Best Bingo Online 2019 (September)

  • Electro Bingo
    rating: ? /10
    Electro Bingo
    Microgaming has pleased the bingo fans by an interesting game, designed for online casinos. The Electro Bingo provides an opportunity to use up to four cards and choose their cost. The game has sixty numbered balls. Thirty of them win in each round. Payoffs are made by different number patterns, provided by special table. It is possible to purchase balls to help making a combination.
    Max bet: 20.00 USD
    Max payout: 20000 : 1
    Min bet: 0.10 USD
    Payout percent: 94.99 %
  • Flying Pigs
    rating: 7.75 /10
    Flying Pigs
    Here comes a pretty fun bingo slot developed by Play’N GO company! The famous developer has presented an exciting online game named «Flying Pigs», which promises you an appointment with ridiculous characters. Bingo can be played by one or few cards which are paid by diverse patterns. There are also some bonus features here, as well as an opportunity to buy extra balls for forming more paid combinations.
  • Bruno Bingo
    rating: 7.57 /10
    Bruno Bingo
    «Bruno Bingo» game developed by Novomatic is an online bingo with ninety balls and fifteen numbers on each card. This model makes difference to the classic versions by a progressive jackpot drawn here, bonus rounds, various paid patterns and an opportunity to purchase extra balls by the end of the round. All details of the rules, as well as important features of the interface are discussed in the following article by the gambling dictionary - Casinoz.
  • Boto Bingo
    rating: 7.75 /10
    Boto Bingo
    The new version of online bingo from Novomatic is named after the protagonist of the game, namely a dolphin called Boto. This dolphin will accompany you in this game while playing according to the traditional rules. Users have an opportunity to buy extra balls to fill in the cards, to compete for the jackpot, and to participate in a bonus round. The model has a very beautiful design, convenient interface, intuitively understandable control panel, and various options. Boto Bingo will surely be appreciated by the majority of bingo fans among our regular readers.
  • Express Bonus Bingo
    rating: 8.25 /10
    Express Bonus Bingo
    Novomatic offers all fans of bingo an opportunity to test a new game of this genre released by this brand. We are talking about Express Bonus Bingo with South American rules. Users can activate up to four cards, and payouts are credited for marked off patterns. Express Bonus Bingo has a bonus game, progressive jackpot, and an opportunity to get extra balls, which increases the probability of obtaining payouts.
  • Wizard Bingo
    rating: 8.67 /10
    Wizard Bingo
    To become an owner of the payout in an online bingo called Wizard Bingo and released Novomatic, you need to collect one of the provided patterns, using fifteen numbers. The highest-ranking combination is a Bingo. This means that all the numbers are marked off. Thirty numbers out of ninety are randomly selected in each round. There is a bonus round on the separate screen. A progressive jackpot is drawn.
  • Dynamite Bingo
    rating: 8.60 /10
    Dynamite Bingo
    More than a dozen patterns for which payouts are credited, progressive jackpot, extra balls, bonus rounds in the form of the wheel of fortune are the most interesting features of a game of chance called Dynamite Bingo offered by Novomatic. Advantages of Dynamite Bingo include a convenient and functional interface, logical control panel, flash version, basic sound and screen settings, and many other features that are described in our review.
  • Beach Party Bingo
    rating: 8.60 /10
    Beach Party Bingo
    Ninety balls are used in a variation of online bingo called Beach Party developed by the world-renowned company Novomatic. In each round it is possible to use thirty of them. You can play betting on one-four cards. To become an owner of payouts, you need to collect one of the combinations provided by the rules. They are formed according to patterns of marked off numbers. Beach Party Bingo also has a progressive jackpot and an analogue of the wheel of fortune in the bonus round. There is a web-based version of this game that can be run directly in the browser.
  • Silverball
    rating: 8.38 /10
    A great version of bingo for online casinos was developed by the specialists of Novomatic Company. The name of the model is Silverball. Playing bingo is possible by one or by several cards at once. The gameplay is fully automatic after you select the bet, although in some cases you can try to buy up the missed numbers. Moreover, Silverball Bingo raffles a progressive jackpot, which goes to the lucky men, who fill the whole card.
  • Pharao’s Bingo
    rating: 8.67 /10
    Pharao’s Bingo
    What the difference between Pharao’s Bingo and dozens of other models of bingo, created specially for online casinos? First of all, it is an unusual interface in Egyptian style. Then, the game gives a chance to fight for progressive jackpot. In case you miss some numbers to finish two or three lines, you can try to buy it. Moreover, Pharao’s Bingo is provided with a multi-language interface, can be launched right at the website of the online casinos and has a detailed informational section and the basic user's settings.
  • Nineballs Bingo
    rating: 8.20 /10
    Nineballs Bingo
    An online bingo with ninety balls named Nineballs Bingo, presented by Novomatic Company, gives an opportunity to play in range from one to four cards. You just have to fill at least one line in the ticket to receive the payoff. In some cases it is possible to buy up the additional balls. Moreover, a progressive jackpot is raffled in Nineballs Bingo. The other advantages of this model are a multi-language interface, various settings, an informational section, a flash mode and other obvious advantages.
  • Bingo Classic
    rating: 7 /10
    Bingo Classic
    Take a card with fifteen random numbers and look how fast these numbers are going to fit with those, which are imaged at the balls, taken out from the virtual reel. Faster all the numbers are outlined from the cards, large the payoff by the ticket. Such the simple rules of the game in Bingo Classic online bingo are. The maximal winning can reach ten thousand bets. The value of card is determined by the player on his discretion.
  • Bingo
    rating: 7.67 /10
    Bingo is extremely popular all over the world among the players who don't want to bother their minds with complicated calculations and strategies, but prefer testing their fortune simply buying tickets and rely on the fortune. Net Entertainment company has developed its own version of online bingo, which tickets costs two euro and it is possible to play by three cards in the same time. A progressive jackpot, which size can reach really high amounts, is drawn here.
  • Pop Bingo
    rating: 8.17 /10
    Pop Bingo
    Despite the fact that the classic bingo can hardly be called one of the most popular games, it should be noted that it is in demand at online casinos. Moreover, such establishments often provide arcade games created on the basis of bingo. This review deals with one of such games. The model released by Playtech is called Pop Bingo. It allows gamers to win up to one million euros.
  • Ballistic Bingo
    rating: 6.83 /10
    Ballistic Bingo
    What do you imagine when you hear the word "bingo"? You imagine most likely the rooms with tables and comfortable chairs with pensioners in them who are intensively crossing out numbers in their cards. The new online game called Ballistic Bingo will change your idea of bingo. It is played according to the classic rules, but its design is modern. You need to choose the number of cards, establish their value and hope for the favor of Lady Luck.

