Bingo, one of the gambling games, become more and more popular in the modern online gambling. Many online casinos, where it was not presented before, offer several kinds of virtual bingo at once in the current time. Meanwhile, the software developers release new and new games of this kind. One of the novelties of this kind, developed by the famous Novomatic Company, is Nineballs Bingo, which review was prepared by Casinoz special for you. 


Play Nineballs Bingo

Nineballs Bingo is a free online bingo with ninety numbered balls. During the game thirty three balls are taken out from the reel. These numbers are marked in the cards.

The aim of the game in Nineballs Bingo is to fill one, two or three lines in one or several cards. If you outline one line, the payoff is calculated by x4 index (the calculation is made by the bet per one card). The winning for two lines is x100, while for three lines (the whole card) it is x1000.

Playing bingo is possible in range from one to four cards. The acceptable bet per each of the cards is in range from ten credits to two and half thousand credits. The maximal bet per round can reach ten thousand credits.

In Nineballs Bingo it is allowed to buy up up to nine additional balls in case one number is missed to fill two or three lines. The payment for this service is different depending on the situation.

The gambling feature is not provided by the rules of Nineballs Bingo, that’s why the total payoff is immediately transferred to the player’s account.

Unfortunately, the producer doesn’t provide any information about the theoretical payback index of Nineballs Bingo online bingo.

Nineballs Bingo Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts or free lotteries in Nineballs Bingo online game.


A progressive jackpot, which amount is increased due to the small deductions from every bet staked by the players, is raffled in Nineballs Bingo online bingo. It can be won only in the game for the real money. To receive it, you have to make bingo using up to thirty balls.

Nineballs Bingo Interface

The interface of Nineballs Bingo online bingo is available in several European languages. It is very convenient and user-friendly, so you can easily study it out and learn the rules of the game.

The main part of the bingo screen is covered with a field, where the cards are situated at. The balls appear in the special window, which is situated above. Over the window you can see amounts of the potential payoffs, calculated by the current bet, as well as an amount of the progressive jackpot.

At the control panel of Nineballs Bingo you would see logical and clear control elements. To select a quantity of cards and an amount of the bet per each of them, the special windows with buttons are provided.

You can mix cards and receive new. There are two mode of speed of the game, as well as automatic bets function.

Right in Nineballs Bingo there is a window with short rules. The particularities of this game are explained in the special informational section in details.

There are almost no user’s settings in Nineballs Bingo. It is possible to switch off the spun and select size of the screen.

It is not necessary to download Nineballs Bingo online bingo, because it can be launched right in the browser.


Nineballs Bingo is an interesting kind of bingo for the lovers of this gambling game. It is convenient, has a multi-language interface, a nice design, gives an opportunity to buy up the balls and fight for the progressive jackpot. In the other words, it is a well-quality game developed by the famous producer. We didn’t find any essential disadvantages, although we don’t have any information about the payback index of this game, so we can’t objectively talk about this factor.

Where to play Nineballs Bingo for free or real money?

Nineballs Bingo is presented for the game by the virtual and real bets in different online casinos, powered by the software developed by Novomatic. The reviewers of Casinoz were testing this model in StarGames Casino. If you’d like to follow our example, please be ready to spend a couple of minutes to open an account, because it is not possible to test bingo even in fun mode without registration in this casino.

Your opinion about Nineballs Bingo online game is important for us. Please write your responses about this game in comments to the review. We would be also grateful for the grades to this game.

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