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Bingo can be called one of the numerous variations of gambling. There are cards with numbers that are crossed out during the gameplay.

Bingo has been considered to be a gambling game for old people, but since recently it has become more popular among males and females of middle age and even younger.

Ballistic Bingo can be found at online casinos running on software released by Microgaming. It is a colorful version of online bingo with a beautiful design and unique approach.

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Ballistic Bingo
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Play Ballistic Bingo in Casino for Real Money

It is possible to play Ballistic Bingo at various online casinos running on the platform of Microgaming. We recommend that you should do it at Crazy Vegas Casino, where this game is offered both in free mode and for money. Bingo can also be tested without registration for fun on the website Casinoz.

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How to Play Ballistic Bingo

Ballistic Bingo is a free Internet bingo, which can be played using from one to eight cards.
The aim of the game is to fill in the purchased cards as soon as possible. The price of each of them at Crazy Vegas Casino can be from ten cents to five dollars.
Ninety balls numbered from one to ninety appear from a special raffle drum through a tube in Ballistic Bingo. Fifteen of them are available in the card. They are chosen randomly, but from one to three numbers from each ten are obligatory present.
By the end of the game all cards should be filled in. The faster the card is filled in, the higher is the payout. For example, if you succeed in doing this till the appearance of forty balls, the winning will be calculated taking into account the x5,000 multiplier. And if you do not cross out all the numbers till the appearance of eighty four balls, you do not get anything.

The gameplay in Ballistic Bingo is very simple. All you need is select the number of cards, choose their value and start playing.
Then the balls appear from the raffle drum. They are written in the special table. The winning number is automatically marked in the cards.
As soon as the card becomes winning, an asterisk appears near it.

Ballistic Bingo Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Ballistic Bingo.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Ballistic Bingo.

Ballistic Bingo RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Ballistic Bingo Interface

The table made up of ninety numbered areas is located in the middle of the upper part of the screen for Ballistic Bingo. The raffle drum with a tube through which the balls come out is situated on the left. On the right you can see the paytable. The playing cards are located below.
The control panel of Ballistic Bingo has several buttons:

  • -/+ allow selecting the card value
  • Numbers from 1 to 8 allow selecting the number of cards
  • Turbo On/Off are used to activate or deactivate turbo mode
  • New Game/Play allow starting a new game

There are three info windows above:

  • Bet shows the total bet for the current round
  • Cards shows the number of cards that are participating in the current bet
  • Win Amount shows the payout for the current round

The balls appear much faster in turbo mode of Ballistic Bingo. There are a few options. If you hover your mouse cursor over a card, the winning numbers will be highlighted in green in the table.

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If you enjoy playing bingo, but you do not know with whom to play in real life, or you just like to try tour luck without witnesses, Ballistic Bingo will be suitable for you. The game has a truly user-friendly interface, colorful design and rules that don't really differ from the classic ones.
It is also convenient that here, in contrast to the real bingo, you can not miss the payout, since the numbers are marked automatically.

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