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Curacao is one of the four Autonomous States of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is considered one of the most stable countries in the Caribbean. Until 2010, Curacao was legally part of the Netherlands Antilles, which was then officially dissolved. Little has changed since then. Over the past two decades, the small Caribbean nation has become a haven for gambling providers. The reason is quite simple: the licensee in Curacao operates under strict but very simple rules. In addition, Curacao eGaming has some advantages over European licensees.

Regulator licensed casinos

Many top-notch online casinos are licensed by Curacao eGaming. Among them are such famous casinos as

and many others. A full list of gambling providers can be found on the Curacao eGaming website.

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Curacao eGaming review

Curacao eGaming is one of the oldest gambling licensees and has been operating on the market since 1996. In a sense, the Curacao eGaming gambling license can even be considered an EU license, because the licensee is guided by the same principles that are used in the European Union. Since the EU is by far the best-established center for online gaming, this level of certification can only be good.

License types of Curacao eGaming

Curacao eGaming offers only one type of license for everyone - both for gambling service operators and software providers. In the jurisdiction of Curacao, a single license applies to all forms of online gambling, including casinos, sports betting, stock exchanges, lotteries, and skill games.

The popularity of Curacao licenses is largely due to their convenience. Unlike other licensing authorities, Curacao requires online gaming providers to obtain just one license for their business.

For example, other jurisdictions may require three separate licenses for a poker room, casino, and bookmaker, even if they are all offered on the same site. By offering a "One license" policy, Curacao saves the casino a lot of time and money.

There are quite a few casino players who look at Curacao licensed vendors with a bit of skepticism. However, this is not always justified, Curacao eGaming license can almost always be considered safe. We will not claim that the Curacao license is directly identical to the licenses of Malta or Gibraltar, for example, but the differences between them are not very great.

Dispute resolution

Of course, Curacao eGaming also handles disputes between players and the casino. Some critical players assume that emails in Curacao eGaming go straight to somewhere in the Caribbean, but this is not the case. The staff at Curacao actually tries to help players in case of their disputes with the casino. In some emergencies, this may even lead to the revocation of the license for the gambling provider.

However, such situations are extremely rare. In fact, the Curacao eGaming license does not have a very good reputation among consumer advocates, players, and other regulators. Although the Curacao gambling Commission has repeatedly promised to correct the attitude towards player complaints, we would still like to warn you that you should pay attention when playing for real money in an online casino with a Curacao eGaming license.


The key features of the Curacao license are convenience and low cost. The reason for this is the "One license" policy, which covers all services provided by the gambling provider. A company can have many games in an online casino - blackjack, roulette, bingo, and slot machines; in addition, a casino, a betting shop, and a poker room can operate on one site-and for all this it is enough to get only one license. This policy of the Curacao authorities is in great demand by game operators who want to get standard licensing services, but for less money and time.

Casinoz warns:

Players should take extra care in these online casinos.

The low requirements for a gambling license in the past have attracted numerous questionable vendors and opened the doors to many scammers. So you have to be more careful if you want to play for real money in one of these online casinos.

Of course, online casinos licensed by Curacao eGaming are not automatically questionable, but if a casino only has one Curacao license, you should be wary. The fact that Curacao's license is valid in the EU doesn't help much because the regulator simply doesn't take basic surveillance measures on licensed companies.

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