents to five euro, theoretically, the highest win is fifty thousands euro.
According to the official information, the minimal theoretical payback index of «African Hunt» scratch card is 88,75%.

Bonus games

Any bonuses are not provided by the rules of «African Hunt» online scratch card.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this lottery.


As the interface of «African Hunt» online game is available only in English, we have prepared some tips by the functions of different elements, which can be useful for the beginners:
  • New – buy a new ticket.
  • Click Me – remove a sign from the cell.
  • Open All – remove all signs.
  • Choose Bet – set up an amount of the bet.
  • Rules – read the rules of the game.
  • Auto Play – the automatic game mode.
  • Bet – an amount of the bet.
  • Won – an amount of the payoff.
As it was already mentioned above, the payment table is situated at the main screen of the game. It is possible to open the cells manually, clicking at the signs, or automatically with help of the special buttons.


«African Hunt» is one of the modern online scratch cards which let us understand clearly that the era of traditional scratch cards is passing away. It is replaced by the era of funny, colorful and exciting gambling games which let you try your luck, but also to have lots of fun.

Where to play for free or real money?

You can find «African Hunt» online scratch card in some online casinos powered by the software developed by Sheriff Gaming company. One of them is Come On Casino allows testing gambling games without registration by the virtual bets.

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30 августа 2016
Отличная моментальная лотерея с 3D графикой в интересном оформлении. Англоязычная версия не помеха, все итак понятно. 
24 января 2016
Интересное офрмление в милитари стиле очень выгодно отличают видео-слот Африканская охота среди своих собратьев. Англоязычный интерфейс можно легко изучить в этой статье и попробовать сыграть.
15 сентября 2013
Отличное нововведение от компании Sheriff Gaming. Сколько в интернете уже сижу, сколько разного перечитал и пересмотрел, а такое вижу впервые. На этом сайте с кадым днём удивляюсь все больше и больше от различных оригинальных разроботок. так держать! Молодцы!
4 февраля 2013
Игры подобного плана являются для меня новинкой. Мы здесь в Украине привыкли к более традиционным игрушкам барабанного типа. Попробовал поиграть - довольно интересно. Одна только 3D графика свидетельствует о том, насколько далеко продвинулась создатели онлайн игр в своих творениях. Единственное, что немного снижает эффект от таких игр - это отсутствие бонусных игр. Все остальное на высшем уровне.