Almost each of us had a money box in shape of a funny pig in the childhood where we were putting coins in hope to save for a new bicycle, an expensive car or some other toy. Of course, far not everybody were patient enough to fill the money box. Most of kids gave up, broke the hole and took coins when needed.

However those who have managed to keep away from such a temptation remember the pleasure they felt when they broke the ceramic pig filled with coins to the top by the floor for their entire life. A new online scratch card named «Piggy Surprise» which was developed by the famous SkillOnNet company for you lets you enjoy these sweet memories about your childhood.


Play Piggy Surprise

«Piggy Surprise» is a free online scratch card which consists of three money box cells, but it is allowed to play by all three or two or even one positions.
For example, an amount of the bet per one money box can vary from ten cents to ten euro in EU Casino. This way, it is possible to stake up to thirty euro per gaming round.
Every money box draws independently of the rest. It means all of them can bring wins at once. The maximal payout by one cell can reach three thousands bets.
If you play by all three money boxes, the game breaks them one by one automatically. Playing by one or two positions you can choose which of three boxes to break. The gameplay can be speeded up with help of the special button at the control panel.

Piggy Surprise Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Piggy Surprise» online scratch card.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Piggy Surprise» online lottery.

Piggy Surprise Interface

We won’t discuss details of different elements of the interface of «Piggy Surprise» game, because you can download it in your original language, that helps understanding all the nuances of the gameplay quickly for everybody.
The user’s settings of «Piggy Surprise» scratch card provide an opportunity to switch off the sound. The automatic game mode is available.


«Piggy Surprise» is the funny online scratch card with the nice design and background music, the convenient control panel and good payouts. In the other words, it is the excellent alternative to the classic scratch cards.
Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the theoretical payback index of «Piggy Surprise» game.

Where to play Piggy Surprise for free or real money?

You can play «Piggy Surprise» scratch card free or by real money in EU Casino and some other online casinos powered by the software developed by SkillOnNet company.

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