Plunder the Sea Review

The underwater world, despite numerous dangers, has always attracted humans. Flawless corals, amazing fish, incredible animals, and magnificent plants really impress. And if you think that many hidden treasures can be found at the bottom of the ocean, the desire to dive only increases.

If you do not have the opportunity to look for treasure in the depths of the sea personally, try to find three identical characters in the main round of the online gambling game called Plunder the Sea released by the well-known company Microgaming. But even if you do not succeed, there is a chance to win an additional round where you have to look for a goldfish.

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Where to Play Plunder the Sea?

Play Free Demo Plunder the Sea without registration

Crazy Vegas Casino and some other online casinos running on software developed by Microgaming provide an opportunity to play Plunder the Sea for free and for real money. This game and many other scratch cards can be tested for fun without registration on the website Casinoz.

Online casino with Plunder the Sea

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How to Play Plunder the Sea (Microgaming)

Plunder the Sea is a free scratch cardthat consists of two separate rounds. They do not depend on each other and are combined by the common bet (a card value). The card price varies from fifty cents to ten dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino.
In the first round of Plunder the Sea you will need to scratch off protective coverings from six areas that make up the card. Fish, shrimp, sperm whale, killer whale, octopus and other representatives of the underwater fauna are depicted in them.
Each character of Plunder the Sea has its own multiplier. If you will be able to find three identical characters in one card, the payout will be calculated by multiplying the card value by the fixed bet (from x1 to x10,000).
In the second round of Plunder the Sea scratch card you need to open the chest in which you may see a goldfish or its skeleton. If the fish is alive, you will receive a payout reaching one hundred card values.
It is allowed to scratch off protective coverings either one by one or at once by using Reveal All.

Plunder the Sea Bonus games

Bonus payouts are not provided in Plunder the Sea.


Progressive jackpots are not available in this scratch card.

Plunder the Sea Interface

Plunder the Sea scratch card has six areas that look like air bubbles from the left side and two areas from the right side. They all can be revealed either by clicking on them with the mouse or by clicking Reveal All, which appears instead of New Card.
The card value is selected using Plus and Minus near the window Stake. The payout amount is displayed on the field Win.

Should You Play Plunder the Sea for Real Money?

There is nothing unique in the gameplay of Plunder the Sea. There are a lot of such models released by Microgaming. This scratch card draws attention primarily due to its colorful design and cute characters. Therefore, we recommend that all fans should test this category of gambling.

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