The portal Casinoz keeps familiarizing us with new variations of bingo appeared at online casinos running on licensed software manufactured by Novomatic. This article written by our reviewers is devoted to a model called Wizard Bingo. As you have probably guessed, a wizard from fairy tales will accompany you in this game. This character is casting a spell with the help of a magic sphere that leads to the appearance of numbered balls. This article focuses on common rules with a detailed description of all nuances.


Play Wizard Bingo

Wizard Bingo is a colorful online version of bingo with the Latin American rules. Ninety balls numbered in order are used in it, as well as bingo tickets with fifteen randomly selected numbers (also from one to ninety).
Thirty winning numbers are determined and marked off on cards.
The aim of the game is to mark off as many numbers as possible. Payouts are provided not only for all marked off numbers but also for the combinations formed on cards.
Bingo (all fifteen numbers) is the most valuable pattern provided by the rules. All combinations are mentioned in the special line at the top of the screen. They are also discussed in detail in the section Help.
The calculation of payout is made by multiplying the bet for cards by a multiplier established for the combination that can vary between 1x and 1,500x. The payout is credited only for the highest-ranking pattern per card.
It is allowed to play Wizard Bingo using one, two, three, or four cards. Users may bet from six to two and a half thousand credits. It is possible to wager up to ten thousand per spin.
The gameplay in Wizard Bingo consists of several stages:
  • The selection of the number of active cards and bets on each of them (bets for all positions are identical).
  • The round is triggered by clicking on a special button.
  • Thirty numbered balls are selected. Their numbers are considered to be winning. They are automatically marked off.
  • Payouts for combinations are credited.
  • Then it is necessary to decide whether to purchase extra balls or not. They should be bought if there is a probability of forming a pattern on one or several cards. The price for each ball is determined depending on bets and combinations that can be formed. Users can purchase up to ten balls.
When the customer wants to collect money, he or she should click on the corresponding button on the control panel that will lead to the end of the current round.
There are no exceptions to rules in Wizard Bingo. Read about jackpots and bonus rounds below.
We have not found information about the theoretical payout percentage of this model.

Wizard Bingo Screenshot

Wizard Bingo Bonus games

To become a participant of the bonus round, it is necessary to collect either Bonus or Bingo combination (over thirty balls). You will notice some magic potions on the second screen. It is necessary to select them one by one and get payouts until you meet the word "End." The range of amounts depends on the current bet.


Wizard Bingo offers a progressive jackpot that grows with each bet made by players. The final amount that can be won also depends on the bet size. To get it, users need to collect a Bingo combination, using up to thirty balls.

Wizard Bingo Interface

We should pay tribute to developers who have created a very convenient and functional interface.
The control panel has intuitively understandable elements that are used to select the number of cards, bet sizes, and so on.
In addition, users can choose among two available speed modes. It is also possible to finish a round earlier.
Cards appear on the screen. Gamblers can notice a wizard who is holding a magic sphere in his hands between them. Numbered balls appear in it one by one. Then they fall down to the special scale.
There is an individual long window for purchased extra balls.
At the top of the screen there are buttons that allow adjusting audio effects, opening the section with information, and selecting the size of the window.
Below users can see a scheme of the formation of winning patterns and the current amount of progressive jackpot.
Combinations are discussed in detail in the rules. Common situations that may occur while playing this game are also described there. The section Help provides more detailed information about its features.
There is no sense in downloading Wizard Bingo. Users can start playing this game directly in the window of Internet browser.


It's a great variation of bingo with an amazing design, interesting additional features, progressive jackpot, user settings, flash version, and other advantages. It should be tested personally if you like this type of gambling games.
Common advices relating to bingo can be found in a special article on the website Casinoz. Recommendations concerning directly this model will be prepared a little bit later.

Where to play Wizard Bingo for free or real money?

At StarGames it is allowed to make real bets after opening and funding an account. In addition, at this casino users can test bingo for fun, but gambling games cannot be run without registration.
We are looking forward to knowing your opinion about Wizard Bingo. Write it in the comments to this article. You are welcomed to rate this game using asterisks.
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