This article familiarizes the readers of the portal Casinoz with a series of new models of online bingo from Novomatic. This review deals with the game called Express Bonus Bingo. It gives the opportunity to play betting on one or several tickets, compete for a progressive jackpot, and participate in the bonus round. Read more about all the features of this game below.


Play Express Bonus Bingo

Express Bonus Bingo is a so-called South American variant of bingo. Ninety balls numbered from 1 to 90 are used in this model. Fifteen randomly selected numbers (also from one to ninety) are written on cards. They are arranged in three rows according to the 3x5 scheme.
During a round, the random number generator that is embedded in this model selects thirty balls. The chosen numbers are automatically marked off on cards.
The aim of the game is to collect a paid combination in one or more bingo tickets. Established patterns are supposed to be such combinations. All of them are discussed in the section Rules. The highest-ranking combinations include: Bingo (fifteen marked off numbers) and Bonus (all outer numbers). The payout is credited for the highest-ranking hand in the bingo ticket.
It is possible to play Express Bonus Bingo on one, two, three, or four cards. The bet size for each of them is chosen by the user. The available range extends from six credits to two and a half thousand per each ticket. So, it is allowed to stake up to ten thousand per round.
The payout amount is calculated taking into account a multiplier provided for each pattern. It can vary from 1x to 1,500x. The calculation is made by multiplying it by the bet size.
The gameplay in Express Bonus Bingo occurs in the following way:
  • The customer determines the number of tickets and selects a bet per each of them.
  • Thirty balls with numbers appear in the special window. They are marked off on cards.
  • If paid patterns are formed in bingo tickets, money is credited for them.
  • Then the player may purchase additional balls if they can help to form a combination on one or several cards. It is possible to buy up to ten balls. The price is indicated for each individual case.
  • When the player decides to finish a given round, he or she should do it by clicking on the appropriate button.
A round on equal chances is not available in Express Bonus Bingo.
Read about bonus options below. Data on the embedded theoretical payout percentage are not available.

Express Bonus Bingo Screenshot

Express Bonus Bingo Bonus games

To become a participant of the bonus round, it is necessary to collect a bonus pattern on cards (or the highest-ranking combination with the participation of extra balls). Users will notice suitcases on the second screen. Users need to select one of them to find out the payout amount. It depends on the current bet, but the final amount is determined randomly.


Express Bonus Bingo allows competing for a progressive jackpot that grows after each bet made using real money. To get it, it is necessary to collect a Bingo using less than thirty balls. The amount of the jackpot varies depending on the bet size.

Express Bonus Bingo Interface

We are not going to describe the control panel of Express Bonus Bingo in detail, since this game is available in several languages.
The control panel is intuitively understandable. There are separate buttons that allow selecting the number of cards, ticket values and taking a look at the rules.
Users can control the game speed and finish a round earlier.
Rules consist of two pages. Explanation of features of the winning combinations is available on the first page. The second page deals with common rules, bonus rounds, jackpots, and other aspects. More important information is available in the section Help.
There is a line with data between the control panel and main window.
Options allow adjusting the screen size and audio effects.
There is no sense in downloading Express Bonus Bingo. Run it in the browser on the websites of online casinos.


This is an excellent model for fans of various versions of bingo. It provides an opportunity to receive numerous payouts, improve combinations of additional balls, compete for the jackpot, and take part in bonus rounds. To be sure, the advantages of this game include options and the opportunity to run it in flash mode.
Recommendations on bingo are available on a separate article. Advices concerning directly this model will be prepared later.

Where to play Express Bonus Bingo for free or real money?

Users can test this bingo for fun or play for real money at StarGames. However you have to register, since you will not be able to start playing without a valid account. You may find this model at other online casinos operating on licensed software manufactured by Novomatic.
We would like to know your opinion about Express Bonus Bingo. Write your opinion about this game in the comments. Do not hesitate and rate it using asterisks.
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