Bingo online casino

Have you ever heard from someone with a joyful exclamation: "Bingo!"? A funny fact is that it is often used by people who do not know how to play bingo and hardly even know about this game.

Currently, it is offered by many specialized web sites. Also, it is popular at online casinos, where often several models with different rules and interface features are available.


Casinoz reviewers have tested numerous versions of online bingo and told about them in detailed articles.

General rules of bingo

First, let's look at the basic provisions.

The goal of bingo is to fill in your card with winning numbers.

This is a kind of bingo game that everyone knows from childhood. It uses tickets with different numbers and numbered balls.

The online bingo random number generator selects balls one by one. The numbers are automatically marked in the customer card.

Winnings are awarded for all marked numbers, as well as for the ones arranged according to specific schemes. Templates are always specified in the payout tables.

The bet and certain coefficients determine the number of winnings.

There are a lot of varieties of bingo, so the nuances of the rules should be specified in each model.

The gameplay in casino bingo

The gameplay in bingo

The sequence of actions usually as follows:

  1. The player chooses the number and price of cards and then begins the round.
  2. The RNG determines the winning numbers. They are immediately marked in tickets.
  3. If the client has a combination of numbers provided by the rules, he reives a payment.

This concludes the drawing. Normally, there is no risk-doubling game.

Varieties of online bingo

Bingo for online casinos is in the portfolio of Playtech, Novomatic, Netent, and many other software vendors.

Versions differ from each other by several parameters:

  • Theme – Along with the classic varieties the themed varieties of the game can be found with interesting characters.
  • The number of balls - online bingo usually uses ninety balls, but other options are possible.
  • Number of cards – sometimes you can only play on one card, but in most varieties, you are allowed to take several.
  • The theoretical return index – the Index of the RTP depends on the rules features. Many developers specify it in the help section, which is attached to the game.
  • The winners – the winnings can only be calculated for fully completed cards, but in many models for online casinos, payouts are also due for patterns made up of crossed out numbers.
  • The presence of bonuses – software developers often include additional prize features, payouts, and other bonuses.
  • Jackpot draw –  some types of bingo the cumulative jackpot. As a rule, to win the progressive jackpot, you need to strike out all numbers for a certain amount of balls drawn from the reel.
  • Functionality – we are talking about settings, AutoPlay and other features that are not directly related to the gameplay and the rules of bingo.

When choosing a model, pay attention to all the criteria, but remember that the most important one is RTP.

How to win in online bingo?

There is no single winning strategy for casino bingo. In most models, the customer cannot make decisions that affect the outcome.

How to play online bingo

However, experts give some advice on how to win more often:

  • Choose games with the maximum theoretical return.
  • Don't chase bonuses and jackpots.
  • Give preference to casinos and providers with a good reputation.

Also, remember that online bingo and offline bingo halls have their advantages and disadvantages. If you have the opportunity to visit the real gambling establishment, you can get a lot of positive emotions. Bingo halls have a special atmosphere of excitement.

Reviews of bingo Casinos

The best online bingo models for online casinos from the leading software providers are considered in the reviews published on this page. They contain such information:

  • General description,
  • Game rules,
  • Description of gameplay,
  • Bonus information,
  • The presence of progressive jackpots,
  • The elements of the interface and other functions,
  • Where to play casino bingo,
  • Conclusion.

Under bingo reviews, you can share your opinion and read clients feedback.


Bingo cannot be attributed to the number of the most profitable casino games. Usually, all models have a relatively small theoretical return index. But in some games by well-known providers, RTP level is quite decent.

Advantages of bingo are simple rules, exciting gameplay and the opportunity to win large sums. Some variations also attract with bonuses and jackpots.

So do not categorically abandon bingo. Perhaps you may like it.

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