Zombie Blackjack Review

It is hardly possible to surprise any online gambler by walking dead. Software developers in field of online gambling often release games, main heroes of which are corpse, unwilling to rest peacefully in their tombs. We can even say, this is one of the most popular themes at online gambling market.

Most of such models are multi-functional video slots. Exceptions are very rare and each of them attracts attention. This review is about blackjack by Genesis Gaming, main heroes of which are zombies. Just in case, it is beyond just an interesting topic.

7.50 /10
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Where to Play Zombie Blackjack?

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Online casino with Zombie Blackjack

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How to Play Zombie Blackjack (Genesis Gaming)

Zombie Blackjack – is an American variety of game with eight standard decks without jokers. All decks are used in every deal. Cards out of the game in previous rounds are not stocked in the shoe.
It is possible to stake per one box only. Number of hands can be increased in result of splits only.
Range of bets varies from five dollars to five thousands, but we recommend to check the limits directly at online casino.
General rules remain the same. You should be familiar with them if you are engaged in blackjack at least for a bit. That’s why we won’t describe the gameplay here.
Let’s better talk about features of Zombie Blackjack.
  • The dealer deals two cards to himself and reveals one of them.
  • The croupier checks his hand for blackjack.
  • The dealer calls on soft 17.
  • In case of 22 on dealer’s hand, while the player doesn't bust neither has a blackjack, they break even.
  • The dealer stands on hard 17.
  • Double is possible on any two first cards.
  • Double is possible after split.
  • No surrender.
  • Split of same cards is possible.
  • Split of different cars of ten score is possible.
  • Blackjack is impossible after split.
  • Insurance is suggested in case of dealer’s up ace.
  • Even Money feature.
Payoffs are classic: 1:1 for regular win, 3:2 for blackjack and 2:1 by insurance.
Please read about special features of Zombie Blackjack below in the review.

Zombie Blackjack Bonus games

This model has Coffin Bet feature, that provides additional privilege to the player.
  • Coffin Bet – if the player busts and the dealer has a 7 through ace as an upcard, customer’s bet turns into Coffin Bet. It is placed at special location of the layout.
Then the croupier makes all necessary actions on his box. Following options are possible:
  1. If the dealer busts or has 22, Coffin Bet loses and goes to the casino.
  2. If the croupier has 23 through 26, Coffin Bet wins. Payoff is calculated as 1:1.
This feature is demonstrated in our video review of Zombie Blackjack at


Genesis Gaming doesn't draw progressive jackpots on Zombie Blackjack.

Zombie Blackjack Interface

Almost no text elements are imaged at he main screen. Only info windows are titled:
  1. Balance – state of the balance;
  2. Bet – an amount of the bet;
  3. Win – an amount of the win per round.
All buttons are user-friendly due to logical design.
To select an amount of the bet, use coins of different value. It is possible to repeat previous bets or double an amount.
Menu with following buttons is situated at the left:
  • Game Settings – sound parameters;
  • About – general description of the game;
  • How to Play – manuals;
  • Rules Snapshot – brief rules;
  • Actions Snapshot – description of features and buttons;
  • Game History – history. 
It is not necessary to download Zombie Blackjack, as it was designed for browsers.
Zombie Blackjack was adapted for smartphones and tablets. You can play in mobile casinos for fun or for money almost on any modern devices. Productivity and quality of Internet doesn't make a big sense. Average capacity is enough.

Video game review Zombie Blackjack

Should You Play Zombie Blackjack for Real Money?

Why Zombie Blackjack? This is a rhetorical question. Blackjack is a game of intellectuals, who don't really care about original features, unusual topics and visual effects. Actually, we believe, some customers are interested in uncommon features of this kind.
  • Pros: convenient interface, colorful design, chances to win even when the player busts.
  • Cons: unprofitable rules (the dealer calls on soft 17 and etc.).
We don't have any information about math advantage of the casino in Zombie Blackjack yet.
As a reminder, there is no sense to count the cards in blackjacks powered by random number generator. Recommendations by the strategy can be found at our website.
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